Sunday, October 20, 2019

👁️"Call Me On The Ouija..." Skull Ouija Board Look by Hannabal Marie👁️

Call Me On The Ouija Board, Baby~ 
Hello ladies and gents, 
Today I am posting about my latest makeup look and thrift find--
The Ouija Board Inspired "Sugar Skull" 
Or in better words:
Just some quick makeup experimentation to get me into the Halloween spirits. 

Also, this was a concept I doodled in notebooks my whole life--
I just wanted to make it an actual "art piece" by bringing it to life! 

I will admit, there is a lot I could have done better 
but the joys of makeup is being able to recreate later on, right? :)

Anywho, here she is:

Nothing too extreme with the look. Just basic liner and shadow. Yes, the font is slapped on using a stupid app but I'd be DAMNED if I tried to spell out all those words by hand, reversed and on my face. I didn't want to ruin my makeup nor did I want to just post the thing as would have defeated the purpose of a "Ouija Board" without 'em.

I don't really know what I was intending with the neck piece.
I guess Tim Burton-esque in design? I think, I think! 
The shirt looked beautiful with the makeup! <3 
The "veil" is actually my skull laced poncho~ 
Meet my new boyfriend...he has quite the funny bone~ 
I recently purchased the skeleton because I have always wanted a "life like" one to have and own in my name.
So, I saved up and got myself a man~ or woman~ Skeleton! YES! 
Pretty decent makeup look. Another one to add into my collection of looks!~

I found this long sleeve tshirt/sweater/thing while thrifting a few months prior. 
I just needed a good excuse to wear it in a photoset and this is where you come into play. lol

Apparently from searching around online--it was a Hot Topic exclusive. 
Goodness, I haven't been to one of those in such a long time. So, being able to own something again is pretty awesome. Not even going to hide it. lmfao

I'm not entirely sure the release date but from the looks of it, I'd say it was fairly old.
How old is beyond me but the history of the shirt isn't what is important.
The fact I bought it for $1.99 is the actual factor of importance here. lol
The fabric feel is a bit thin and very very stiff. Like scratchy stiff. Like I need to soak this thing in some fabric softener because wearing it beyond a photo op would irritate me beyond belief. lmfao

But I do have to hand it to Hot Topic--they sure do know how to catch my eye with their edgy cuts in the back~ lol
I'm just a simple woman--I see a Ouija Board...I BUY the Ouija Board.
I actually love love love the print of the board. On everything including clothing! 
Another shameless profile shot because I really like the back cuts~ lol

And that is all for this post. 
I really hope to knock out a few more things--makeups, crafts, doodles...ya name it. 
I hope I can do it all in time for Halloween.
It's been one crazy, hectic year and it's just going to get even more crazy and hectic!
Here's ta hoping! <3 

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