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Tips For Black Lips (And A Bunch Of Other Stuff)

~Tips For Black Lips~

 I'll give some tips to create the perfect black lip, some background history on black lipstick, and how to make your lips fuller without those painful lip injections or serums. 

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For A Good Vast Majority Of My Life, Black Lipstick Was The Main Component in my ever weird and wacky attire! I wouldn't go ANYWHERE without something dark on my lips! 
Most of my High School years was with testing and failing in makeup, I repeatedly tried asking others whom were more educated and professional with extreme makeup but the only reply that I got that changed my life was the following: "learn by yourself, that's how I did it" to some that phrase would have been hurtful but I took it as a personal challenge and now ladies and gents, I have been into this makeup scene for whats going on 6 years now! with countless times of fucking up and fixing my problems to being able to create a makeup look under 5 minutes! Soooo. . .instead of having others go through the crap I had too, I am here to help anyone and everyone willing to read with a open mind, So I have decided to create this post about everything you could possibly need in regards to black lips:

This Generation, black lipstick is associated with a lot of various genre's of people, from the widely known "Goth" subculture, and NOW even accepted in some Rap communities! I.E. Rhianna was seen with black lips in a couple of her music videos and whatnot. (Ha, and people of this scene in life used to call ME a freak for baring black lips! Oh how the term "what goes around comes around" feels sooooo GOOD right now) even some heavy metal bands like KISS and Alice Cooper. . .To Name A Few! However, when carelessly applied, this lipstick can look tacky and try-hard and the person who wears it might come off as a "baby bat" (a term known in the gothic community as a newbie goth) when that might be far from the fact, all because of a badly applied black lip! 

The Younger Kiddies Still In High School, Shopping At Hot Topic For Their Lipstick Comes To Mind When I Think Of A "Try-Hard" Sort Of Person: Edges Out of Shape, Like A 5 Year Old With A Black Crayon In A Coloring Book! Carelessly Applied Like Car Oil Smeared On Their Lips! (No, Don't Get Me Wrong, I Do Love A Little Smearing Action From Time To Time Though.) This Tragic Teenie Bopper (Or Overgrown Teenager) Has Given Black Lipstick, And Those Who Truly Love It, A Bad Name. Hopefully This Person Will Clean Up Their Lines A Bit, Pay More Attention To Minor Detailing and Move Onto A Better Looking Presentation!

So, who DOES black lipstick look good on? And HOW can you apply it so you don't look like you're Tacky and Cheap? Before You Pick Up Any O' Black Lipstick, You MUST First Understand and Respect The History That Comes From Black Lips!

A Brief History of Black Lips

Clara Bow

A Widely know female icon for the black lips since the dawn of time! Miss Clara Bow was the first known woman, in motion picture, who sported those luscious black lips!  

In the 1920s. Color film existed, but was prohibitively expensive to use it in films, especially full length features. Many film actresses, like Clara Bow, wore black lipstick on set, to accentuate the curve of their lips. This lead to the popularity of very dark red lips. Many women, however, opted for a more natural look, as advertised by Tangee and other companies.


In the 1950s, B- to Z-Grade horror movies occasionally used dark lipstick on temptresses. Vampira, a 1950s television horror host, usually wore a mid-tone lipstick with dramatic eye makeup and highly exaggerated eyebrows. At this time, of course, black greasepaint existed, but its usage on lips was not mainstream.

Siouxsie Sioux

It was only in the late 1970s and 1980s that punk, goth and new wave adolescents started inventing new, bold cosmetic looks. Singers like Siouxsie Sioux (pictured above), Peter Murphy and Robert Smith started experimenting with a new, darker look, influenced by punk rock, teddy boys, and romantic poetry. This look would go on to become "gothic" as we know it today.

Also Some tribes, including the Maori of New Zealand, paint and tattoo their lips black.

In Hindu tradition, both men and women would color their lips and teeth with betel, resulting in a dark green color. There are many reasons for this type of adornment, from ceremonial commemoration (e.g. the black paint represents the blood of one's enemies) to tribal identification.

In Japan, Ohaguro is a custom of dyeing one's teeth black. It was most popular in Japan until the Meiji era, as well as in the southeastern parts of China and Southeast Asia. Dyeing was mainly done by married women, though occasionally men did it as well. It was also beneficial, as it prevented tooth decay, in a similar fashion to modern Dental Sealants. it existed from ancient times, and was seen among the civilians up until the end of the Meiji period. Pitch black things such as glaze like lacquer were seen as beautiful. he word "ohaguro" was a Japanese aristocratic term. There is an alternate reading for ohaguro, 鉄漿 (literally 'iron drink').
Traces of blackened teeth can be seen in the buried bones and haniwa from the Kofun period.

The main ingredient was a smelly dark-brown colored liquid made of an acetic acid called kanemizu (かねみず) with iron dissolved in it. Gallnut powder and tannin powder were blended in, turning it non-water soluble. When the liquid combined with the tannins, it would turn black. Coating the teeth with this liquid helped to prevent tooth decay and enamel decay. The dye had to be applied once a day or once every few days.
As a convenient prescription, a fine powder of gallnut powder, sulfuric acid, and oyster shell could also be applied to the teeth, though this never really caught on.
In theatrical plays, ink mixed with turpentine was used, though these days, ink mixed with tooth wax is used.

In the Meiji period, a rumor spread about an area where a virgin's blood was painted on an electric line. As a result of not wanting to have their blood taken as well, many of the young women in this area changed their appearances to match those of married women by blackening their teeth, painting their eyebrows and wearing simple kimono.

In Renaissance England, Queen Elizabeth I popularized a proto-goth look of translucent white skin with dark, though not black, lips.

~Black Lipstick Tips and Tricks~

-Test lipstick before you buy it, whatever color it is. Especially if it's over $5. Why waste your money?

-Bring a friend anytime you shop for beauty products. A second opinion, which isn't motivated by commission (as some salespeople are), is invaluable.

-Don't doubt a cheaper product! Even though it might not be MAC or something, a cheaper lipstick might be more pigmented and long lasting than something a higher brand could ever create!

-Apply lipstick using a brush. This will keep you from overdoing the look. It will also make the application smoother, and allow you to blend it more easily into your natural lip color and lip line.

    -Add black lip gloss, or clear lip gloss, to your lips. Yes, you can buy black lip gloss. This will make your lips stand out even more, and the shine nicely complements the darker color.

    -Use a near-black color lipstick, such as dark red, dark purple, dark brown et cetera. This is especially good if you have a low contrast complexion, where black will make you look positively tubercular.

    -Under-emphasize other parts of your face. Wearing dramatic eye makeup with dramatic lipstick, to some, might be TOO harsh. . .simple: find a focal point YOU wish to emphasize and STICK TO ETT!!!

-Always apply foundation/press powder to the rim of your lipstick work. . .to help from unwanted bleeding!

~How To Make Your Lips BIGGER Without Injections/Serums/Ect Ect~

Since We are on the notion of LIPS, I just thought I'd Throw In A Quickie (haha)
I don't know if many people know this trick but I would like to share regardless!

Step One:
Apply A Thin Layer Of A Lip Balm Of YOUR Choosing. . .A Quick Preparation Before The Main Event! (haha)

Step Two:
Grab Yourself A Old Toothbrush You Will Dispose/Clean Off Later And Wash Off Anything That Might Be Remaining On It So The Bristles Are Nice And Clean!

Step Three:
Apply Vaseline Or A Squeeze-Tube Lip Balm Like Carmex On The Head Of Your Toothbrush!

Step Four:
In Gentle And Smooth Circular Motions, Rub Your Lips With The Greased Up Toothbrush!

By Doing the rubbing, the old skin will be cleaned off rendering you a nice and plumper lip. It lasts for a fairly good amount of time before the swelling starts to fall but all in all, its a lot more healthier than some over the counter drug!

Here is a before and after shot of MY lips!



~10 Lip Looks Using Black Lipstick~

when it comes to black lipsticks, I stock up like a lunatic around Halloween time when the wet N wild "fantasy Makers" comes out with their black and red lipsticks! 

in the following pictures, I used Wet N Wild Black Lipstick and Red Revival From Maybellene!!!

(((Ftc- I am not being paid for mentioning these companies, nor am I being paid for doing this post. . .I am just a girl with loads of time on her hands and decided to create a black lipstick guide-like post for all my fellow creative folks out here. . .so please don't sue me!!!)))


So Here Be Go:

1) Basic Black 

This Lip Is The Basic One Every Person Knows and Loves! A "Starter Lip" Sort To Say!
Nothing to special, just outlined in Black Liquid Liner and filled in with the black lipstick! (Yes, You Can Even Use Liquid Liner As A Lipstick Guider, Or At Least I do)

2) Black Smoke

Not Widely Known? Well Of Course It Isn't, As I Am Certain Most Of These Aren't Widely Known Because I Sort Of Came Up With Half Of These Other Than The Basic One! xD haha Anywho, Black Smoke Is Simple: Liquid Liner and Black Lipstick. . .Apply The Lipstick To Your Finger (Fingers Are Best Since They Retain Heat and Make Products Easier To Blend With) and then Smoke Out To The Center! Finish Off By Popping On A Bit Of White ShadowTo The Center and Setting The Framed Work With Black Shadow As Well, As You Would With ALL Lipsticks! 

( NOTE: For A Matte Appearance Use The Shadow. . .OR Add Gloss For That Near Liquid Feel!)

3) Black with Pointed Arch

Again, Just A Basic Black Lip But Instead Of Rounding The Tips, You Would Make Them More Pointed! (It basically emphases your cupids bow)

4) Clown Grin

A Very Common Lip For Me! I Use This On A Regular Basis. . .So What Would You Call This? My Signature Look? Ah, Yes!!! That It Is!!!!
Follow the steps of a basic black lip but bring the corners of your mouth out as well as your cupid's bow! Points is the key!!! THINK OF POINTS!!!

5) Little Black Lip

Like "Your Little Black Dress" This Is A Cute MUST!! x'D haha 
Its making your mouth look cute and small. . .so KAWAII!!! :3
your going to stay within your natural lip line on the corners but expand the cupid's bow a little bit but drawing it slightly larger and out then the lipline. . .think small! :3

6) Black With Round Arch

A Basic Black Lip but instead of pointing the tips of your cupid's bow your going to round it off. . .making it seem like your pout is large and ready to be kissed! ;D instead of curving your cupids bow your just going to run the black liner acrossed it as shown above!

7) Poisoned Kiss

this is the same lip as "black with round arch" just with green (or whatever color YOU choose) in the middle. . .but don't settle with popping on color and leaving. . .as is the key to ALL beauty secrets. . .YOU MUST ADD DEPTH AND BLEND!!! so make sure to add a darker green (or darker other color you wish) around the lighter shade and a pop of white in the middle of that~!

8) Toxie Red Mouth

Goodness, this brings back memories! I used to wear this lip ALL THE TIME In High school! I was best known for this lip, thus giving me one of MANY nicknames. . ."Toxic" 
Its simple: When lining your lip. . .Draw A Space for the red parts with liquid liner. . .add black with a lip brush to help from messing up and add red with the same brush (cleaned and whatnot of course)
Simple Right? HA! 
It will take some time before you can perfect these looks, believe me. . .but understand patience is a virtue and the more time spent on your lip, the better it turns out! 
You could always add other things to this, and all the other, lip looks! From glitter to gloss, your options here are ENDLESS!

9) Black and Red Stripes

This is something I created a while back, its unusal and weird. .. but something I like nonetheless! 
Using a lip brush, apply black mixed with red lipstick in vertical lines acrossed your mouth! set them with a dark shadow and your done!

10) Black Death

This lip is mostly common in the Jrock and Techno/deathrock and so on scenes! 
Its basically taking black lipstick and ONLY putting it on the inner part of your mouth and lightly smoking it out to create a "dead" sort of look! 

Yup, I hope you enjoyed this really long post. . .but when it comes to things I really like. . .I can be a bit too much! xD haha

So Thanks for reading
Hannabal Marie


  1. I love these lip designs! I am going to totally try them when I go to the club. Great post!

  2. I wear the black death one all the time lmao