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👺 Re: Monsterz of Mayhem Ceramics | Hannabal Marie 👺

Hello ladies and gents
A while back I did a review/showcase for Monsterz of Mayhem on this blog, 
highlighting and detailing some of their products. 
That post can be found HERE!

Well, a while back MoM contacted me again asking if I'd like to have some more of their work--Goblets this time. I couldn't contain the happiness, so I agreed.
This is why I am bringing them back in another post. 

I could have just received and never said anything
but I couldn't let that slide without mentioning the kindness.
So, I felt compelled to write up a little post highlighting these beautiful goblets, 
just like I did for the other ceramics they sent me previously. 

If you'd like to read a full length detailed post about what MoM stands for and who they are, I'd highly consider clicking the link above and reading up on the review I created about them already.
This is just to thank them for giving me these goblets in the best way I know how--pictures! :)

Thank you, MoM once again!
You didn't have to but I highly appreciate that you did.
Thank you so much! 

Enough with the chit-chat, allow me to show you the products:

These, as what has been said to me, are for decorative purposes only. Not for consumption.
Which is fine for me, since these will go straight into a cabinet after the showcase. 
1. Goblet Number One:
I love how much detail goes into every piece. The faces screaming agony. The color combination. It's beautiful. 

All the way around, a new story is being told. 
A view of inside the goblet.
As I said in the last post, these can easily be turned into succulent planters.
Perhaps putting them in a transportable pot, so I can easily take them out to water them. 
And of course, the signature. 

2. Goblet Number Two
I love the color choice of this goblet--purples mixing with pink tones. 

The other sides, to show the full product all around. 

Another aerial view of inside the goblet. 
Another shot of the signature. 

3. Goblet Number Three:
I don't know why but this one appears to me like laughing faces. Depending on who views it, it can also be faces in agony.
I guess the story is up to who views it. 

This side is a better example of that.
I absolutely adore when human faces (or what appears to look like human faces!) are on objects. 

Another aerial view. Of course. 

And of course, the signature. A lot of people neglect to appreciate a signature. I don't. I love seeing the artist on their work. 
4. Goblet Number Four:
This goblet is full of lovely faces and humanoid figures. 

I love the faces so so much. 

Love at that detail. Look at the life in that face! 
My eye kept going to this little guy. There is something about him!! 

5. Goblet Number Five
And lastly, my personal favorite--this Goblet's base has to be my favorite part of it completely. 

People all over it. Limbs being devoured and faces in agony. I love it so so much.
I'm think I'll call it "The Devourer" because it reminds me of Saturn devouring his children. 

This face, goodness I love this face. 

Looks like this little guy wants to escape. Poor little guy. 

I can't get over how amazing this Goblet is, even the base is worth noting. 

So many faces, so full of character. 
I really am in awe of this specific goblet. I will proudly display this one alongside the others! 

As I've said in my previous post, the artwork and overall design of each piece is so astonishing.
Like a warped dream brought to reality. These monsterz are to be adored for the wonderful creation they are and I am so proud to own them. Each piece does tell a story--truly. Some give me a sense of agony, while others just want to be noticed...and I do, oh how I do. I notice every spiral, every curl that intertwines them together, forming a new creature stuck in the ceramic. I notice every minor detail, like a silent scream calling my name.

I am so encapsulated by the artwork, I can't stress that enough.

I decided to do a little look inspired by these goblets.
I know I already did a look for MoM but I got inspired and decided to do another one.
You only live once, right? lol
I don't really know what I was going for, I just went with how I felt. 
I have an odd obsession with eyes.
Hence why both looks that I have done for MoM has been involving the eyes in some form.
I wanted to take one with the actual goblets, so I put down the bubble-wrap they came with to be my backdrop! :)
Another weird distorted one--because this is what it looks like inside my mind, at times. <3 
If ever an artist was worthy of praise, I would say Sterling Jacobs and his Monsterz of Mayhem deserve it all. The time and energy, as well as emotional intentions that go into every work, can be felt through the painted ceramic. The paint strokes tell a story much more than words ever could.

These goblets will go into a new cabinet I am installing to hold all of his work more properly. I want to display them alongside my novels on monsters and history of monsters. I think they will look marvelous in my sitting room, welcoming people to gawk and stare at the wonders they are.

If you are interested in learning more about this artist, or if you'd like to see more of the work.
You can find it below:

Facebook | Instagram | Website


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