Friday, June 17, 2016

Lash Factory "InstaLash One-Step 3D Mascara" Review // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
another review for a lovely company called
Lash Factory!
It's for their
InstaLash One-Step 3D Mascara

The box it came in!

Lash Factory's InstaLash One-Step 3D Mascara is really amazing.
I personally love the dramatic look of falsies but sometimes I can't bother trying to do all that added work to just achieve a dramatic eye.
With this One-Step Mascara, All you need to do is apply it once to achieve a very full and thick lash look!

Personally, I like to apply it in coats, to get that extreme dramatic look.
But feel free to add or take away as many coats as you like. 

InstaLash One-Step 3D Mascara costs around $12.97 + Free Shipping on Amazon!

What I really love is how sleek and beautiful the bottle actually is.
It really looks like some expensive mascara brand, but for the price it's so reasonable and true to the word.
I found that extremely pleasing and extremely impressing. 

Look at the brush!

You simply apply it straight from the bottle, as if it was mascara.
I really found that very convient, compared to many other "fiber mascara's" that usually come in many different, dreadful, steps!
This one is just a one-step shop to perfect dramatic lashes!

NO mascara, all me! lol

You will never have to worry about flaking, cracking or irritation.
The serum is designed to stay on the lashes until you wash it off.

It's also safe for contact wearers and sensitive eyes!

A total of 3 coats of the 3D mascara!

Made from all natural Green Tea micro-fibers, this mascara is safe and effective for your eyes.

It's Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic and Cruelty Free!

So good! I love it!

All in all, a very wonderful and intense Fiber Mascara!
I am so in love with the look it gives me.
Thank you, Lash Factory, for creating this amazing product!

Want to buy some?
Follow the link HERE!

FTC Disclaimer: I received this product for free for my honest evaluation, all thoughts/opinions are 100% my own! Thank you!

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