Monday, February 20, 2012

The Strangers Series: DollFace


Hello Ladies And Gents, 
Here Again With Another Character Of My "The Stranger Series" That I Had Going On! 
Unfortunately I Had To Make Do With What I Had To Achieve The Look. . .So If It Doesn't Look Identical, Don't Blame Me. . .Blame My Lack Of Moneys! xD

Anywho, DollFace Has Been My Favorite Masked Gal (Besides Pin Up) Since The Day I Found Out They Had Her In My Existence! :3

The Products I Used:
Black/White Cake Paint
Brown/Black/Red Pencil Liners
Red Lipstick
Black Liquid Liner For Minor Detailing
Ivory/White Foundation
Translucent Loose Powder
Orange/Red Eyeshadow

I Attempted The "Anime Eyes" That Everyone Seems To Know And Love With This Look! 
It Was Tricky Seeing How The Thing I Was Recreating Was In Fact A Mask. . .I Had To Make My Own Face Look Somewhat Similar To It By Drawing On The Mask and Having It Look Like Its Popping Up From My Own Skin! 

(^^As Shown^^)

This Was Not Something I Normally do. . .Seeing How Its Not Much Of A Makeup Look, But More Something You Would Attempt For Halloween/Theater or The Likes! (Plus The DollFace Character Doesn't Wear A lot Of Makeup For My Liking, But Nonetheless It Was FUN!!!)

(Here Is Another Shot Of My Face)

(Hello? Is Tamara Home??)

(Shhhh. . .)

Hehehe <3

And Here Is A Animated GIF:


Thanks For Reading
Hannabal Marie

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