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♥️Cult Fragrance x The Cannibal Carnival Presents: Christmas EVIL & Folklore Noire Perfume Oils♥️ | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
This has been in the making since last year, but I am here to finally make it official!
I am apart of a group called The Cannibal Carnival on Facebook--have been for quite some time. 
What started out as just a nice way to gather like-minded individuals into one place, has now blossomed into over 28K+ fans and counting. 

We specialize in the dark and macabre--posting hand-written facts, customized content, odd & strange finds, interesting information about all sorts of things that go bump in the night. It has been a family page, consisting of me and my brother (with the help of my mom and dad, as well.) Never did we think we'd end up where we are now, communicating with so many amazing people on a daily and getting the chance to collaborate with companies that come our way. 
Cult Fragrance and The Cannibal Carnival Presents~ 
That is why I am here announcing this amazing collaboration between us, 
The Cannibal Carnival and Cult Fragrance.
I have already went into full detail about Cult Fragrance in a separate post about some incense and items I purchased from her shop a while back, that can be viewed HERE.
But we came together to create this KILLER holiday and folklore line.

All the scents are novelty, but can also be worn as frequent as you like.
Most people nowadays just want to smell good--but good doesn't cut it for us. 
We want to smell like a story, a fairy tale or just plainly obscure.
I like scents that send me away to a different realm and allow me to break free from reality.
That is exactly what we, The Cannibal Carnival and Cult Fragrance has came up with these two scent lines. 
I couldn't be happier with our creations. They look so beautiful together!

Both were created last year, for Christmas, but unfortunate events forced us to postpone until now.
Luckily, it's still winter and the scents are so beautiful and can be still worn all year round.

I will go through each scent--highlighting the notes and explaining, 
in my best way, how they smell. At least, to me. 
Remember--every person will probably perceive the scents differently.
This is just how I smell them and what they make ME feel. 

All the stories, descriptions, note blends and artwork has been done by us, The Cannibal Carnival.
I just want to fully indulge you into the scents, to give you a bit of a better idea what they can offer someone and what to expect.
So, shall we crack the binding on these books? I think we shall~
My babies~ 
One thing to note about packaging--I have been told by Cult Fragrance that the shipments will be packaged differently from what you see here. I couldn't photograph what that would look like but I am sure it will be gorgeous!
Lore grimly retold in fragrance. 
Smell the tale!
We wanted to do something classy yet dark--so Folklore Noire was born!
Only five scents in total in this line, but each different. Unfolding a story that can only be experienced through smell.
Inspired by the old classic tales of yesterday. Family stories passed on from generation to generation. Strangely dark yet beautiful. 
The artwork for the bottles! 
Krampus~Limited Edition 2018
"Krampus still came with his evil heart black to steal us away
Stuff us in his leather sack to take us to his punishment cave
Where all the bad children forever his slaves... " - Scott A. Johnson
♥️Scent Notes: Leather, bitter dark chocolate, coal & a thorned switch. 

Krampus is a beast-like creature from Alpine folklore that punishes bad children during the Christmas season. In contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards nice ones with gifts, Krampus is said to capture naughty children in his sack and carry them away to his lair to be tortured or eaten.

♥️More Info: 5ml Amber bottle. Euro dropper. 100% Phthalate free, vegan & cruelty free.
'Krampus': Rich-dark scent of musky leather & bitterness from a black-hearted beast.
My Opinion
To me, the scent is very sexy. Sexy and sultry. If you could bottle the very definition of "sex"--I'd place all bets on Krampus being just that. The top note being the blend of leather and chocolate, then the dry-down is a woodsy smoke aftermath. As if Krampus lit a cigarette and called it a night. lol  All our scents were created "Gender Neutral" in mind, but this one leans more on a masculine level. (not that a female couldn't wear this, of course!) As is custom with Perfume Oils--body chemistry is a huge factor in how good it will smell on you. On me, it smells heavenly. On my mom, not so much. Again, if you happen to be a fan of a darker leather-like musk...I highly advise in Krampus being your pick! 
Red Riding Hood~Limited Edition 2018
"'Granny, what a big nose you have!'
'All the better to smell you with!' laughed the wolf"
♥️Scent Notes: A foreboding Forest & A Basket Full of Berried Truffles, Vanilla Extract & Lemon Creme Pie.
As Little Red returned to her Grandmother, the ingredients to make a nourishing Lemon Creme Curd with a dash of Vanilla, and a side of Raspberry Truffles awaited in her basket. For what better way to sweeten a sour aliment? But little did Red know, the ingredients to make the sweets only made her smell good enough to EAT! "A PIE!" thought the wolf, "with blood Red inside; Lemons, Vanilla Cream with Raspberry Truffles on the side!"

The Big Bad Wolf had a good meal that day...
And a nice red hood to trick his next prey.

♥️More Info: 5ml Amber bottle. Euro dropper. 100% Phthalate free, vegan & cruelty free
I want to show you exactly how the bottle labels look like all around.
Ghost Lee, my brother, is to thank for this beauty. I was the creative conceptual artist who brain-stormed ideas with him for all our lines thus far, but it was Ghost Lee who put them all together to make our reality come true. 
"Grandma, what big nails you have"~
Just showing you the size comparison--for those who don't know how big a 5ml is to the hand. 
'Red Riding Hood' : Fresh-sweet scent of an basket of goodies in a deep forest.

My Opinion:
This is one of my favorites among this specific set. One I am actually wearing as I type this. lol
I love the blend, how they compliment each other. Beautiful notes of a creamy lemon curd, light undertones of sweet dark berries and the dry-down smells like a wet forest floor lightly holding the notes together before fading out in the distance. It's delicate, light and delicious.
La Befana~Limited Edition 2018
"La Befana vien di notte
Con le scarpe tutte rotte
Col vestito alla romana
Viva, Viva La Befana!"
♥️Scent Notes: Rustic Spices, Fresh Apples, Chocolate, & Sacred Frankincense
La Befana is an old woman who delivers gifts to children throughout Italy on Epiphany Eve 
(January 5). Legend has it that La Befana was an ordinary woman with a child whom she greatly loved. However, her child died, and her resulting grief maddened her. Upon hearing news of Jesus being born, she set out to see him, delusional that he was her son. She eventually met Jesus and presented him with gifts to make him happy. The infant Jesus was delighted, and he gave Befana a gift in return; She would be the mother of every child in Italy. She leaves all good children toys and candy or fruit, while the bad children get hit with her broom and coal, onions or garlic.

♥️More Info: 5ml Amber bottle. Euro dropper. 100% Phthalate free, vegan & cruelty free.
'La Befana' : Festive gourmand scent of kitchen witchery, with a trace of holy incense.

My Opinion:
Another one of my favorites. To me, it smells like a dark powdery berry wine. Due to the frankincense, it gives it a nice "smokey" aroma. The rustic spices blend beautifully with the light, almost sweet, chocolate tones. The frankincense is like a veil, casting a shadow over all the notes--giving it a rather darker scent altogether. Sweet apples mash wonderfully together with the frankincense, so that it dulls down to a beautiful note that dances off your skin. Since La Befana is a story about a witch in Italy--she embodies this scent, in my honest opinion. We thought of a motherly figure--fruitful and compassionate with that undertone of mystery about her that can only be understood through scent. She is loving yet disciplinary. I couldn't be more proud of being able to give life to this beautiful tale of a character.
Hansel & Gretel~Limited Edition
"Let's help ourselves to a good meal," said Hansel. "I'll eat a piece of the roof, and Gretel, you eat from the window. That will be sweet!" Thereupon a shrill voice called out from the room inside, 
"Nibble, nibble, little mouse. Who’s nibbling my house?"
♥️Scent Notes: Gingerbread Walls, Frosted Windows, Lollipop Garden, & something in the Oven...
The old woman had appeared to be most friendly, but she was really an old witch who had waylaid the children, and had only built the little bread house in order to lure children in. When anyone came into her power she killed, cooked, and ate them, and held a regular feast-day for the occasion...

♥️More Info: 5ml Amber bottle. Euro dropper. 100% Phthalate free, vegan & cruelty free.
'Hansel & Gretel' : Dark gourmand scent of temptation. Sweet, dark, and irresistible.

My Opinion:
We really wanted to try to capture that very scene you see in all the storybooks. When Hansel looks over to Gretel and they both spot the old witches house in the forest. Hungry and alone, nowhere else to run to--they rush to the windows and eat at the candy-panes. THAT is exactly what this scent reminds me of. That very moment. With a chimney smoking away, gingerbread crumbling underneath their greedy fists. Candy fruit and goodies all around. It has a smokey gingerbread smell, mixing lightly into a beautifully creamy citrus scent. It truly is a story to behold--when you first put it on, you get the instant smell of smokey gingerbread. Like you JUST found the house. After a while of wearing, it dulls down to a musky citrus candy tone. The smoke lightly caressing the scent until it completely fades into nothingness. 
Yule Cat~Limited Edition 2018
"Wholly unholy beast of cotton & wool, fear the YULE CAT!"
♥️Scent Notes: New clothes, Yule Snow, Bristling Coat, & a offering of Apple Pie
Yule Cat, also known as Jólakötturinn, is a monster from Icelandic folklore, an enormous cat said to lurk about the snow during Christmas time and eat people who have not received new clothes before Christmas Eve... The Yule Cat peers in through windows to see what kids have gotten for presents. One way to appease the giant cat is to leave in the window a offering. Beware & wear before the Jólakötturinn comes!

♥️More Info: 5ml Amber bottle. Euro dropper. 100% Phthalate free, vegan & cruelty free.
'Yule Cat' : Cuddly scent as soft as a cat, & warm as pie on a winter day.

My Opinion:
Another Holiday folklore character that no one seems to know about--The Yule Cat!
We wanted to shine some light on this character by creating it in bottle form. The perfume is a very clean, fresh and musky scent. My favorite among favorites. I can't stress enough how addicting this scent is to me. The kind of scent that has you smelling it over and over again. I would dab a little on my wrist and end up sniffing it all day long. The top notes are obvious snow and fresh linen. The musky fresh linen mixes with the light and airy snow. Mellowing down to a beautiful apple pie undertone that is hidden through the ice. 
And that was Folklore Noire of 2018.
Such beauty that really captures the tales of old.
Stories to be told over and over again, on your skin~ 
I love how good they look together. Each different but all belonging in the same collection!
I am so pleased with this line! We all are, very much! 

Now onto the second line~
A dark echo of our beloved Holiday norms. A gift that keeps on killin'.
Along with the Folklore Noire, we also made a series of quirky, goofy and downright silly Christmas themed horror scents. For those inclined for some good o' fashioned dark humor. A total of 10 scents, all with their own unique stories and artwork. All designed and created by us, The Cannibal Carnival. (With the help of Cult Fragrance, of course!)
They look so good huddled together like this! 
Douglas Fir Murder~Limited Edition 2018
Maybe it's the twinkle from the lights or the glimmer in its eyes. 
Regardless, be careful of trimming the tree... It may eat you alive!
'Douglas Fir Murder': Woody & bright. The scent of a "dead" Christmas tree with working lights...
Prickling Fir Needles, Sparking Lights, and ... A Smile?

♥️More Info: 5ml Amber bottle. Euro dropper. 100% Phthalate free, vegan & cruelty free.
Again, like the labels from Folklore Noire, I want to show this beautiful label Ghost Lee did for Christmas EVIL. 

My Opinion:
Where to even begin? This one has to be among a few of the oddest scents ever. With this whole line of silly Christmas perfumes--these range much more on the "Novelty" side of the spectrum. This scent in particular smells like a dead toy Christmas tree. Like an animatronic tree busting a fuse and overheating in the living room. Smokey, clean with a musky pine smell without smelling too much like pine-sol. Undertones of a plastic melting under flames--it's so odd, it's deLIGHTful~
Frosty, The Serial Killer~Limited Edition 2018
Made from snow, Frosty came alive one day.
He got tired of standing around watching children play.
A bloody carrot nose, twisted branches... Hear him sing.
He rolls the children into his body and waits for the spring.
'Frosty, The Serial Killer' : A dark snowy & smoky composition.
Dirty mounds of Snow & a puff from a Cigar after every kill.
What's that sound in the snow? Thumpety thump thump...

♥️More Info: 5ml Amber bottle. Euro dropper. 100% Phthalate free, vegan & cruelty free.

My Opinion:
With this scent, we wanted to embody Frosty in a bottle.
Sweet Tobacco Leaves--sticky against the snow. With a hint of dirt to tie everything together.
A very cold, bitter-sweet aroma that is quite haunting to wear.
GingerDEAD Man~Limited Edition 2018
"The Baker killed a boy one day
who came back to life some say
the Baker and his wife thought it was all lies
but then The GingerDEAD ate out their eyes...
Run, run, run as fast as you can
You’ll never kill him, he's the GingerDEAD Man!"
'GingerDEAD Man' : Gourmand spicy, sweet, & dirty scent. A cookie that BITES back...
Cooked Gingerbread, Gum Drops, & a dirty Marsh of Marshmallow.

♥️More Info: 5ml Amber bottle. Euro dropper. 100% Phthalate free, vegan & cruelty free.

My Opinion:
Of course, we couldn't leave out the old tale of the Gingerbread man. 
Obvious Gingerbread scent, but unlike most I've smelled before. Dirty and slightly grungy in comparison to the sickly sweet traditional scent. With undertones of sticky sweet candies mellowing out and cutting through the Gingerbread. 
Mr. & Mrs. CLAWS!~Limited Edition 2018
"They see you when you're sleeping, 
They know when you're awake,
They know when you've been bad not good,
so RUN for goodness sake!"
'Mr. & Mrs. CLAWS!' : Dark scent, inspired by Satan ... I mean, "Santa"!
Soot, Demonic Musk, & two entities crawling in the Chimney...

♥️More Info: 5ml Amber bottle. Euro dropper. 100% Phthalate free, vegan & cruelty free.

My Opinion:
Who could possibly leave out the masterminds in charge--Mr. & Mrs. CLAWS.
"Demonic Musk" is the best way to put it. Fire and Brimstone mixing with dark herbs/spices. Undertones of black pepper. Smokey and strong, like the fires of hell.
Nutty Nutcracker~Limited Edition 2018
He stares with his teeth clenched, passed down from family member to family member--attic to attic. Brought out during the winter season just to sit and gain a new layer of dust. I wonder why those eyes are so wide, as if it saw something you haven't. They say if you stare long enough at the Nutcracker, you might go mad...
'Nutty Nutcracker' : A gourmand scent so delicious and alive, it'll make you go NUTS!
Peanut Butter Cookies, Hazelnut Coffee & Cursed Wood.

♥️More Info: 5ml Amber bottle. Euro dropper. 100% Phthalate free, vegan & cruelty free.

My Opinion:
This is a delicious blend of hazelnut coffee, an assortment of creamy cashews and cider wood.
A woodsy yet creamy blend that has a bit of mystery to it. Much like the Nutcracker itself. The cider blends beautifully with the other notes, which was quite surprising to sniff. 
Poison Sugar Cookies~Limited Edition 2018
"Dear Santa, 
My name is Jeremy and every year has been the same. 
You leave me nothing and it's really quite a shame.
To make up for that of my past
Eat up, St. Nicholas...
It should be YOUR last!"
'Poison Sugar Cookies' : Gourmand scent of Santa's favorite cookies, with a dark twist.
Homemade Sugar Cookies, with an Peculiar Smell...

♥️More Info: 5ml Amber bottle. Euro dropper. 100% Phthalate free, vegan & cruelty free.

My Opinion:
This is a dead-on cookie scent. We were going for the traditional Sugar Cookie but it's hard to replicate that in scent form. So to me, this smells much more of almond cookies. Which, in all honesty, is even better considering almond is a smell most people have compared to Arsenic. Which fits the theme of this perfume oil perfectly. A slight bitterness that has you believing the cookies are laced with something not quite nice. It's beautifully blended with all elements mixing to form into this gorgeous scent. I thought that it smelled a bit like Nutmeg, as well. Light but not over-baring. 
Red Nosed Reindeer~Limited Edition 2018
Rudolf is special as special could be. 
He didn't fit in, he wasn't quite right
the others feared him in the stables at night.
Full of rage & greed to be number one, as far the story goes...
The blood from the other reindeer shining bright red on his nose!
'Red Nose Reindeer' : Dirty, Musky, Grassy scent with an unexpected note.
Dirty Hooves, Leather Reins, & a Nose bright Red with Bloodshed.

♥️More Info: 5ml Amber bottle. Euro dropper. 100% Phthalate free, vegan & cruelty free.

My Opinion:
A grassy patchouli mixed with a definite dirt aroma. There is also a hint of cherry hidden inside this scent. Not medicinal but a bitter black cherry.
Dries down to a cherry mahogany woody scent. Quite nice. In honesty, the initial sniff, I didn't know what to think but the longer I wore it, the more I feel in love with it.
Ribbon Worm Candy~Limited Edition 2018
How thoughtful, someone left you a package at your door! 
Inside you see all so delicate ribbon candy. Those intricate interstices between each gap curls and fold--like a festively colored human spine. Such a familiar & happy sight! Upon closer inspection, you realize that the box of candy is actually a box of worms... Oh, what a fright!
'Ribbon Worm Candy' : Dirty aquatic scent, with a candy undertone.
Ribbon Candy & fresh dug Worms.

♥️More Info: 5ml Amber bottle. Euro dropper. 100% Phthalate free, vegan & cruelty free.

My Opinion:
This is one of my personal favorites, one of which I wore to work and had many people asking "what in the world is that scent?" It's airy, very aquatic and sweet. It also has undertones of a wet soil smell. Nothing over-baring but obviously there. It's the kind of scent that makes someone want to smell you and then question why afterwards. It's beautifully odd and aromatic. 

Sugar Plum SCARY!~Limited Edition 2018
Delirious nightmare land, a waterfall of blood by a chaotic stream
Each sniff will make you fall deeper into the realm of The Mouse King.
So, Fear not the Sugar Plums that dance around your head...
Be wary of the ones that crawl back from the dead!
'Sugar Plum SCARY!' : Dark & sweet, a scent that sparkles like the night.
Sugar & Spice, and everything NOT so nice!

♥️More Info: 5ml Amber bottle. Euro dropper. 100% Phthalate free, vegan & cruelty free.

My Opinion:
Another punny name, because what kind of holiday line wouldn't include the infamous Sugar Plum Fairy? Our scent is a very dark black berry perfume. First impression it smells of sweet Muscadine grapes! Dark and Juicy black fruits, over-ripe plums and pears. Intoxicating and magical.   

Toy Maker Undertaker~Limited Edition 2018
Everyone is familiar with Santa's "Naughty or Nice" List. 
But no one knows about the Toy Making Elves "No Play" List. 
This list is a manifesto of unplayed and discarded toys. Melvin, one of Santa's greatest Toy Makers, doesn't understand why children are so finicky. They should always play with their toys, like good girls and boys... If they don't, he'll make sure they do. Forever. For what better way than to be buried with them, in the 'North Pole's Cemetery'.
'Toy Maker Undertaker' : A snow-covered graveyard, cold & dirty.
North Pole's Cemetery; Snow, Dirt and a Coffin made by the Elves.

♥️More Info: 5ml Amber bottle. Euro dropper. 100% Phthalate free, vegan & cruelty free.

My Opinion:
And the last to end this series--This perfume is a very fresh powdery scent but with a dirtiness about it. Definitely reminds me of a frozen cemetery. With a slight grungy undertone.
And that, my friends, is that.
Folklore Noire & Christmas EVIL!

 I am so proud of our creations. I can't wait to see what more we will cook up with Cult Fragrance.
We all have been brainstorming like crazy with possibilities between us. We have the ideas while Cult Fragrance has the means to make them our reality. Two like-minded groups coming together to create such beautiful things. Such a great start to a glorious beginning, I'd say!

We are, as I sit here and type, in the midst of creating another few lines. Baby steps, of course but possibilities are abundant. One of which will touch on a more personal level for me and The Cannibal Carnival. That will be presented soon, but until then--I really hope you liked what you've seen thus far. If you love novelty, kitschy or just plain odd perfume oils that tell stories--then i'm sure you'll love our perfume oils!

If you'd like to check out Cult Fragrance, She has an Etsy shop that can be viewed HERE!
While you are at it, check out The Cannibal Carnival! We are pleased to EAT cha! lol

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