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🎃 Halloween 2018--Dirty Devil Dancing, KitKat Pumpkin & Trick-or-Treaters! 🎃 | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
I am bringing you a post full of the crazy antics 
and silly events that took place this Halloween.
We didn't really have anything planned. 
Mostly wanted to have a calm, relaxing Halloween
to make up for all the chaos and running around we have done the months prior.

So, we stayed home, gave out candy and had a blast. 
and to make matters even better--
AHS was on that night, so we had something to watch as the night came to an end.

So, enough with the chit-chat--I am just going to show you what happened.
I gave all my babies a bath the day before, so they would be ready for the big day. 

Some of my neighbors got into the Halloween spirits.
Like one of my favorite houses every year, the lady across the street from me. 

My beautiful tree shedding her summer dress. 

It's officially and entirely fall now! 

We decorated the front door with the traditional spider web. 

Give it a few days and REAL spiders will make a nest there. lol

Got some delicious grapes, they look beautiful inside my spiderweb bowl.

Also, the grapes were quite festive this year, too. 

Took out all my Halloween pins, brooches and stuff. Wore most of these to work and back. Was going to create several looks using them but never got around to it, mostly because my mind was on other things. 

Spent most of the afternoon putting out all the food and treats for the family.
Also, had to put all the trick-or-treater candies inside the proper festive bowls.

I really loved these cupcakes--they had several different kinds at the store but these were my favorite. 

Most because of the characters it had. Just look at that massive eyeball! 

And, what really sold me, was the fact most of the toys were actual rings.
So, I can actually wear them all year round~ 

Took out my vintage Halloween platters and served up the cakes. 

Setting the bowls for the trick-or-treaters. 

Good candies for good kiddies. 

Not gonna lie, I had a mouthful of candies while I took these pictures.
No shame, no shame. lol

After lunch and decorating/putting out stuff--we decided to carve the pumpkins.
My mom did hers first, as you see here. was MY turn.
My brother also helped. 

I looked up and these pair of fancy feets were looking down at me from the couch.

Good boy doing good boy things.

Those feet don't lie. Nope.

Degutted the pumpkin, now to make the face. 

My parents were putting out the gifts for my brother, as we carved.
If I didn't mention already, Halloween is the time of year we also celebrate my brother's bday.
He is actually born Nov. 17th but it's tradition to always celebrate it on Halloween. Mostly because it's his favorite holiday and he can't stand Nov. lol

The pumpkins doing their pumpkin deeds. 

Me and my brother carved the KitKat pumpkin this year. We both fell in love with the commercial and just hadda do it. 

They look pretty fancy, I like them a lot. lol

My pup waiting for the treaters.
He did have to be tied up, because he might be smol...but he likes to bite smol children, too. 
I dressed up as this weird looking devil thing.
Found the shirt and mask at a Thrift store. 


My brother dressed up as this glowing mask guy.

Kinda reminds me of swamp thing. idk why, but it just does. lol

My dad dressed up as this crazy old man. lol

He kept doing his Karate stances all night long. lol

We got the first bowl ready for those treaters. 

Looking out the door, getting ready for the first batch of kids. 
Devil up to no good. lol

We also had Wolfbone out and ready to make kids laugh.
Last year, a little girl came up and touched him...dubbing him "Wolfbone" his name is forever Wolfbone.

Pumpkins are out and lit. 

The sign my brother made while I was getting dressed.
Last year, we had soooo many people come up to the house with NO costumes.
I don't mind if you are an adult and trick-or-treating but I will not, shall not, forgive the lack of a costume!!
The whole purpose of the Trick-or-Treating thing is to be dressed if you come up to the house, no costume, shaking your pillow sack at me like I HAVE to drop the goods in betta think again, friend. 

We are drop-dead serious. Too many rude kids nowadays who demand sweets like we owe it to 'em without a damn costume on! It makes me so irate. Where is Sam and his killer lollipop when you did him. 

The front door looks enticing. I wanna ring it and say "trick or treat" too. 

It's getting dark now, here in Sunnyside California. 

Wolfbone and the pumpkins are lighting up the night. 

Candy, candy, candy. 

We also had this crying lady at the front door, going off whenever someone came up to it. Niiice.

Darkness surrounds us. lol

My bro-ski. 

Me and an orb. 

Want some candy? -hint hint nudge nudge-

You know you can't resist temptation! ;)
After all the kids stopped showing up and AHS was underway, we started on dinner.
Something my mom thought up and also, something that wouldn't be too heavy on the stomach.
Basically, pigs in blankets but mummy versions! lol

They came out beautifully. Looking all cute and delicious. 

We all took a few, with a drink and some sides consisting of chips, dips and such.
As we ate, we watched AHS. It was a beautiful time to be aliveeeeee.

Me and my brother also made a mini shrine for our deceased pets and loved ones. Just to celebrate them and appreciate them on this wonderful day. A few objects inside the coffin, some kibble for our puppies and a few of their favorite toys. 
 I want to go ahead and show you some of the awesome little things we put out this year for Halloween:
Starting with this big o' round boy. 

We also had this witch bobbing her head and moving her arms ever so delicately. 

We turned on the lights, to really get into the spirits of Halloween.

We also had this section consisting of a skull, the baby doll and a 2009 skeleton nutcracker. 

Another view of the whole cabinet. 

My pumpkin people look adorable with the whole setup! 

Here is a peek of one section of the cabinet. Some little trinkets gracing the areas. 

One of the many Halloween themed books we own. lol

We also decorated the candle shelves. 

Another owl candle shelf. Decorated with some odds and ends. 
The whole gang is ready for the candy kids. lol
My frog buddies! 

We also had this moving Medusa head bust. 
More little critters and things. 

We also had decorative soaps. lol

This is what it looked like inside the house when it started to get dark. 

Very hauntingly beautiful. 

Happy Halloween 2018

After AHS--we also played a boardgame, 
to end the night completely:
This is 13 Dead End Drive. 

We found this game at the local thrift store and have been DYING to play it. Get it? lol Dyinggg~ 

We were just playing to have fun, not really doing it under any strict rules.
It's one of those games you gotta play a few times to firmly get the grasp on. 

But let me tell ya, it was such a FUN game! I love it so much.
The idea is to kill each other off without letting people know who YOU are.
Hard to explain but fun, fun, fun! 

My brother moving his character. lol

First guy down, more to goooo~ 

Moving the characters into place, trying to kill off the framed man before the detective gets here. lol

The detective is moving up up up. 

Another man down? lol

People getting into the "kill zones" heheheee

So many deaths, so little time. lol

A few survivors made it through the night.

Detective approaching ever so closer. lmfao

...And closer...

my dog wanted to play, too. lol

I won the first round, by escaping when the detective came! 

We basically played a few rounds until we got tired of killing each other off.
It's a hard job, murdering people for the inheritance. lol

Everyone fighting for the old lady's money. Geez. 

More deaths, more saves. 

Be careful, or I'll push the statue on you. 

More deaths. lol

That damn cat looks suspicious! 


Moving characters, keeping an eye on that damn cat. lol

My brother picking up his cards. 

Cat still eyeballing me. 

More deaths and saves. 

My dog wants to kill people, tooooooo.

And my brother won the very last round.
By escaping the murder house and winning the old bitty's inheritance! Damn it. 

I also made an apple pie! My first ever home-made apple pie!! I was so proud! 

It was soooo good. I mashed the apples pretty good because the household can't stand big o' slabs of apple pieces.
Also, I used a graham cracker the whole thing tasted like a Dutch Apple Pie. <3

As the night was ending, this was the final and last image of the night.
One to end the holiday as a whole and
what better way than to end it with the good o' fashioned Jack o Lantern. 
The next morning, as we were putting some of the stuff away, we found this little LED candle inside one of the boxes we use to store our Halloween items. Apparently, he was from last year and someone forgot to turn him off. He was there, at the bottom of the box, flickering with all his might. We took him out and still have up on...flickering. This is the pic from the day after, with him dimming his way. He is one strong little LED. Thought you'd like to see this because I thought it was adorable.
And that was it.
Quite honestly, with the months prior being one huge chaotic mess after another...
this Halloween was quite a happy one.
It's just nice to end it on a positive note rather than crying over 'what ifs' or 'should haves'
It came and went...but we loved every second. 

Oh, and the next day I went onto my Instagram
and found this little comment from the Official KitKat US page.
Made my entire day, not gonna lie. We loved the commercial, so it was happy days all over. 
Now, we are done for reals. 
I will have a video up soon about this day for those video-inclined.
Just want to get the photo post done for the time being.
In the video you will see a few trick-or-treaters, my dad acting a fool and us playing the game in snippets.
So until then--Happy Halloween 2018! 

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