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❤️ Cult Fragrance LOVE MAIL | +Leatherface & The Countess Looks! ❤️

Hello ladies and gents, 
A little into the New Year, I received this package from Cult Fragrance. 
In truth, I had no idea I was going to receive such a huge box of gifts!
I was blown away, I couldn't contain my happiness. 

I wish I would have been able to post about these sooner, but me and my whole family came down with a bad cold that wouldn't leave for such a long time. I didn't even want to get up to go to work, nothing. So, I couldn't get to post about these like I wanted to, a long time ago. I only started feeling a little better now, enough to get some of these posts posted. lol
Anyways, I spent some time looking at everything all over again. 
I am still in awe at the length Sonya went with all of these gifts. 

I can't stress how well she knew me and my brother--everything handpicked and selected!
So very impressed with her selections, everything was and still is perfect!
The fact she knew us better than we even knew ourselves? I was shocked!

First thing I received--Two Hot Topic printed Tees. 

Next item(s)--2 full sized bottles of her White Label Blend "Samhain Brew" Fall Scent!
One for me, the other for my brother! 
2 HUMONGOUS Flavored Lip Balms--Rainbow Nerds & Fluffy Stuff
A large selection of horror movies!!!
And lastly, this beautiful black studded pumpkin~ 
I can't begin to explain the amount of gratitude I have for receiving everything.
The Tshirts would have been enough but every. single. thing just further proves how amazing Cult Fragrance truly is. How great her eye is on detail and how much she knows me and my brother. 
I love everything, so so much!
We have placed the pumpkin in our living quarters. Next to family photos and such. To greet guests! 

I am actually planning to review all of these in separate posts soon. I absolutely love Horror movies
(as I am sure most of my friends know! hahaa) but I have never seen any of these. 

I watched these all from months prior and I really loved every single one.
Like I said, I never heard about these until now.
Hallows Eve and Chromeskull have got to be my personal favorites.

*Thanks to the Quarantine, I have some awesome movies to re-watch and review now! 

I love my growing Horror movie collection!!! <3 
The first tshirt I pulled out of the box was this beautiful red one.
I noticed the symbolism and nearly cried out loud when I seen it said "AHS" 

This was my trying it on for the first time. Despite how I felt, I still slipped it on.
It fits like a glove~ 

The back looks like this.

In case you couldn't read past my curves--it looks like this on the back! <3 lol
The next shirt was this Chainsaw Massacre one.
My brother wants it, so I plan to give it to him. I just want to wear it a few times before I do that. lmfao jkjk
I love all those details~ 
(Me and my brother borrow clothing all the time, so it's no big deal! haha)
This shirt fits me like a dress, hitting me more at thigh length.
I will probably wear it like that with some leggings or pants.

For the Tshirt, I could have easily slipped it on and been about my day.
But no, that wouldn't suffice for me. I had to go and attempt a transformation.
I give you, THE COUNTESS~
“Oh, honey. Goddesses don’t speak in whispers. They scream.”
“Let me help you become who you were born to be: a goddess.”

“We have two selves. One the world needs us to be — compliant — and the shadow. Ignore it and life is forever suffering.” 
“An emotion is like a flavor in my mouth. I can taste it. Joy tastes like strawberries. Hate is like ice chips in a martini. And love is rosewater. I enjoy them all except for one. Betrayal. That has the taste of the char on a piece of burnt meat.”
“The one in the dress has more balls than you, babe.”
I decided to put my hair up in rolls. I have no other comment to write here, just that my hair is in rolls. lol
Let the hair fall where it may! lol

Had to let the hair fall down. Put a little blood on my lip, too.

I really like this shot. I like the look in my eye and all that wild hair~ 
And for the Leatherface shirt, I decided to do my take on the 1974 Mask~
It was just fitting, to say the least. lol
I kept to the simple makeup of the mask but with my own little twist~ 

Of course, I had to put myself inside some country wasteland~ lol

The wig/makeup wore here was supposed to be like I am wearing some chick's full attached. lol 
Gotta love thigh length~ lol <3


Me and my brother came together to create a love package back, to return the kindness she gave to us. A lot of the stuff inside the package was personal, so I didn't want to show everything but I mostly wanted to highlight some of my personal favorites. And that is what you'll find below. I also tossed in a few pieces of teal colored salt water taffy (her favorite color and the color of her business!), a few tea bags for her new cup and some odds 'n ends like that. Also, my mom tossed in one of her handmade dolls right when I was going to close the box up, so I couldn't snap a photo of it. BUT I do have a shot of the doll before she "creeped" it out. <3
The teal colored bunny doll was something my mom made, using remnants of vintage fabric. I told my mom Sonya liked the color blue/teal. So, she designed her something special. 

While my mom stitched away, I designed this mirror painting. All found items from thrift stores. Pieces of vintage holographic paper with a mirrored backing. In truth, this was a shared effort between me and my brother. He wanted to make it glow, but we didn't have enough time nor materials. He helped map out what should be done, I just initiated it.

Something my brother found, which I thought was very lovely. We wanted to get 2 but the stores only held one.
I really love the bee form the most. Reminds me of Candyman! 

I seen these at my local spa and snagged a few up for my friend. I tried to get some that matched the color scheme I had going on. I really hope they were nice, the lady behind the counter told me she loved these. So, I took a risk. lol

The mirror portrait with her shop name~ 

I thought this stainless steel frame with the "Potterybarn" logo would look nice for this piece of artwork~

This was something my brother tossed in from the final trip to the store. I'm so glad he did because it tied everything together perfectly! I really loved it, so I went back and grabbed one for myself. 

Those beautiful colors give me life~ <3 

And the card, simple yet beautiful. Very personal stuff inside, of course. Don't want to show that! lol
But the colors matched perfectly! <3 

And that was everything and then some.
I feel so bad for not posting sooner, life has been extremely busy and very exhausting. 
As I said, all of this was in a file folder on my desktop, just waiting to be posted.
I only started getting back into the loop of things, so I could share all of this with you all. 
I guess all came in just time--because I didn't do those "looks" until a few days ago anyways, when I started feeling better both mentally and physically. So, I guess everything is for a reason~

You can find Cult Fragrance over at her Etsy, for those curious.

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