Friday, April 5, 2013

National Tom Waits Day!

This post is going to be so small that it's not even worth creating but I must. I must. I MUST! 
A while back I took part in a event called: "Dress like Tom Waits day" and I didn't have internet to post em. Now that I found some juice to hook up to, I am doing so now. I dressed in my best Tom Wait-y attire and sang a bit of his tunes out to the public...Some smiled and some scratched their heads in confusion...but all in all, I had fun and that is all that matters. :P Here are a few photos of my outfit:

and have an edited photo of me pretending to smoke. Yes. Lovee it! <3

Now here are some edits I made as well:

 If you didn't notice, I made myself a Sim character that resembles Tom Waits. . .and I woohooed the hell outta him! :3 <3

Anywho, as I said..It's small. Next year will be bigger and better since this event was fresh in the making by a fellow TW's fan as myself. 
I just wanted to post about it on my blog to show my love and admiration...and because I feel way to damn prideful to delete these photos! xD HA! <3 

anywho, thanks for wasting your time! <3


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