Tuesday, December 1, 2015

❤ KISS "Cross My Heart" Sunglasses Review // Hannabal Marie ❤


Hello ladies and gents
last Christmas I never got around to show you all the cool stuff that I got because it didn't arrive quite on time, as I expected.
So I am here to post about some of the few things I got from ebay. 

These sunglasses been one of many things I have been eyeballing since I first seen them and to be quite frank, at the time they were extremely expensive and I didn't think I'd ever be able to have them until one day, when snooping and window-shopping on ebay, I found these babies...for 5 BUCKS! 

So ya know how mama loves a good steal and how I stole this steal!!!!


These babies were being sold for 5 bucks by someone who was just wanting to get rid of them.
I love how they actually came with the original packaging.

I fell in love with the words on the frames.
I am a very childish woman, so it fits perfectly with me!

Sorry for all the fuzzies, I live with lots of pets! haha

"Hand Polished Frame" detail on the side.
and how they look on my face. In case you all wanted to see how big they are on! :)

And another facial shot!

I waited for a long time for these to arrive
but they were well worth the wait! 



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