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Merry Christmas 2017 + A Christmas Themed Makeup Look // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are winding down from all the festivities.
I ended up spending the day with my family and pets--I took a ton of pictures of the progession and end results.
I will update with a "gift haul" for those curious--
but for now, allow me to show you how our Christmas went down. 

Noel...There is Noel in Christmas but there is no "L" in Christmas. <3

Our little setup for Xmas~ 

My mom has an obsession with Snowmen. lmfao
Also, my Skeleton Nutcracker wanted to come out and enjoy the festivities, too.
He might be a Halloween thing but he's still a nutcracker at heart~ 

Gift wrapping and watching my girl--Annie Lennox on Television! 

Some stuff around the table tops. 

The hidden Bambi inside my mom's Christmas wreath. Hehee

My brother made "The North Pole" using some Xmas lights and our huge ass light pole.

The card door is a little blank this year--just a friend sent me a card and my mom's sister. Who cares, because one friend is better than no friend. :)

I also put up La Befana--The Italian Christmas Witch~ 

We also bought some Christmas Incense via some eBay seller online. It was a selected assortment of random holiday-like scents and they all really smelled amazing. Please excuse the mess, we lit a lot of incense. lol

The morning of Christmas we opened all the edible things--including but not limited to this set of Sausage and Cheese Stackers. 

I made some Choco Chip cookies and we also enjoyed some Chocolates. 

Just having some Coffee and Cookies. It's Christmas, why not?

My friend Samantha sent me a cute Grinch Xmas card. 
I will cherish this foreverrrrr! 

Some shameless present posts because I am proud of myself being able to supply most of these prezzies for my family this year. gal...I GOT TO TREAT MY FAMILY AND I FEEL GOOD! 

Just looking at all the hardwork and admiring the mountainside before it gets demolished Christmas Morning. lmfao
I forgot to mention that most of these pics were taken Christmas Eve. 

I also got a prezzie for my doggos! They went CRAZY for their stocking full of rawhides. 

We had an all white tree this year--with some of my mom's vintage ornaments. 
A yarn Santa and some cute little homemade pods. 
This was my personal favorite because it had little vintage deers inside. 
My mom likes this one because of the Snowman. She loves Snowmen. I don't know if I told you that already. lol
A cute little wooden Santa I found a looooong time ago. 
We purchased a bunch of these cute little white glittery deer heads at the 99 cent store. I'm in LOVE with 'em.
My mom had this guy in her ornament canister and we both don't know where it came from. It's cute, though.
I got these owls a long time ago and I plopped them on as well.
More owls because why not. lol
It's a tradition of my family to hide a plastic spider ring inside the tree. The "hider" can't play along but the rest of the family can. Last year my brother hid it and I found it, so this year I get to hide it. It's an old superstition that whomever finds the spider will have good luck for the next year. :) I didn't have any black ones, so I hid the purple one. 
The tree topper I made for this tree goes beautifully with everything.
Another vintage ornament of my mothers. 
My moms glass Nativity set. I don't believe in such stuff but it means a lot to my mom, so I put it with the tree. 
I wanted to show ya the wrapping paper. It's so beautiful AND it goes with the tree. I guess the theme of this year were white deers and silver. 

My mom wanted me to hang this cute chubby glass cherub. 
More shameless present posts, because it's Christmas only once a year--so why not? lol
Oh Hell yeaaaaah! Hickory Farms! lmfao

More. more. More. more.
 --Around 9:30 A.M. Christmas Morning--

I wanted to take a pic of the prezzies on Christmas Day. So, here's that. 
My parents put some more prezzies out that me and my brother didn't know about. The wrapping paper nearly killed me from cuteness! 

I made Coffee and Hot Water for Instant Cocoa--then it was time to give out them gifts! :)

I will keep most of the gifts I got a mystery until I decide to post an update haul for you all. But this was the first present I opened up Christmas Morning. I have been wanting one of these small little hair curlers for a long time--so, having all three in three different sizes is AMAZING! I can do so many different looks with 'em. I can't wait!! 

My pups got to open up their gifts as well. My brother's Charlie looked pretty impressed by this Christmas Rawhide. He literally took off with it in his mouth as soon as I let go of it. lol

I also got this cute T-Shirt with my gifts. My brother picked it out for me. HE KNOWS ME SO WELL!
I was gonna save this pic for the haul but I'm wayyy too excited NOT to post about it now. lmfao
I also got this HUGE Chocolate box to myself. From Dad. He said he got me my "fix" lmfao
Of course I ended up sharing some with everybody but damn did I feel pretty confident enough to tackle the whole thing on my own. I did. I did. lmfao

Just look at the beautiful sight. This is what dreams are made of. o.o 
My brother and I got this bundle of witchy trinkets and herbs/stones/ect. From a friend who is also into the craft. She sells the most amazing little grab bags ever and I like to help support her stuff whenever I can. Plus, I likes what I gets and I gets what I likes. lol

Did I happen to mention I'm a bit of a Choco-holic? Cuz...I kinda am. >.>
I didn't do it, officer--the Chocolate made me do it. lmfao
And what is tradition for myself--I like to pile the ending mess fest all over my body and play around in it. Much like kids do with Autumn Leaves...I did with ripped Christmas paper. lmfao I look good in trash~ ;D

 Now--onto the actual makeup look I did for Christmas. 
My brother designed the beautiful wig for me--he made me a Yule Log Cake!!! 
I don't know why but I wanted to be decked out in Christmasy Goodies this year--so, he made me a cake for my head and I made cookies for a necklace and a pair of earrings! lol 
I'm literally good enough to eat! ;D

The wig my brother designed me. It's all his creation and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! 
Now, onto my makeup work. I did a very Christmas inspired Green/Red look. I wanted to stick within my original Hannabal Marie clownish look but with a Christmas Twist! ;D 
With the makeup and wig--I look like a very festive (and quite delicious!) Geisha. I love it so much! 

I really loved the lashes. The longest upper bits are made from Black Cardstock and the bottoms are just a bunch of different various snips of lash on top of a whole set of thick glorious lashes. 

Just showing the detail in the wig. The white spiral "cream". The attention to minor details. Even the baby powder to resemble Powder Sugar. I LOVE IT! 

I love this wig so much! It really helped the look by far! 

Paper Mache Cookie Necklace, Paper Mache Gingerbread Men and Fork/Spoon Paper Eyebrows to go with my treats! lol
If this didn't say "Hello Christmas", I dunno what did.
I also look like some alien that fell down to earth in time to celebrate Christmas--and kinda went a bit overboard. lmfao
I love itttttt soooooo much! Yayus! 

 And that is all. 
This year, with the creations of my various makeup looks.
The collab with my brother. 
How I could supply my family with some awesome xmas gifts and just all the hard-work and effort I put into this year combined--
I am quite happy with ending the night with a smile. 

2017 started out pretty bad but it's ending very GREAT! 

I have my health, love and support from my family and friends. 
I have a future to look forward to--I'd say I am a winner in my book. 
I may have lost a lot of people. I may have been rejected and tossed aside by lovers but in the end of the day...I am still me and I have so much more life to live and love to give. 
I am proud of myself and how far I've come. 
Thanks 2017, for a wonderful lesson learned and future to look forward to! 

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