Saturday, April 8, 2017

☟ Serial Killer Trading Cards ☟ // Hannabal Marie

A friend of mine from a facebook page I manage contacted me a while ago asking if I'd like to have a pack of his Serial Killer Trading Cards to have merely out of respect to my facebook page "The Cannibal Carnival". Of course I accepted simply because Serial Killers have always been my obsession, even growing up. Just that concept that a "normal" person could snap any moment really intrigued me.
So, seeing that a friend of mine went and created his own cards really interested me.
And here I am, reviewing them for the first time! hehe

They came to me nicely wrapped inside this clear plastic! The backing of these cards is just all the little caricatures of the killers, which is absolutely adorable!

Here are all the cards faced up! Not gonna comment on every photo but the photos are what people care about, right?
 Absolutely remarkable, I will say! I love the art style on these cards. They really capture the uniqueness and "familiar feeling" of these individuals. I can see these getting famous among avid card collectors or people who study Serial Killers. I really love them and I am so glad to include them into my collection of oddities and strange things! hehe

When I find where they sell them or if they have created a facebook page where you can get your hands on them, I will add it into this post but right now I don't know if they sell them directly or if this is a work in progress but I will keep you all whom are interested updated!

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