Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Dog Georgie!!!!

Hello Ladies And Gents, 
I Wanted To Dedicate This Post To My Dear Best Friend, My Baby Boy, My Pet and My Family Member. . .
Mister Georgie, My Little Special Shih Tzu Puppy Dog!

You See? He Is Unlike Most Shih Tzu's. . .
He Is Blind, A Little Skitzo And Cute As A Button!

(My Baby Boy)

  He Was The Smallest Of His Liter, Which Included 3 Others. . .I Assume He Just Didn't Get A Lot Of Nutrition As The Rest Did When They Were Developing In Mommies Tummy!

Some People Who Knew About Georgie Always Used To Say He Wasn't Going To Live, At Least For A Week! 

But Ladies And Gents, Georgie Is Going On His 2nd Year To This Very Day!

But As There Is Always Sunshine And Daisies, There Must Follow Some Form Of A Dark Cloud, and That Is Another Reason I Decided To Write This Post. . .

My Georgie Pie Isn't Doing So Well. . .3 Days Ago, He Woke Me Up To A Bloody Screech And I Ran To His Aid And Noticed That My Poor Baby Wasn't Able To Turn His Little Noggin'. Apparently, or at least I think, he might have some sort of neck strain!  But I Can't Be Certain Just Yet!!! 

When I Try To Touch Him, He Cries. . .He Also Didn't Eat Nor Drink For A Good Couple Of Days. . .He Is BARELY Starting To Nom His Food Right This Second. 

Here Are Some Photos Of Him From Childhood To Him Now!!! 

Him Around A Week From Being Born!

Here He Is Again, But With His Favorite Lamb Plushie! 

Him Again, As You Can Plainly See, According To A Source On The Interweb. . .If A Dog's Eyes Are Bright As They Are On Here. . .Reflectors To Be More Specific. . .Then It Shows That He Is Blind!
Blind Or Not, I Love Him The Same!

Another Shot But This One Was To Show Of How Small He Was. . .I Could Fit Him In My T-shirt! :3 (Which I HAD To Do, To Keep Him Alive. . .I Guess My Heartbeat Helps Claim Him Down. . .But Now That He Is Older, He Can't Fit In My Shirt Anymore)

Him Now, This Was Taken 3 Days Before His Accident!

And Him Feeling Sick! (I Didn't Know What Was Going On, I Thought He Was Being Lazy at The Time . . .Now That I Think Back, I Should Have Kept A Better Watch On Him)

Anywho, All I Can Do Is Hope For The Best And Remain By His Side. . .I Just Don't Want Him To Die On Me. . .Even Though It May Make People Laugh To Hear This But He Is More Than Some Petty Pet To Me. . .He Is Like My Child, My Baby, My Own Flesh and Blood. . .He Has Been There For Me More Than A Human Person EVER Has. . .He Never Judges Me Nor Laughs At Me. . .And He Always Comes Running Into My Lap When I Get Home From A Hard Days Work. . .No Matter What I Have On Or What Makeup Is Smeared Acrossed My Face. . .I Could Have Black Paint Smeared On My Mouth, Confetti Stuck In My Hair, And I Could Have Holes In My Stockings And A Poka Dotted Dress Over Them And He Would Love Me Unconditionally!!! 

So If Worst Does Come To Worst. . .And He Does Die On Me. . .I Will Never Love Another Pet As Much As I Loved Georgie!!! 

(((Here Is A Video I Made, So If Something Isn't Covered Here. . .The Video Will Better Explain It In More Detail!)))

Thanks For Reading
Hannabal Marie

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