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👉Covetable Curiosities--Baby Doll Earrings, Vintage Charms & Circus Tchotchkes | Hannabal Marie

Look at all the little trinkets~ 

Nothing fuels my heart with more passion than vintage oddities and collectibles.
As someone who loves to thrift store hunt around for odds and ends, 
I can truly appreciate what this company has to offer.

Covetable Curiosities offers a range of amazing curios and trinkets.
One-of-a-kind and unique, each item found on their website can only be obtained once.
(unless otherwise stated) A true collectible for those who enjoy a good find. 

I really love the vintage lady on the front of my package!
I'm going to cut it out and use it for something! 

 👉What can be found at this shop? 
"Old Religious Medallions & Charms, Vintage Plastic Prizes & Dime Store Toys, Steampunk Supplies, Vintage Lockets, Vintage Risque Items, Jewelry Findings, Genuine Paper Ephemera, Stickers & Snail Mail Accouterments, Altered Art & Mixed Media Supplies, Old Warehouse Salvage, Antique European Scapular Cloth, Vintage Holy Cards, Fantastic Nonsense, Things You Never Knew You Needed."
-From Their Business Card.

With such an array of selected items, there is something for everyone!
If you happen to be an avid collector or someone who loves to craft, 
this company will be perfect for you. 

Everything was beautifully wrapped inside this clear star cellophane. Secured with beautiful vintage bug stickers!

They also have handmade items and one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, but like any good vintage oddity and collectible, you need to get it fast before someone else does. First come, first served! That is, unless they supply more than one but as far as I am concerned, 
(especially with the items I am going to be showing you today) 
all of mine were one of a kind and can not be repurchased. 

But as I was sweetly told, similar ones or the trinkets of which were used in the creation of it can be found on their website--ie, plastic baby doll pieces or a set of charms, etc.

Enough with my chit-chat, allow me to show you the items I received in my parcel.

👉Mixed Set of Religious Charms
These delicate charms are custom made with images from vintage and antique books from their private collection. They are pictured on both sides and set in a silver toned frame. Made from a type of resin and sold either separately as a 5pc set or as a mixed bundle of 5pcs. I got a mixed lot of 3 sets; I seen a few religious symbols, some momento mori images/skull images.
The fact they are from their own private collection means that you won’t find them anywhere else.
You can find this specific set, HERE

They do, however, have a ton of other charms to choose from but these have to be my absolute favorite. 

I plan to put these to great use by creating my very own, unique, charm bracelet.
I absolutely adore religious imagery and these are phenomenal. 
So dainty and delicate. I love them so much. I really want to point out that unlike most charms you can find online, these have such a quality weight to them. Not too heavy to be worn but having enough weight to prove they aren't flimsy or cheap. 
I really love how vivid the photos are inside the resin. You can see all the age that the books must have had.
I really, truly, love that so much.
I can't get over how beautiful they are alone. My favorite has got to be the Sacred Heart.
But honestly, they are all so very beautiful. 

I will keep them inside my jewelry box for safe keeping until I start my custom bracelet, which will be soon.
I also want to point out that the card that came with the charms was also very beautiful. I plan to do something with that, as well. 

👉Clear Foliage Ring
I was told that this ring was commercial but an oddity just the same.
No two will ever be alike. This one isn't listed on the website but similar ones will be up on the website soon.

They do, however, sell a lot of rings--from plastic toy rings to elegant religious images.
All can be found upon search.

I can't get over how beautiful this ring is. The foliage inside captured by time. I'm so happy. 

I love how clear and well-poured the resin is. No bubbles or anything, which is such a hard thing to achieve with these "capture" type rings. I've seen some of these resin rings online being sold for arms and legs with bubbles all trapped inside each pedal/leaf. So, it's nice to see the actual piece without a cloud of bubbles blocking it.

I wanted to make sure to capture this ring beautifully, so I took it outside to let the sun be my light. 

I love the diamond-cut look of the ring, too. Makes it elegant and gorgeous.

I love seeing the veins in the pedal sections. I wonder what type of plant this was, I'm going to pretend this is some dangerous and deadly type of plant being worn on my finger as I go to the shop. lol 

Just to show comparison, the ring to my finger. 

I love this ring so much. I can't wait to dress up as some forest nymph, wearing this ring on my finger. 

👉Baby Doll Earrings & Miniature Vintage Halloween Container
The earrings were something Covetable Curiosities was working on. So, I have the only pair.
The babies on them are 1960s Super Wee. Made out of a hard, brittle plastic but highly detailed.
There isn't any others available but they do sell the baby dolls alone. A 3pc set of the tiny babies can be found HERE and some enamel baby charms can be found HERE

As for the container, it's a miniature Halloween illustrated vintage box.
Embellished with a vintage image from a German to English dictionary, which was scanned.
The container itself is made from a hard plastic.
They do sell sticker packs of the images on the website for $14.95, which can be found HERE!

I love that the pair of earrings came inside this adorable miniature plastic container. 

I collect a lot of oddity related items but nothing will ever beat this little tiny container.
I am so proud to own a tiny box with a man stabbing another man on it. <3
It's novelties like this that make life truly worth living for. hahaa

As soon as I opened the container, these little babies popped out. 

I am so honored to own these one-of-a-kind beauties.
I want to get my ears double pierced now, just so I can always wear these with other earrings. I love them that much! 

I really really love the babies on these. I can't stress enough how much I adore baby doll items. Or basically, anything "Humanoid" on accessories--be it fetal, baby, man, creature and/or other. And I absolutely adore doll assemblage jewelry. Doll parts of every kind! So, these were perfect for someone like me. <3

👉Vintage Circus Button, Ride Tickets & Paper Eyes Gag Glasses.
The Vintage Circus Button is a very old rusty souvenir without the pin.
A beautifully antique trinket of the circus, which can be found HERE!

I was also given 5 ride tickets. Rare and beautiful, these tickets all came attached
(with the exception of 2 of them falling off!)
They do have backs to them and are still numbered, which is great to see. So, they are truly authentic. Covetable Curiosities sells 24pcs of these alongside a different set, HERE!

And lastly, The paper eyes gag glasses. Vintage from the 1950s, these glasses swivel on a hinge.
You can find a pair, HERE!

These circus themed items, alongside the baby earrings, have to be my favorite of the bunch.
I collect a lot of circus/clown related things, so this will surely go into my collection.
I plan to frame all of this with a few clown photos I own, to bring life to them.

I have to be very gentle with the tickets, because they are very delicate and will surely fall apart if I man-handled them. Which is the sole reason behind my want to frame them asap. 

In this bundle, I got these cute little paper glasses. I love the color selections!
They will go straight into my cabinet of curios. 

This button! Oh, how I adore this button!! The rust on this button prove authenticity.
It even smells old, which is a plus for me. The print is beautiful, colors slightly fading due to age.
(Which is exactly what I want to see in an old piece!)
It's heavy and it's gorgeous! 

I love the clown face so much. I want to wear this as the pin it was made for but I think I'll stick to framing it instead. 

Finding authentic ride tickets is such a hard thing, (any circus/carnival ticket in general) especially coming from someone like me who has looked. But seeing how they sell them in bundles really impresses me. Still numbered and printed on both sides. This is going to be such a great addition to my clownish collection! 

I'm going to keep them in an envelope secured inside a book on my dresser until I decide to frame them.
To make sure they don't get any more danaged, because I want them to be attached in the frame. Or at least, a few of them still attached. lol

Now, since I was given some amazing handmade items--like the ring and the earrings.
I thought I'd create a unique look wearing them together.

👉I give you--Rosaliné~
I wanted to do something to really show off the earrings and ring.
So, I played around with some makeup and created this look inspired, mostly, by the earrings. 

I love the overall size of these. Dainty but bold enough to make a statement.
I am going to be wearing these for a longgggg time. hahaa

Goodness, I can't get over how beautiful the ring is. Just look at it! 
I have so many future ideas in mind wearing and using these pieces of jewelry.
I think the baby earrings are going to be a permanent staple in my everyday attire. lol
I wanted my makeup to be as delicate and soft as the baby earrings but beautiful and bold, like my ring. 

I don't know why I called this Rosaline, I just liked the name and it fit. lol
Also, it is supposed to be Latin for "Rosa Linda" which is "Lovely Rose"
So, it makes sense. 

I used a fish-eye lens to really capture my idea.
With the backdrop and the feel of my photo, it kind of gives me old vintage carnival vibes.
I look like  Fairuza Balk here. Which is very inspiring. 
I also kept my real freckles for this look, didn't block them out like I usually always do. hahaa

And that, my friends, is all.
Everything I received from Covetable Curiosities.

I must say, I am impressed. Beyond impressed with the selection of trinkets I got.
As a crafter and an artist, having a website I can frequent to obtain such beautiful finds really sparks my own creativity. I love that everything is vintage and old, if not original works--scanned items of original works. I can't get over how beyond everything is and for such reasonable prices, considering their age and the amount of work it must go to in order to create these pieces.
I got this whole stack of business cards. Each having a beautiful image on the front, with bold text on the back.
I plan to give a few to my family and friends and toss the majority into giveaways and gifts when and if I decide to do some for my facebook pages this year. It's a thought but I can definitely use these to include into a pack. I think I'll keep a few for myself, too. To add into a junk journal or scrap book! 

Now, although most of my site is vintage, many of the things they find are old stock and are also in quantity—some things a few and others 100s. It depends. They sell quality new crafting supplies as well, if they find them intriguing and unusual.

I was told I received some one-offs but in general, they have limited quantities but multiples of most things.. Like the charms and some of the plastic toys.

I don't know for how long until they are gone but even that alone is such a nice thing.
And being someone who is constantly always trying to create something unique and personal for myself, this touches me deeply on a level that makes me quite thrilled to know that whatever you decide to buy, will be yours and only yours. Very intimate and personal. People can probably find similar items, as I have been told but only you will have what you find when you find it. Much like most vintage collectibles and oddities. No single one is ever going to be the same and that's the beauty of these priceless gems.

If you'd like to check out their shop, you can find it HERE!

AND If you shop now, using unique code "HANNABALMARIE",
you'll get 10% off your order. Good in effect for a whole month!
Great for Christmas presents and stocking stuffers for those crafters in your life!

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