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❤️Happy World Goth Day 2019 (Makeup Look & Cemetery Visit! Plus some Goth history on myself!!)❤️ | Hannabal Marie

We decided, since it's the week of Memorial Day, we'd check out one of our local cemeteries. 
Hello ladies and gents
Another day, another post...
For those who celebrate--Happy World Goth Day!!

I've been "Goth" for close to 10+ years. 
Have had a love/hate relationship with the title for many many reasons...
mostly consisting of cruel kids telling me whom is and whom isn't "gothier than thou"
But the fact of the matter doesn't concern opinions...I will always love the word. 
With or without an approval. 

I can go into detail but it will take much too long and quite frankly, it's not that important.
What IS important is that I have found my love for the Subculture once again and can proudly claim that over 10+ years of trial and error. Heartache and ridicule. Being "Goth" isn't a fashion statement but something that can only be felt when you acknowledge that you are and will always be "Goth." 
Maybe not to the book nor to most people's ideals of what "Goth" is defined, but to yourself YOU can be as Goth as YOU want. If you love the subculture, the lifestyle and if you feel as if you are Goth...then YOU ARE!

Here are some of my school IDs and my ID when I turned 18. I wish I had my other 2 years in school, but I don't have them anymore. Those two years was when I was the most "goth" by definition. But you can see a bit of it in these pics. Please note: my style always changed, every single day. I was constantly always evolving--like a damn pokemon. lol

But this post isn't about defining what Goth is, it's about celebrating such a grand occasion.
So, here we go:

 I wanted to do something for World Goth Day that would tie all my personal favorite icons together in one look. Something that would make young Hannabal Marie admire and probably wish to one day become herself. I took inspiration from things that made me, formed me, to be who I am today:
The look and style of Siouxsie Sioux with trace elements of Klaus Nomi, The Cure & Edward Scissorhands combined. 
A side-by-side comparison~ 

I had all of my old High School garb still on hand. I decided to take them all out for the sake of this look.
Leather bracelets, old ripped fishnets, A lace sleeve I cut from an old frilly dress that I would wear over and over again just like this because I thought it looked cool. (haha) and I styled a few stacked wigs to look like how I used to back-comb my hair. The only difference was I would have it short like this in the back, long as heck in front. Safety pins and cut pieces were a MUST. The pants would be cut at the knees, to reveal my fishnets or stripped stockings. So on and so forth.

The shirt is just a old thrift purchase that I used to LOVE to wear over and over again because one--it was comfy and two, it had fishnet sleeves on the t-shirt. lol I would style my outfits much like this but in different variations--sometimes I'd stack different belts over the shirt or pile on buttons all over the front. I'd always wear my leather jacket or a DIY black hoodie over everything. 

Makeup changed drastically. I got better with my application over time, of course but I always wore raccoon black eyes or black/red garage doors in High School. lmfao

I still had the same necklaces I used to wear--the collar from my now deceased Rottweiler and a plastic bat necklace I made from an old Halloween toy once upon a time.

The only "new" thing added were these half gloves. I freakin' love them and had to include them in this look.
Just tied everything together nicely. 

I put on two dog collars,
both once owed by my baby rottweiler that is no longer with us anymore. 
The lips were definitely inspired by Klaus Nomi. 

If I wasn't suffocating from heat exhaustion during High School, I wasn't doing my look right. <3 

The brows was my own thing--
not quite like Miss Sioux but very much inspired. 

The last beat of my heart~
Yep, I was laying in my bathtub. Why not? lol
Remember when "photoshoot" just meant getting dolled up just to take a bunch of artsy bathroom photos?
Let's bring that back. Ditch the Snapchat filters and bust out those disposable cameras again, mannnn! 
This was an accidental shot of me trying to take off my gloves. lmfao
This collar, as I am sure you've read on the other pictures above, is my most prized possession.
Not only is it a cool fashion accessory for this look but it was the collar I picked out and put on my best friend--Bolvine.
My rottweiler. RIP<3 
Some cool messy images because why not?

And the last set of blurry images. lol

Since it's memorial day week, there were lots of active grave sights decorated with flowers and American flags. There was even mothers day gift bags left at a few plaques, due to Mothers Day being this month and all. Honestly, I thought I was just going to be doing a makeup/outfit post but took this extra step to include the following images as well, since it would be great to include another land-mark here in my little neck of the woods. 

This is a Memorial Park and Cemetery. 
Established in the latter part of the 1800s, This cemetery consists of 10 acres of developed land, with mostly upright memorization. The Memorial Park and Cemetery offers traditional and cremation in-ground burials. 

We didn't get to visit the in-ground cremation hall, but we did walk around where my mother's father is buried to give our respects. 
This is the look of the grounds from where I stood. A few flower pots sticking up from their plaques. 

A little nook you can sit and relax at. 

My grandpa, John E. Favia. 

Right behind us, from John's plaque, stood this St. Luke statue.
That's how we always find his stone; "Find Luke, then go up a few steps!"
Some more greenery around more plaques. Beauty in death. 
A lot of marked graves but not a single soul in sight. 

I always feel sad when I see a plaque or two without any indications of people being there to remember them by.
The cemetery owners could have cleaned up their stones or someone could have visited without a gift, but it still makes me sad. 

A few people started to show up. I could hear the chatter from passerbys. 

My mom saying hello to her daddy.

We brought some stuff for his grave--some flowers from our garden we put together in a mason jar, a candle to light his remembrance with and his favorite marble. We also brought a coke bottle so we could drink him a toast with his favorite soda pop.

Another shot from where I was standing.

A stone mentioning veterans and their purple hearts.

Some beautiful trees.

More people slowly started to show up. I snapped a quick photo on our way out, so we could leave these people to grieve. 

We took some time reading about the veterans and military heroes. 

"Court of Valor"

I love the artwork on these stones.

More stones with more heroes.

Here are a few little plaques I found with no indication of remembrance. We cleaned up their plaques a bit, because weeds were growing over them.

The coke I spoke of before, we decided to take it out and toast him.

"Oscar F Overstreet
1902 - 1956"

I love these weird looking trees. So beautiful. 
I love love love this shot of the tree of my dreams. 
Sorry for the tree spam, but I really love trees. Especially these guys. Woooooo~ 
Just look at these beauties. Aren't they so amazing. Look how their branches grow! 
This was a miniature grave site behind the building. We took a quick little peek to admire the stones.
I love these stones, the detail is phenomenal.
I love the water marks and age on these stones so much! 
Hands down, my favorite stone. I love the little angel inside of it.
A snap of this huge stone in the middle of the main cemetery grounds.
It says the lord's prayer. 
Minnie was a beauty. Rest well, beautiful Minnie! 
This gentleman has a nice smile. 
A little boy named Christian. 
From the veteran stone hall. 10 Korean War Veterans.
I almost passed this one up but my dad mentioned that behind this stone plaque someone left a little tin box full of bits and bobs. We didn't look inside out of respect, but the jar was tipped over, so we had to pick it up to fix it.
It had little shaky bits inside, from what I could hear. 
One woman made this plaque what it is. I never seen an "honor of all women who served armed forces" one here before.
Because of this one woman, they had to make this stone. Thank you, lady.
Next time I go, I want to get your name. To properly call you by it. (all of the people on these stones, actually!)
Some world war II veterans. 

St. John statue. 

This round-about stone.

A few mothers day bags, from earlier this month.

Some people have even been buried in the floral garden.

St. Mark statue.

These following plaques made me cry, not even ashamed of my saying so.
Just look at all the little toys and things around it. Two little boys were buried here. 

This is the "child" section of the cemetery. Look at all these baby stones. 

Little Bruno, may you rest in peace! 

"Together Forever"

Little Jacob, with his toy cars.

Beautiful branches reach down behind these baby plaques.

a bundle of flowers for the little ones.

On our way out from the children section, we noticed this plaque full of stuff. I couldn't read the name but I thought it looked beautiful covered with beads and trinkets.

A lone little bird walking through the grass.

We came back to Johnny and had our mom drink from the glass coke bottle.
It's a tradition with her and him every year.

Found this plaque with these two love birds.

Upon leaving the cemtery, we came across a local icon.
Our strawberry stand. It's been around since I was a child. Same location, same art. 

The train station.

"Do not stop on tracks"

Our downtown has a TON of art on buildings. I should take more of it, when I see it.

Another shot of some more art stuff.

Some very old buildings that's been up since forever.
I love the structure of these buildings so much.

One of these buildings, next to our local thrift shop, caught fire.
You can see some of the chaos behind this truck. People were parked around the place, taking stuff out and loading stuff in. 

A hotel sign.

Hotel here, a bit shady but home.

A clock tower here that has been up since I was a child. Just another icon to show you guys.

One of the historic sightings that everyone admires and respects-- our little city sign.

This has been here since forever, I think it might be a packing garage or something.

No one ever talks about this side of my city. Not the glamorous sightings like some people try to sale others in brochures.
But it's my little home and I love her.

More sightings. An alleyway I used to walk down to get to my high school every. single. day.

The moon was huge this night. I love it.
And that is all I have for you. 
I hope everyone loved my post and if not, then another documentation for me. 
It's important for me to post these posts--one day, all of this will be a fuzzy memory 
and I need to capture it all so I can never ever forget. 

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