Sunday, April 12, 2015

✿ Easter Makeup & Outfit Look by Hannabal Marie! ✿

Hello ladies and gentlefish
I wanted to share with the lot of ya, my easter day look. 
I am sorry I didn't post on the actual day but here it is just the same.

I didn't really do much for easter, no egg rolling or baskets. Just got a few goodies and dressed up a bit. I wasn't feeling good, but I still wanted to do something.

 I had this pretty dress I found at a thrift shop for a looooong time. 
It's homemade and I love it. 
Thought it would be perfect for Easter.

 I don't really know what I was inspired by...
I just guess even the devil has to look her sunday best. ;)

This is the whole outfit, as best as I could show. 
The pumps, shiny flesh-colored stockings, dress, hair, makeups, ect...ect.

That's pretty much it to this post. Felt like some of you would like to see a post in regards to my Easter. 
I hope you all had a lovely one, at that!

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