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👄A DeCeMBeR To DiSmEmBeR (PT2) [Holidays Looks of 2018]👄 | Hannabal Marie

Our Holidays Looks!
Hello ladies and gentlefish
I am bringing you a recap of Christmas 2018--
all the looks we (Me and Ghost Lee) created for the holidays. 

It has become something like a tradition to always add to the collection from the years before--
2017 was the year that started this tradition--though we've been doing "looks" our whole life.
Mostly for Halloween and other darkly-aesthetic holidays...
but 2017 was the year we decided to do Christmas related things because, well, who said Xmas had to always be PG13? lol 

A few of my personal favorites from then was the Yule Log cookie look I did, with the help of my brother who designed and created me the unique Cake wig! But so many from 2017 that really kick-started us into this odd holiday direction. 

These were the looks from 2017!
Left to Right--The Ghost of Christmas Past, Mr. Scrooge, Female Krampus, Baby It's Cold Outside, Yule Log, Dolls Kill, Oh--Deer, Gryla 
& La Befana! 

A lot of amazing looks--some I am very proud of and will probably be proud of for years to come.
But last year--we added to this collection and created 9 more.
The collection shall continue to grow until we both are basically dead. lol
*or until we run out of ideas! lol

P E R C H T A 
Ghost Lee did his take on Perchta--A goddess of the Alpine Alps. 
I love the makeup. Especially the brows!! 
Ghost Lee, yet again, outdid himself with his look! 

M A D A M E   N O E L
I have always wanted to do a Christmas Tree inspired look.
Ever since I first saw Vintage photos of women doing up their hair to resemble that of a tree.
So, I attempted one for this year. 
I didn't include the night-time photos of it glowing but the hair had working lights. <3 

K R A M P U S 
Since last year I did a female Krampus--Ghost Lee had his time to shine! 
Leather and Spice--and everything not so nice~ 

M I S S   P E P P E R M I N T
I will probably always love this look considering this is one of the few that gained me a lot of hate.
Mostly because of the boob meat. lol I can't believe even now, in 2019, people are still sensitive about such topics.
I T ' S    J U S T   B O O B   M E A T!!!
This was inspired by the Peppermint candies and Burlesque, of course! 

Moving in on his next look--we have Human Cookies~ 
Giving me Ted Bundy, Norman Bates & Psycho Boy-Next-Door vibes! <3

W I L D    ( W O ) M A N
Since my brother did the darker version of Krampus and since I already did one myself the year prior--
I wanted to do my take of the snow region one. The wild beast of the Alps! 
Heavily inspired by Snow Krampus, Kate Bush & The Yeti! 

R I B B O N   C A N D Y
Ribbon Candy meets Ribbon Worms! That is what inspired this look for Ghost Lee! 
The bald-cap really gives that "worm" vibe! Perfect!!

T H E   G O L D E N   Y E A R S
Not quite a Christmas look but one of the few New Years looks I did.
I included it because the days weren't too far away from each other, so why not?
Also, it could pass as something for Christmas, too. 
It's supposed to be a collab with Ghost Lee about the Golden Years of the Past
And our glistening Future! He chose to do the Future, while I did my golden years~  

T H E   F U T U R E    I S   N O W 
Going along with the image above, this is Ghost Lee's Future New Years Look. 
Inspired by Robots, Technology, Anti-socialism and lack of humanity. 

That is it, for the holiday looks. 
We were doing a ton of different things all at once
but I am extremely happy that we kept to our small little tradition of creating looks--
despite our busy schedules. It warms my heart and makes me feel good about the passing year! 
I hope you liked what you've seen because I am sure much more shall be in store for 2019! 
I wonder what will be added in the next bunch of looks.
Who knows...I guess we'll know when we get there, right? 

If you'd like to see 2017's looks in better detail or are just curious--you can find that post HERE

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