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💀 Beautiful Carcass Skin Care Review 💀 // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
today I bring you a review from a company I personally fell in love with!
It's called Beautiful Carcass--A wonderful skin care company with a name that screams out to me! hehe

Photo from their website. All rights reserved to Beautiful Carcass!

So, I was sent a bunch of goodies to review today! I got some lip scrubs, body bars, lotion, lip balm and a few business cards to play with!

I personally fell in love with their handmade organic lip balm. It is in orange and it tastes quite yummy! I am thrilled to be able to put stuff on my skin that I don't have to worry about because of synthetics or fillers. This is all natural and amazing ingredients that are beneficial to your skin and body! 

Everything was sent inside this shipping box. The logo "Beautiful Carcass" nicely stamped on the side so you will surely not miss your order on your front step! hehe

"Do you feel eyes watching you but you're all alone? Does the room grow inexplicably cold? Are sudden, unexplained noises common? Are you HAUNTED? This newest lotion was specifically created for the New Jersey Paraunity Expo 2016 hosted by the New Jersey Paranormal team!

Haunted is a lovely combination of lavender and vanilla. Did you know lavender was used during the Black Plague to mask the smell of death? Not that we created it for that purpose! Lavender is a great way to relax and not think about death unless you have some spirits lurking around your bedroom."
I love the history and homework they did according to create such a lovely product. The scent is delightfully dreadful. lol
I personally love how the mixture of Lavender and Vanilla create such an intoxicating scent that lasts throughout the whole day. I never been much into Vanilla scents but I have to say that this Vanilla is a very rich, warm scented one. Not like most mass marketed Vanilla scents. This lotion really holds up to their namesake and wearing such a lovely scent will surely haunt anyone who happens to be around you!
I was also sent these little pods of product. I will review them individually as follows.

The Vigil – Lavender Facial Moisturizer

A decadent blend of Raw Unrefined Organic Shea Butter, 100% All-Natural Avocado oil and essential oils. Our face is one of the most sensitive areas on our body. It's important to be vigilant about what we use to nourish it. The essential oils we have included help to reduce acne, sun damage, and wrinkles. The combination is great for dry, sensitive skin but also works with oily skin as well. The Vigil will help to relax and regenerate your cells.

Grave Delights Sugar Scrub

By combining essential oils, fine granulated organic sugar and certified organic unrefined cold pressed coconut oil, they have created a luxurious bath or shower essential for everyone. Their various essential oils mix to create a variety of relaxing or uplifting scents that linger on the skin.
Besides being a fantastic smell, Orange Essential Oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant and aphrodisiac.  Let your senses come alive while your mind and body relax.

Organic Honey "Good Grief" Lip Scrub

Exfoliate your lips' dead skin by rubbing on their edible lip sugar scrub. The ingredients are sweet and simple using large granulated organic sugar and moisturizing organic oils.

The Wake – Lemon Facial Cleanser

This cleanser will clean and refresh your pores. Lemon is a natural astringent and antibacterial. It is perfect for oil prone skin. Is your face feeling tired? Wake it up! Their blend of organic ingredients will clean your skin without harsh astringent chemicals.
 I tried and used all products to the bottom of the jars. lol I have to say that they really work wonders on my dead and dull skin. The Wake facial cleanser really soaked into my pores, waking up my tired eyes and bringing life into my face. I really loved each product and on their website they sell for such reasonable prices that I am tempted to go back and purchase them all in full size!

Are your lips showing signs of distress? Revive them with their therapeutic lip balms! High quality organic products are used to create a lip balm that is free of synthetic additives and preservatives. Instead, they've kept it simple, which is better for your lips and whoever is kissing them!
  • Their main ingredient, certified organic unrefined cold pressed coconut oil, acts quickly to soak into your lips and if consumed inadvertently it will not harm you.
  • Raw beeswax is also used to protect the skin from cracking and drying out.
  • Their unrefined raw Shea butter further nourishes lips.
These ingredients create a smoothness and shine without weighing down your lips. Scents are added with a variety of essential oils blended to relax, calm, awaken or spice up your life!
A little goes a long way with their lip balms. Best used within a year of purchase.
This has got to be my personal favorite out of the bunch. My lips are very important to me and my boyfriend and I have been using this Lip Balm since the day I've met my boyfriend and since then, he has asked me how my lips are soooo smooth all the time. I have one simple answer--because of this!!! lol It tastes so good, feels like silk on my lips. Just an overall amazing product!

I was also sent a few snips of their amazing body and lotion bars!
 -Cedarwood + Rose= The warm balsamic smell of cedarwood paired with the strong floral, sweet and intoxicating smell of rose create a medley that will not soon be forgotten.  Rose Essential Oil promotes balance and harmony.  The Cedar tree is also known to symbolize wisdom and abundance.  The combination of the two is enchanting and perfect in the form of one of our butcher block lotion bars. 
 -Jasmine + Vanilla= Both Jasmine and Vanilla Essential Oils have aphrodisiac qualities.  They also help you relax!  You can rub this on your hands or anywhere on your body and enjoy the relaxing and sensual fragrances of Vanilla and Jasmine.

-Orange + Vanilla= Orange and Vanilla Essential Oils combine to make a great summer scent reminiscent of creamsicles.   Enjoy your summer days with this sweet summer scented lotion bar.  You can rub this on your hands or anywhere on your body and enjoy the relaxing and fun fragrances of Orange and Vanilla.

-Ginger + Lime= It's very bold and bright. Really invigorating and will surely wake you up in the morning. Ginger helps to balance your senses and restore your mind while lime helps in aiding the final "awakeness" lol

-Rosemary + Lemon= By using rosemary essential oil, we are also adding a great immunity booster. Rosemary has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. Lemon essential oil is also known for its purification and cleansing properties.

This is just an upclose shot of the lotion bar. The fun thing about these little bars is that they are heat activated meaning that you just rub them into your hands and "feel" how much you'd need to use rather than water activate them or chop them up! lol
 All in all, I am pleased with this company and in love with their name! I was also graciously given a magnet to put on my fridge to constantly remind me that I am, in fact, a beautiful carcass! A lovely message for a girl as odd and freaky as me!

Check them out and get yourself some spooky goodies HERE!

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