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"Holiday HELL Hounds" Perfume Oil Collection (+Current Collections & A SNEAK PEEK!)

Hello ladies and gents
2019 Christmas came and went but we still have SO MUCH for sale.
Links to other collections will be included below, for your viewing pleasures 
but today--we have a review on a collection that hasn't been posted about before.

The Holiday Hell Hounds
♦ Handcrafted artisanal perfume, 5ml amber glass (with tamper evident cap and euro dropper)
Each blend is mixed with the scent of heckin' evil: Grassy notes of frolic & Hell Hound Musk!
((AND With each order you will receive 2 random samples!))

Cult Fragrance x The Cannibal Carnival Presents : Holiday Hell Hounds - This Holiday season, Satan's little helpers have come unleashed! Looks under your tree to find, it wasn't "Santa" that brought you a puppy this year...

 "There's another present here," you say questioningly as everyone simply stares. It's for you. Before you can question it, something in the air just changed. Maybe the others notice it too... All of a sudden, the once perfectly normal present begins to move. The sound of a puppy cry can now be heard muffled under all the wrapping paper. Just as you're about to find out who gifted you a puppy, with a ferocious rip and tear, the beast within bursts out and hovers over your surprised being. You can't utter a word. The room's heat has risen, the smell of a wild inferno and puppy breath permeates the air. You got:


Yellow Cake, Apiaries & Wildflowers (5 ml Perfume Oil)
The Golden Lab is a hybrid of purebred Golden Retriever with a purebred Labrador Retriever; making the mix "the best of both worlds."

♦ This Hell Hound retrieves lost souls here on earth to bring back to hell for a game of fetch.
The scent of rich Yellow Cake, hidden to be found in a hedge-maze around Apiaries & Wildflowers.

I definitely can smell Honey in this scent.
The Yellow Cake gives it something to cling onto.
The floral mixes so well with the honey and cake, it's astonishing.
This has got to be my personal favorite.
I definitely can wear this one out and about all year round.

 You can purchase The Golden Lab HERE


Cinnamon Rolls and Baby Powder (5 ml Perfume Oil)
The English Bulldog is kind but courageous, friendly but dignified.

♦ This Hell Hound is said to guard purgatory, keeping the dead in and the living out.
The scent of spongy fresh Cinnamon Rolls, dusted gently with Powder & red Musk.

Very close to Cinnamon Rolls.
Just not too prominent in any one scent.
It's a nice blend that is quite mellow, warm and lovely.
The "powder" acts as the glaze, which really gives off that Cinnamon Roll feel.

You can purchase The Bulldog HERE!


Earth, Grassy Paws, Driftwood (5 ml Perfume Oil)
The Terrier is a type of dog originally bred to hunt vermin, now known for their smart, feisty and fearless nature.

♦ This Hell Hound hunts slow human-game for his master, Satan.
The scent of digging to hell and back: fresh dug Earth, Grassy paws, & random pieces of Driftwood...

This is a very fresh, airy and almost aquatic scent.
A grassy musk with undertones of wet dirt, I'd say.

You can purchase The Terrier HERE!

White Leather, Spicy Vanilla, Sandalwood (5 ml Perfume Oil)
The Pit-Bull is known to be faithful, loving, and loyal, especially when it came to children.

♦ This Hell Hound is a guardian of the underworld, where all the good dog toys are...
The smell of white Leather, spicy Vanilla, & smooth Sandalwood to round off its spiky collar.

 The vanilla is prominent in this blend.
A warm leather can be picked under the sheet of vanilla.
But the "sweetness" is cut out due to the sandalwood, giving it a spicy warmth.
Creamy and dreamy with spice to bring back that spark~
You can purchase The Pitbull HERE
Molasses, Spices, Ozone, Coconut (5 ml Perfume Oi)
Pugs are often known as canine comedians, with clownish and a real sense of humor.

♦ This Hell Hound has its own palace in hell in the sloth district, where it keeps mailmen captive.
The smell of sleeping 14 hours a day; rich Molasses, rare Spices, Ozone, & fresh Coconut.

The Molasses blends with the Coconut, giving it the prominent notes.
The spices just give it some flavor and Ozone makes it light and airy.
I definitely can smell the mix of Molasses and Coconut in this scent.
 ♦You can purchase The Pug HERE!
Florals, Citrus and Powder (5 ml Perfume Oil)
The Shih Tzu was bred to sit around the palace of the Emperor of China and bark when people or animals approached.

♦ This Hell Hound sits upon a evil throne judging you...
The smell of flowering Nature: complex Florals with proud Citrus. Creamy & Rich, slightly Powdery.

Floral being prominent, in this blend.
The citrus is just added to help the floral.
Not overbearing, ruining the scent but rather sharpens the smell of them.

The rich powder casts a nice fog to frame everything in.
Like an antique floral~

You can purchase The Shih Tzu HERE!

Pound Cake and Blood Orange (5 ml Perfume Oil)
The Pembroke Welsh Corgi are known for their intelligence and enthusiasm for working.

♦ This Hell Hound spends its time making Satan, I mean "Santa" happy...
The addictive smell of jiggly Pound Cake & Blood Oranges: a SCREAMsicle if you will...

Very true to the description.
It's almost close to a Creamsicle, if I'm being honest. The only difference is that the blood orange is a bit more prominent but gives it a ruby red orange scent rather than the sour orange a traditional Creamsicle would be. The cake mellows the orange into a warm, almost vanilla mix. Beautifully blended and delicious. A richer, more decadent Creamsicle.

You can purchase The Corgi HERE!  

Black Coffee, Sweet Bread, Cinnamon & Sugar Sprinkles (5 ml Perfume Oil)
The Chihuahua is known for its varied temperament and loyalty, as well as being the world's smallest dog.

♦ This Hell Hound's all bark and no bite, but ankles are open season!
The scent of strong Black Coffee, with sweet bread: sprinkled with cinnamon & sugar topping.

Sweet Creamy Coffee with a bit of spice.
Nothing too overbearing, but a nice hint of warmth.
It's more coffee than cinnamon, a warm mug of savory sweet.

You can purchase The Chihuahua HERE!

Carob, Peanut Butter Cookies, Decadence & Warmth (5 ml Perfume Oil)
Rottweilers are well known to be powerful, protective, loyal, and famous for their instinct for guarding.

♦ This Hell Hound drags enlighten souls back to hell, so it won't be lonely...
The scent of rich Carob, with warm Peanut Butter Cookies: The merriment of decadence & warmth.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate, what better blend?
A timeless blend for an iconic dog.
Rotties are known for their "peanut butter" colored splotches on their fur--
So, it just seems fitting~

You can purchase The Rottweiler HERE!
Heirloom Apple Pie, Fresh cut Timber, Fresh Earth (5 ml Perfume Oil)
The German Shepherd is known for its strength, intelligence, trainability, obedience, and guarding instincts.

♦ This Hell Hound hunts bad dog owners for sport...
The scent of heirloom Apple Pie and fresh cut Timber: The evocation of fresh, earthy & tart.
This blend is a very spicy and savory fragrance.
Like a deep apple pie with a slight unearthly scent that can only be described as "canine."
Rich and luxurious...and dare I say, delicious?

♦You can purchase The German Shepherd HERE!

Its mlems are hot & sticky; its borks are deep & loud, and the floof is spiky .. And it's full of heckin' EVIL from the Devil, well, unless you take them out to play ... Each time you unleash one of these supernatural guardians, they will surround you in its heckin' EVIL aura. Each aura is unique to the breed you're loyal to. Just ask "Santa" for one this year! Watch as your enemies flee, and random strangers ask you about your new demon woofer! Made with love. Shake gently with each use, or else they'll bite... Let out their essence, once per day - or at least twice per week to keep them appeased. Once you run out, the Hell Hound will return from once it came.
You can find this collection and a ton more by visiting Cult Fragrance on Etsy~
In this moment and time, you're transported into a world where the spirits of the dead, both familiar and unknown, roam the earth. The phantoms leave behind a scent you wish you could smell forever. It's a smell you know you'll be greeted with one day. When you open your eyes, you find that you never left that little nook in that old coffee shop, but the aroma is still there steaming from a warm cup in your hands. Peering outside from the window, red and green leaves fall as children run past in costumes resembling the dead...
I also wanted to include some other bottles I thought was worth mentioning about, like this White Label "Samhain Brew!"
A mystery in a bottle. The scent of Halloween~

♦ A fragrance so good, you'll wake the dead!?

Limited Edition, get it while you can~

You can purchase this scent HERE!

Here is a sneak peek of our latest collection creation.
Soon to be posted and reviewed! Can you guess what it might be?

That is all for this post.
I hope you found something to your liking, if not--
I'm sure we will soon create something you'd fancy~


While you're at it, come stop by the Carnival~

ALL Narrative, ideas, concepts & blend mixes from this collection (and any future collection) has been (and will be) done by "The Cannibal Carnival"
Artwork has been done by me~

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