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Dr. Isidor Apothecary & Perfumery Review // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
today I am bringing you a lovely review
from an amazing company called

(Image from their website!)
I stumbled onto their website a while back and instantly fell in love with what they had to offer and their overall story. 
So, an email or two later--I received a response letter telling me that they'd be willing to ship me a box...
Yes, you heard that correctly, a BOX of amazing goodies for me to review.

I want to first talk about how amazing their customer service is.
I had a small mishap due to the postal that resulted to a few perfume oils leaking.
I thought it was only right to email them back, just to inform them of this 
I didn't expect them to send more but they did, just like that.
replacements for what was lost.

I can't even begin to explain the warmth I felt when they treated me like an actual human instead of some random customer. You know? Just that little bit of gratitude really made my day. 

Here is a bit of history behind this company
(from the website)

(Image from their website)
 "Dr Isidor is a name taken from a childhood memory in a small European town. The Apothecary captured the eye and made a lasting impression and a desire to want to help people like the man at the back of the counter. Who knows why such a desire exist at such an early age or why the need to help people was born. From that early childhood memory came these products and a desire to put expertise into use in order to help people…"

Just that alone really spoke volumes, I promise you.
It proves that behind this company are real, living human beings.

Behind Dr. Isidor, there are two people.
Dr. Isidor and Kelly Lawrence.
I only had the priviledge of speaking to Kelly--Gracious and Kind.
So, I can only imagine how the Dr. is like.

Both have a great degree of experience and skills in Apothecary and Perfumery. 
I can sit here and copy/paste all the information on the website, but I strongly suggest you visit it yourselves.
I promise you, it will be worth your visit.
It's one of those things that you have to do for yourself to truly understand.
Plus, the website ties everything together better than I ever could alone.

(Image from their website)
So, what do they do?

Based on ancient traditional formulas, Dr. Isidor Apothecary and Perfumery specializes in all natural and organic perfume oils, perfumery, facial skin care, hand/body skin care and hair care products. Each formula is handcrafted and made up of artisan concentrate blends of organic carrier and essential oils, extracts, herbs, fruits, and resins.
“Age gracefully and wisely with 100% natural and organic skin care formulas as our ancestors”.

Okay, so now onto the good stuff.
Like I mentioned, they sent me a whole box of products to review.
Ranging from perfume oils, body mists, soaps and shampoos--all sorts.
So below I will section it out accordingly, starting with the oils. 

 They sent me some amazing little boxes, decorated with cute stickers of their company logo with little metal butterfly decals adhered to the box.
Three boxes in total, two full of perfume oils and one full of oil tools. (the above image)
 I really liked how they included some handy little tools like droppers, pots, scent sticks, all sorts of things inside little cloth baggies. 
It gives me freedom to play around and create scents using my own blends.

I can't even begin to explain how many amazing perfume oils Kelly sent me.
I feel so bad that the first shipment leaked through, not for any other reason than having them ruin the cute boxes with the adhered butterflies. 

I have sniffed and applied ALL of these perfume oils.
(Quite honestly, this review took some time to create due to my wanting to test try everything out properly and needing time for things to show results! 
So, I'm so sorry Kelly and Dr. Isidor for taking so much time but I hope you'll understand!)

Anywho, I have separated the "review" of these perfume oils in categories.
The Eau De Parfum & The Darker Aromatics!

These Eau De Parfum's are so elegant and airy in scent.
 They smell very expensive. Kind of reminds me of my Oscar Del La Renta oil I own. 
That same "expensive" kind of smell.
All equally "angelic" as the other and their linger lasts very long--even until the next day!

All The Eau De Parfum's I Received
△ Amethyst: Not only Frankincense but you will smell Amber, Gardenia, Jasmine, Apricot and Freesia. With notes of Violet and Cherries. Highly sophisticated and feminine.

La Vie En Rose: Like an antique rose, lightly dusted with a light and airy fragrance. 

△ Lunar Eclipse: Rich in patchouli, precious oud (agarwood), myrrh, several frankincense notes, superior Egyptian musk, apricot, plum, fig and green tea.

△ San Remo: Beautiful mimosa is predominant in this formula as well as anise, ylang ylang, citrus notes and luxu.

△ Alexander The Great: Scents of Tunisian and Sudanese frankincense, Tunisian patchouli, several notes of musk, black sandalwood. 

△ Marco Polo: Moroccan mint, frankincense and myrrh, Mediterranean fig, cedarwood, amber, and fig.

Now, onto the Aromatics!
These scents are rather "dark" in comparison.
Mysterious and divine.
I personally love and adore these not only for their exotic scent but also their names and imagery!

All The Aromatics I received

△ Moroccan Bazaar: Mint, Green Tea, Peppermint and Patchouli.

△ Mystic's Dream: Agarwood, Sandalwood, Star anise, Tonka bean, Mint, Patchouli, Mimosa and Apricot.

△ Amber: Classic Amber tone with hint of precious Vanilla and Honey.

Eden: Fruity with maybe hints of some sort of spice. Divine and fruitful--Like Eden.

△ Nella Fantasia: Ylang ylang, Rose, Gardenia, Jasmine, Mimosa and Honeysuckle.

I did, however, receive a few more but like I mentioned--most of them did spill out all over and some I had to dispose of. I got replaced about half of what really got damaged because I felt bad enough as it was and didn't want her to send more than she should have.
But from the parcel, even mixed in a heap, they all smelled really amazing together.
I bet the garbage man was sniffing my trash for weeks. lol

Overall Review On These Oils
I really loved the scent of each and every single last one of them.
I also personally loved how long they stayed on the skin.
I woke up the next morning with Mystic's Dream still lingering around me!
I would say that I aim more towards the darker/spicier scents but even the airy ones really draw my attention and the attention of strangers.
I have gotten a lot of people asking me what scent I'm wearing. They are really a great conversation starter and pick-up-line because I wore one out in public and a lot of people kept turning their heads, cat-calling me or trying to get my attention. I felt like a movie star with these oils on! lol

Each oil comes with a roller top! Makes it so easy and convenient to put on!

I was also sent some Alcohol-based spray perfumes.

These glass bottles are actually extremely large in person.
The smaller ones can fit nicely inside my hand, while that "just for you" one needs about two hands to hold.
I really love and adore the "just for you" spray perfume. I don't know how they did it or who thought up the mixture but it's truly me inside a bottle. 

This perfume is very feminine.
Another amazing scent that drives me wild. 
Highly elegant, mystical with a very nice and sensitive formula made out of amber, tobacco, mint, green tea.

This Eau De Parfum has a tone of precious Moroccan mint, white tea, green tea, frankincense and myrrh, there is hint of Tunisian patchouli and anise as well.

Much like the oil, but in a spray!
This formula is typical for men and daring women. scents of Tunisian and Sudanese frankincense, Tunisian patchouli, several notes of musk, black sandalwood. 

Overall Review
I really loved these large bottles of amazing perfumes.
I lack the proper words to describe the euphoria I felt when I spritz them on myself.
It was like being taken to a different place, in a different land, far far away. Where magic is real and dreams are plenty. I just really adore Dr. Isidor's Apothecary!

I was also sent a bunch of different skincare and haircare products.
Most can be found on their website but some are just for myself specifically or they just haven't gotten around to making them public yet. Whatever the reason, I am here to review!

I believe they are doing a Hair Care Line (or have already posted about it by now!)
I have used everything in the box through my time away reviewing, I wanted to be able to state what it did or how it made my hair feel/skin/body feel.

△ Deep Hair Conditioner △
The formula will condition hair, provide better gloss of the hair, prevent sebum over production and promote hair growth.
Made of certified organic oils, organic cosmetic grade butters, botanical extract

Deep Cleansing Hair Shampoo
This shampoo is 100% natural made of Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, with addition of complex formula of oils and butter to clean your hair properly, increase the volume and improve the management. It helps to increase the natural shine. 

Natural Soap
This soap is very friendly for delicate baby skin. Made of pure natural and organic Shea Butter, Honey, Vegetable Glycerine and 100% natural and organic Calendula Oil. There are several drops of pure therapeutic grade Ylang-Ylang oil as a natural fragrance. 

My Overall Review On Their Hairline/Soap
I really loved how it made my hair feel. The soap, itself, was also a nice little cleaning product. Gentle yet effective. Made my hands feel soft to the touch all day.
As for the hair conditioner and shampoo--my hair thanks you! I have been searching everywhere for a product that helps in all the departments that they listed: Volume, shine, just healthy ingredients for lack-luster and damaged hair. I am impressed, highly at that.

Now, onto the skincare line

I got quite a lot of skincare stuff. 
I was a little afraid of using something new and foreign on my skin but I'm so thankful I did, because my skin has never looked more amazing.

△ Anti-Acne Serum/Elixir △
This formula is rich in herbal, botanical, algal, lichens and mushrooms extracts who were tested scientifically (in vitro and in vivo) and exhibited of having anti-acne properties. Some botanicals in the formula will provide your cosmeceutical acne treatment with gentle skin detergent properties or as disinfectant, some herbal ingredients in the formula were tested scientifically (in vitro and in vivo) and exhibited a strong antibacterial properties specifically Propionibacterium acnes
Moisturizing Body Spray
This formula is designed to alleviate the signs and symptoms of extreme dryness of the body skin typical for elderly women which pH skin is more alkaline instead slightly acidic with normal skin pH 5.5. The formula contains 100% natural vegetable glycerine, 100% natural aloe vera gel, water and 100% natural perfume oil. 

My Overall Review
I have been using both of these on a regular basis. Mostly the Moisturizing Body Spray merely because I have pretty dry skin, mostly on my torso and legs. I spray a little on those parts more than I do the rest of my body. I have seen extreme improves to the point those rough patches have reduced to smoothness. 
The Acne Serum/Elixir I share with my brother. I let him use it a bit more because he is a young boy growing through that hectic tail of extreme acne. So far his face has reduced so much that I am utterly speechless. 

A little drop goes a long way, trust me. 
Now, onto the next set! 

I received this amazing set of facial skin care items.
I just want to add that I really love the overall size of everything so far, big enough to last and last you a long while.
I have been sharing mine with my brother and so far, we haven't even skimmed the top of the bottles because you only really need a little for this stuff to work. It's that potent and amazing.

△ Facial Skin Care Lotion: This Facial skin care lotion is a complex and multicomponent formula. Your facial skin will be radiant, not glowing, looking healthy, properly hydrated and moisturized for 12+ hours and rejuvenated. Some ingredients carry the strong (scientifically approved) properties of stimulating collagen synthesis, anti-aging properties, detoxifying and cleansing properties with effect of gentle exfoliation and balancing normal physiology of skin homeostasis. This formula is recommended for the morning treatment prior to application of your foundation and makeup.

△ Facial Skin Care Serum/Elixir: This formula is a complete facial skin treatment and many customers use only serum after proper cleansing and toning facial skin in the morning and evening. Your facial skin will be radiant, not glowing, looking healthy, properly hydrated and moisturized for 12+ hours and rejuvenated.

△ Facial Skin Care Toner: Facial Skin toner is generally used to decrease the appearance of large pores, and prepare the face for the application of make-up. A skin care routine starts with a cleanser, which is then followed by a toner and moisturizer, though people tend to forget to tone the skin. Making a point of adding a toner to the skin can help improve the look of the skin.
△ Deep Cleansing Facial Skin Wash The formula carries substantial antimicrobial, detoxifying, gentle exfoliating and deep cleansing properties.

My Overall Review
I have been saved by a toner and wash in a black bottle. lol
Seriously, this stuff works and continues to work wonders on my skin.
I have lived with extremely large pores on my nose and cheeks for some time now.
Though, they aren't "gone" 100%, after using this product--they have shrunk down so much.
I can cover them with makeup now and not worry about buffing out the edges so the "holes" don't show. It's life-saving!

And we are at the last batch of goodies.
I really adore the size of these things, extremely good quality and the contents are quite generous for the dollar.

△ Calendula Salve △
This salve is nature's answer to skin healing wonders. It is wonderful on rashes, abrasions and minor cuts and dark area under eyes. Calendula has been used medicinally for centuries. Traditionally, it has been used to treat eczema, minor burns including sunburns, warts, and minor wounds. Calendula has a high content of flavonoids, chemicals that act as anti-oxidants in the body and on the skin.
This moisturiser will leave your skin feeling quenched and silky smooth, not greasy.

By using this cream you will soothe sensitive facial skin, some oils in this formula contains a plethora of vitamins that promote skin regeneration while offering protection and proper hydration.

My Overall Review
I have used and loved everything above but the one I wish to talk a little more about is The Calendula Salve.
I used a good portion of the salve on a few of my rough patches, gave some to my father to use on his poor cracked feet and even used a little on my own. I don't know why I never knew or heard of this product before but now I'm on the hunt to find more. This is a miracle in a little pot. My most embarrassing dry patch, which was located between my cleavage is gone. Completely gone. I used only a small little amount, enough to coat the trouble area and it's gone. My father has diabetes and his feet are pretty much damaged beyond all recongition, with cracks and dryness. He used a small amount too and his feet looked baby soft. He has been using, as well as I, for a month in total and those trouble areas are completely gone. I am in love, I can't stress it enough! 

So, I will end this review on that note. 
These products, though they are on a pricey side, are well worth the dollar since they actually work! They do more than merely "work" but I lack the vocabulary to explain in better detail. 
I just am astonished at why this company isn't more widely known because they have blown me away with their beautiful products and their wide variety to choose from.

The shipping is sublime, the packaging is elegant and very mystical.
Aside from the little mishap that I think is more a issue with my postal service than this company, I truly admire this company as a whole.
They have a little bit of everything for everyone. From Perfume to Baby shampoo. They have it all. 
I really love what they have to offer, I really adore their backstory. 
I am just utterly and wholeheartedly in love with Dr. Isidor's Apothecary & Perfumery! 

If you'd like to visit their website, follow the link HERE!
You can also take a peek over at their blog, or if you have any questions/concerns feel free to contact Dr. Isidor Apothecary at the following below:
Phone: (504) 233-8702
Email: or
Website contact:


FTC Disclaimer: I was given these products for free for my honest and unbiased review! All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own! Thank you!

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  1. Thank you for your kind words. We hope everyone gets a chance to experience our products. We will send a FREE sample to anyone who provides us their information. We don't share information and only send out emails every 2 weeks.
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