Saturday, February 16, 2019

🐌SLUG GIRL--Junji Ito Inspired Makeup Look 🐌 | Hannabal Marie


Hello ladies and gents
Since my "Eyeball Girl" from Junji Ito was such a huge hit with people
⬇️Junji Ito himself even retweeted it on his personal Twitter!⬇️
I thought I'd do another character from the Manga.
Quite honestly, I think I will continue doing a few more Junji Ito inspired looks until..
well..I can't think of anything else to do. lol

But anyways, I thought I'd do another personal favorite of mine--
⬇️ S L U G     G I R L ⬇️

I drew the "slug" on a plain sheet of computer paper, using a carbon pencil and a sharpie.
Made it into a "mouth piece" so I could do this specific character justice!
Just a quick sketch to get my look done! 

(I wouldn't do anything at all if I couldn't do it properly!
If I don't have the proper equipment for a look, I will put it on a backburner until I do!)
OH I also did some inspired nails. I will update about them in the next post. But they are inspired by Spiral and Glyceride.

For those who aren't familiar with Junji Ito's work,
I highly suggest you look this man up.
A great video on YouTube actually voice overs her whole story,
I love the narration and overall "feeling" of the video, I highly recommend for those curious.
If you are into the stuff I do, you'd definitely be interested in his stuff.

Slug Girl has to be one of my favorites among soooooo many more.
I think it's safe to say I will try to do all the female looks, even some male looks
but all the females most definitely.
I can't even begin to image the horror it would feel like to have NO CONTROL of your tongue. GAHH!

Alright, enough waiting--here is my SLUG GIRL 
I decided to make my images black and white--
only because the shirt I wore was white and blue. It would have clashed with this character.
But I think it looks amazing. The green slime I used really captured well in the black and white filter. 
The "Slug" tongue really looks great. I had to put some black face paint on it, just to give it a more "dirty" feel.
I also splattered some grey tones all over my face and neck/torso--to capture that "grungy" feeling. 
This was the first photo I took before I added the "sweat drops"
I wanted to see if the tongue worked with the look. It did, to some degree. 
I think I did pretty good, using the stuff I had on hand.
The wig could have been better--more "spiral bunned" or something but it is what it is. 

These look so much better, with the sketchy filter. 

Here are a few with a "sketchy" filter, to resemble the pen strokes.
Because, why not? lol
I just wanted to really capture that "Doodle" feel. 
This is probably my personal favorite. 
This one, too. Of course. 
Yep, I really like these images better with the weird effect. Just really brings it to life. 
That is all. For now. Just a little something to keep the collection I plan to create going.

I hope to see you again in the next post.
Until then, thanks for reading.

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