Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My New Black Coat and Parasol!!!

Hello Ladies And Gentlemen
I Have Been Putting This Post Off For Quite Some Time, And For Doing So I Am Utterly Sorry. 
I Intended To Do This Post For Christmas, As Some Sort Of Holiday Haul, But The Time And Place Wasn't Allowing Me To Do So. . .But I Found Some Time To Put Everything Together For You Today!

(Ftc- I am NOT Being Paid For Mentioning Any Of The Companies, Products, Or Whatever In This Here Post, Just Proud Of What I Got And I Want To Share Them With The World!!! So Please Don't Sue Me)

This Isn't All Of What I Gotten, I Will Be Making A Post In Regards To Everything I Got That I Haven't Covered Here!!! (So Don't Ya Worry. . .Its Mostly Makeup Anyways Haha)
Anywho, I Wanted To Show You Guys Two Amazing Gifts I Was Given By My Lovely Mother For Christmas!

The Attention Women's Long Puffer Coat With Faux Fur:
The faux-fur trimmed hood and extra length work together to keep you toasty warm on those frigid days!!

What This Coat Has:
-Stand up collar
-Faux-fur trimmed hood
-Zip front
-Belted waist
-Material: Polyester blend

You Can Buy Your's HERE!!!

Gothic Lolita Black Cross Parasol:

A Beautifully Handmade Parasol From A Lovely Little Freelanced Company Called "Retroscope Parasols" They Sell An Array Of Various Different Kinds. . .To Petticoats, Mini Hats, Ladies Clothing as well as Men's Clothing!

This Specific One:
Measures 34" wide when open
Measures 26" from top to curve of handle
Handmade with black lace, silver crosses & filagree medallions.
Metal structure and mechanism
Plastic handle

You Can Buy Your's HERE!!!!

Here Are The Two In Vivid Detail:

The Parasol:

The Coat: 

And Here Is Me Modeling The Coat For Your Tasty Eyes! ;D 

I Love How Big The Hood Is! It Can Go All The Way Down Past My Eyes, Hitting The Bridge Of My Nose! Its Very Toasty And I Am Completely In Love With This Coat!

Again, Me Being ME!! x'D

Just Showing You How Big And Sexy This Coat Really Is!

Here Is Me With My Awesome Black Wig On, Hood Up Mmmhmmm! ;D

And Some Hood Off Action! ;D Haha

Oh Yeaaah. . .A Nice Mirror Shot! ;D

And A Close Up Of My Makeup I Was Wearing! x'D (Which Is The Same Look I Had For Xmas)

Thanks For Reading
Hannabal Marie

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