Friday, December 22, 2017

Winter So(u)lstice // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents,
I bring you gifts with another lovely makeup look.
This one is inspired by both the Winter Solstice AND the lovely story of Scrooge.
I wanted to do a Ghost of Christmas look for a long time but never got around to it until now.
Now--that I have the stuff and means to do it.

I want to also state that it took me forever to initiate a final look because I have been busy creating props for a ton of looks I'm hoping to create before Christmas is over.
This one being the first of hopefully a few! 

Anywho, I will show the process of creating my props in a post soon--for those DIY inclined, but for now just enjoy my work!
(I also want to include that this is a art-related look. Meaning, I also edited the bottom portion to look and resemble that of a floating ghost. I hope you don't mind my altering because I really needed to have my work come to life! Thank you!!)

My mom named this look for me.
She told me to call it "Winter SOULLESS" but with a little alteration, we created Winter So(u)lstice. I love my mom! 
I made those floaty candles. I wanted to have the feel of trapped agony with this look. 
Like I said, I basically smudged the bottom portion of me in Photoshop. Nothing else was touched but the Greyscale because nothing says "haunted" quite like black and white and all shades of grey! 
I love my blurry images too much. This one came out quite spooky ooky. 
Here is my face without smudges. I had this bright idea to cover my WHOLE FACE with Paper Mache paste. (Basically, flour with water!) but it was MESSSYYYYYYY and I don't think I'd do it again. But it did make a very beautiful look, I must say. 

Come dance with your past~ 
The look is so lovely--very ghost-like which is the feel I was going for! I also love love love the little candles I made!!! 

I found this old Vintage Wedding dress at our thrift shop--it had this gorgeous veil included with the purchase, so I HAD to do something with this beauty. I think it made quite the ghost headpiece with my single burnt out candle! hehee

I am so glad I took this--It was hard trying to capture some aw-inspiring shots without making a huge mess with the sticky mache. But out of all the lovely shots I got, this has to be my favorite. I love the dead look in my eyes and the slight boob shot. lol
"These are but shadows of things that have been..."

"Bear but a touch of my hand there...and you shall be upheld in more than this"

 Anywho, that is the look in all it's glory. 
My brother will be doing Mister Scrooge and a few other looks with me--so, as soon as he is finish, I will update with his look as well. 
I am so in love with my look--from the eerie feel of it down to how great my Paper Mache crafts came out. I feel so proud of this one! 

I also had my mannequin be a secondary ghost partner with me in a few shots--hope you enjoyed her presence, as well. ;)

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