Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Xotic Eyes Body Art Review!

Hello ladies and gents
Today I bring you a review!
I won a giveaway/contest a long time ago and received these body art pieces from Xotic Eyes as a reward.

I had them in my room collecting dust, so I thought I'd girl up and try them out!
(mind you, boobs shall be present in this post. So if you are easily offended by boobs, I'm sorry to inform you to GROW THE HELL UP! THEY'RE JUST BOOBS! COM'ON!)

You can purchase yours HERE!

 I received the Bloodlust Body Art & the Blood Cuffs!
In this post you will ONLY see the Bloodlust Body Art kit because I have yet to open the cuffs. 
Need to think up a good outfit for that one! 

 (Image above belongs to Xotic Eyes. 
I do not own the photo above. 
I found it via Google Search Engine)

Anywho, here are the results:
 In all honesty, I think these would have looked better if I had used them on the day I got them instead of shoving them in an old shoe box to collect dust because when I attempted to apply them, they kept getting torn apart. 
The adhesive sticky side kept getting tangled with the plastic wrap they came with. 
So when I went to peel them off and onto my skin, they just were a b!tch to adhere. 

But like I said, they probably would have been better the day I received them. I think waiting in my cold room probably created a sort of condensation inside the packaging which ruined the stickiness and made them crinkle and adhere to each other. I dunno, though. Just a guess. 

Anywho, the way I put them on wasn't the actual way they want you too. But as is said on the package, you are allowed to create whatever custom design you like. The droplets were meant to go under the bust and around my arms and such but I didn't want to show nipples so I just made them into pasties. 

(photo of the details of the red rhinestones and glitter!)

They cost around 40 dollars a pop! 
A bit much for body stickers, in my opinion, but to each their own!
Because they became ruined after I tore them off, I am guessing they are a one-time usage. 

BUT because they cost a pretty penny, I will turn them into forever pasties by fixing them and super gluing them to some material. 
I want to get my penny worth...even though I didn't actually buy them myself but ya know? what if! what if! 

As far as adhesive and wear time is concerned, read the following:

-They are a bit uncomfortable. I am no stranger to pasties and when I usually wear mine, I hardly ever notice it. But with these (probably because they aren't meant to be pasties though) they felt tuggy and pully. Every movement would crinkle the sticker and thus, ruin the look! (as seen in the last photo.)
Don't take my word for it, because I had them waiting for a while before applying but these are the results of what I know.

-They start to peel after a while. Probably due to sweat. 

-and taking them off is a chore. You literally gotta grin and bare it. It was a tugging war with my flesh. Poor microscopic hairs ripped out. and it made my skin turn red with some weird reaction to the adhesive. It didn't last long but long enough for me to notice. After all was taken off, you literally could see the places where I had them at, because my skin was all red and lifted up. Maybe it's just me. 

anywho, I like the look of the body art, despite all the negatives. 
And free stuff is still free stuff. <3


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