Friday, April 5, 2013

Character Transformation Look: Comic Rogue

Ladies and gents I bring to you today, My attempt at one of my childhood favorites. The sassy big haired Rogue from my comic books. No offense kiddies nowadays but the Rogue back when I was a kiddie would beat the CRAP out of the modern-day one they have now. Yep! I perfer my gal to be able to throw cars and houses over her head whilst flying around in the sky. :P 

anywho, Here is the photo I was inspired by:


The Products I Used:
>Black Liquid Eyeliner from Wet N Wild
>Black Pencil Liner from Wet N Wild
>Golden Brown Pressed Powder and Liquid Foundation from Covergirl
>Red Lipstick from Jordana
>White Corpse Paint, Bye Bye Little Yellow Bird Lipstick from Portland Black Lipstick Co.
>Black, Green, Yellow, White Eyeshadow from ELF

And now my work of art:

 Thanks for reading.

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