Monday, April 13, 2015

♛ Indie Review: Diva Minerals (Plus Swatches/Info/Looks) by Hannabal Marie! ♛

Hello ladies and gentlefish
I really love finding indie brands that are both amazing and highly in pigmentation, 
thus my search will forever continue to help inform all my friends and family of places that have amazing makeups.
I am happy to bring you another indie find today.
I contacted Diva Minerals and requested some samples to try out and she did just that!

The products arrived in a standard white envelope along with her business card!
I would have snapped a few images of the way it was sent to me but I believe I covered it with words, I am sure an envelope isn't the reason you popped on here to view, right? haha! 
Here are all the goodies I was sent. 

-Pigments from top to bottom: 
Green Apple Sherbet, Emerald Illision, Grape Sherbet.
Hello Hotness, Ghetto Chic, Damsel
Lake Bound

 The Swatches!!!
 From Left to Right:
Grape Sherbet, Emerald Illusion, Green Apple Sherbet!

 From Left to Right:
Damsel, Ghetto Chic!

 Glitterz From Left to Right:
Lake Bound, Hello Hotness!

Here is a little clip of how sparkly the glitters are!

The Staying Power!!!!
 I took the liberty to snap a picture and show you some live footage of how strong the pigments actually are after I wiped them clean. 
They are actually pretty darn pigmented!

I, as I do with every review,  wanted to create some looks using ONLY the reviewing cosmetics, so you all can see how they blend into each other, how well they show up and what they look like aside from the mere swatches that only tell ya how they look alone.
The only extra things I use to help the makeup along is my liquid eyeliner and colored pencil eyeliners to stencil on my brows. 
Beside that, it's all 100% the said brand. 

I used Grape Sherbet, Green Apple Sherbet, Emerald Illusion and Hello Hotness for this look. 

I used Damsel, Ghetto Chic, Emerald Illusion and Lake Bound.
Well that is that.
You be the judge on how they appeal to you.
I can't state how it should make you feel, because everyone is different. 
I shown you my review, with swatches to boot, you can make your choices based on my information!
You can find Diva Minerals either on etsy or facebook:

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