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☆ ✮ Indie Cosmetic Review: Glamour Doll Eyes (Swatches/Info/Looks) by Hannabal Marie! ☆ ✮

Hellou ladies and gentlefish
I while back I took part in a contest and I won a load of prizes. 
In the whole mix, I won these full sized pots of Glamour Doll Eyes pigments and a glitter fix! 
(As well as a few business cards, an instruction card for the glitter fix and a sticker!)
I was so happy to get to finally try out this specific brand, 
so you can only imagine that I'd create a review based on the goodies I got.

I am not being paid or anything for this review, 
I just thought you all would enjoy a post about what I received!

The Packaging

Here is the caps of the pigments. 
I really love the look of GDE's packaging. 

Each little pot is wrapped with a plastic tear-away casting to seal in all that pigment.
Besides the little wrapper, each pot also is sealed from the inside using a sticker to ensure that your pigments don't spill.

The Price
 Glamour Doll Eyes range from $1.25 for a sample baggie of product, 
to a Full 1/2 - 3/4 tsp in a 5 gram jar (with or without a sifter) for $6.00.

Besides eye shadows, they also sell Grab Bags, Glitters, Box Sets, Blushes...among other things.

The Eye Shadows

I received 8 full sized pots of eye shadows!
-From Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
Island Chic, Funeral Selfie, Royally Yours, Mermaid's Plumage
Bruised, Poodles, Parlor Tricks, Cheapskate

 The labels, in case you were wondering!

The Glitter Fix

 Among the eye shadows, I also recieved this glitter fix.
it can be used to adhere your glitter, it also makes your sparkles stand out more and last all day. 
The card states that it can also be used over your eye shadows to do the same thing. 

 The brush applicator is just a basic doe foot shaped tip. 

How to apply Glitter Fix, the site states:
Photo taken from Glamour Doll Eye's Website!

The Glitter Fix is apparently "sold out" though. 
There is a feature to "notify" the person behind GDE, so maybe that will help you get one upon request? I don't know. You just gotta ask, I guess. Don't shoot the messenger! XD

If interested, link is HERE!

The Swatches

 Now for the swatching, 
I will be showing you 8 pigments WITHOUT any primer or that glitter fix.
 It's just basic dry swatches, to show the pigmentation!
(I also included links to each full sized product, so the curious can purchase 'em!)
A darkened purple with black undertones and gorgeous aqua sparkle.
A pinkish purple with green undertones and multicolored sparkle.
Island Chic:  
A gorgeous blend of green, blue and a touch of gold.
A light grey with a copper, gold and darker grey duo-chrome.

A metallic taupe with rose gold undertones and a copper sheen.
A medium pink with a green duo-chrome and golden shimmer.
A deep blue green with a beautiful purple sparkle.
A dark midnight gray with brilliant gold sparkle.

I attached a video of the pigments, to show how they sparkle.

The Strength Test
If you aren't aware, I do a sort of 'test' for those who are curious how "strong" a shade is. 
Every time I look up a review for a company I am curious about, I see all sorts of information that is the least of my concerns...
like the packaging or how pretty they look on the lids but never...ever...do I see how long or how strong they stay ON. 
I am a heavy makeup abuser (heh) and I need my shades to last all day or to at the very least withstand my active lifestyle...so I am more concerned on the staining quality of a certain brand than how pretty they look inside the packaging. Because I ain't gonna care much about how they match my collections when it's fading off me during lunchtime at work. 
Ya know what I mean? Hahaha.
so, I designed this approach to help with this topic. 
So, even if you are looking for a brand that doesn't stain your lids, this 'test' will help regardless. 
Because I just video tape me wiping away the product to show the staying power during friction, that is it. Hah.
I know there are many other ways that a product can fade away; like sweat, how it reacts to your own body, weather, ect...but I just wanted a simple way that everyone could relate to.

☆ Final Looks

To end this all, 
I went ahead and used all the products mentioned to create a couple looks for you all. 
To show the way they blend into each other and so on. 
These looks were both used WITH the glitter fix, to show how it works since I couldn't really "review" it separately. Haha.
 In this photo I used Cheapskate on the center of my lid and inner corner of my eye as a highlight, Funeral selfie in the crease and Mermaid's Plumage under my eye.
I also added, which isn't apart of the brand, ELF's Liquid eyeliner to help bring it all together and a Wet N Wild Black liner for my waterline.

In this photo I used Island Chic under my eye and under the frontal brow area, Funeral Selfie on the lid, Royally Yours in the crease and Poodles to help smoke out the crease.

Again, the liquid eyeliner and pencil liner to help tie it together. 

All looks were used with the Glitter Fix. 
It really brings out the sparkle. 

Final Word

That is it, folks. 
My looks, review and information on Glamour Doll Eyes. 
You create your own ending, if you like it or not..the choice is yours.
I just provide the evidence to help you make up your mind! 
I love the brand, the pigments and everything. 
Good makeup is good makeup and I can't complain. 
I got all this from a contest I won and all this nearly exceeds 30 dollars, so I am happy as a clam. 

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