Friday, April 5, 2013

Female Chucky Makeup Look

Let's get down to business, and this time it's not to defeat the huns. *slaps knee*
 I have been trying to get back into the habit of doing one makeup look a day, and with the internet being a prick...I have no excuse NOT to do makeup looks. A while back I went on a "Body Painting" spree and starting messing with makeup that exceeded the neckline and low & behold, I found my true calling. I have always wanted to find a makeup technique that was my own and with the ability to draw on my chest, I have found that said ability. So not only will I be doing the full face but I can continue my sketches down the neck as well. ...So my whole body is my own work of art and I am giddy as a school girl from finding all this out. 

Anywho, enough about came here to see a look and dang nabit..I shall give you one. I decided to do Chucky, A female version of that cooky good guy doll. :3 

I googled it before I went to town and noticed that every female who did this look, or attempted too, always made their female version look rather cutesy with the obvious sex appeal. I didn't like that much. I mean, some sex appeal should be in it but you shouldn't base the whole damn look on a pretty cut-crease with ruby red lips and this crappy excuse for a scar drawn on the forehead. No, The female version should stay in the boundaries of the male's version as well. It's a doll, a badly beaten up doll...a possessed and badly fucked up good guy doll...therefore, the female should be of the same aspects. . . .Just with the small hints of feminism. I don't want to sound so rude but I'm basing my critiques as a horror/thriller movie lover. Nothing more. You have to think reasonable. . .A female chucky wouldn't have time to apply red lips in the middle of a good o' stabbing.

Female Chucky Doll: 

Products I used:
 >Black, Red, Blue, and White Halloween Grease Paint from Unknown Brand
>Brown, Black and Red Pencil Liners from Wet N Wild
>White Corpse Paint from Portland Black Lipstick Co.
>Brown, Red, Black, and Taupe Eyeshadow from ELF

>False Eyelashes
>Red Buttons applied with Liquid Latex
>Kitchen Knife
>Eye Contacts

 Anywho, Here we go:


 anywho, I hand painted everything you see and glued on those red buttons that I ripped off an old blouse. I used standard Halloween grease paint and mixed the colors on my hand like a paint palette. I used only the base colors of red, blue, white, and black for the grease. I Mixed lighter or darker depending on the effect I needed. I then contoured my face with a dark brown color, popped on some white highlights and details and added red to the wounds. I hope you liked it everyone! <3

Thanks for reading

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  1. This looks surprisingly exactly like Chucky! I'm impressed that so much of it is done with halloween grease paints too!