Thursday, March 3, 2016

✰ Hair Dye Process: Orange ➨ Purple // Hannabal Marie

It looks like the universe! haha
Hello ladies and gents
I am here to post about the process it took for me to go 
from that rusty orange color to a more vivid and bright purple/pink ombre!
(completely accidental!)

I am NO professional, so please don't take my word as law! 
I'm just a woman who honestly doesn't care about hair damage 
and who will go through trial and error a million times like it's no one's business! LOL

Pretty cute, considering the fact
I wasn't going for the ombre look!
I decided to dry and straighten my hair,
So I could see the color in it's full glory!

But if you like what you see, continue reading.

Or don't.

I don't care! haha

This was my orange hair before I bleached it.

Someone come tend my garden, I got roots for dayyysss!
Yep, just goofing off with the plastic gloves.
Why not?
The box color gloves make me feel like a secret detective! LOL

The nozzle looks like something from the future!!
Remember when the box bottles were just flimsy little tips,
now they got them looking all scary and alien!

Maybe that's what aliens are actually doing...
Maybe they aren't actually "probing" us...
but rather bleaching our dark roots!

I only use L'oreal's Super Blonde!
No complaints thus far.
Got my darker than hell black hair to turn bright orange/almost white soooo many times.
...I might have hair damage but damn does it do it's damn job! LOL

Only a few minutes after I actually put the stuff on.

tryna be artistic with my camera angles...please excuse the artsy fartsy side of me! LOL
And from the side because damn baby girl, look at that bleach job!

After the first wash!
I just needed it to get the roots out.
I'm turning into a purple people eater, so it doesn't matter how light it gets.

Damn, It looks like I have a damn halo! 

The box looked like that when I found it at my local Kmart.

Kinda tattered, Kinda torn. Kinda like me! LOL
Using "Lusty Lavender" from Splat, I went into that bleached mess and colored me up something crazy! LOL

A shower shot, because why the hell not?!

I dunno 'bout you, but I freakin' LOVE seeing the shower water turn into different colors whenever you dye your hair.
It looks soooo damn cool, running down your neck!

Please excuse the almost-boob-shot, I just loved how the water looks against my white skin!

How the color looked when I came out!

With flash!

And this was a few days after I did the deed.
I try to not style it for a few days, so it has a resting moment before taking anymore hardcore damage!

Looking pretty cool!

Still had some bleachy patches but I'm a total wreck as it is, so it matched me pretty sweetly!

and a side view!

And for your viewing pleasures, Here is a small clip of my hair in motion!

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