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HALLOWEEN Rite-aid & Walmart Walkthrough--VTG signs, Banjo Swingin' Bone Daddy, Cursed Baby Doll Heads & More~ (+Tiny Haul)

"Welcome Ghouls"

Hello boils and ghouls, 
another haul for another day~
I think this may be the last of the trips to most of these stores--
since I doubt there will be anything "new" added to what I've already seen. 
If anything at all, I might just snag what I see left-over within the weeks or if I ever return to these selected places for necessities. (and end up finding something I don't already own and need! lol)

 But this post is to tie up all the cool things in one bundle. 
We went to Riteaid and returned to Walmart for a few more items we couldn't get last time. 

You already know the drill, allow me to just show and tell~ 

Nightmare Before Xmas was a huge hit for Riteaid this year, 
sadly--everything cost more than my arm and leg combined. 
You guys and gals who actually made purchases of these items are one lucky ducky.
Very cute stuff. I am hoping some of this gets on clearance after the holiday, so I can snag some. lol

Photos courtesy of my mother who is now obsessed with taking snapshots of cool stuff for her Insta! <3 
Zero plushie~ 
This face greeted me first~ 
I need all these plushies~ 
I really liked the Mayor~ 
My mom put the whole gang together~
They also had Jack and Sally, of course! 
They also had these other plushies on the racks! 
They also had a ton of these statuettes, as well.
Day of the Dead, was also around! <3 
More Halloween goodness.
These little bride and groom statuettes were adorable, too.
Some masks and other stuff on the shelves. 
Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful?
"Killin' It"
If you've got it...HAUNT IT
Spiderweb Poncho that I wanted so bad but ended up not getting
because I got something else instead.
Now, I'm regretting it so bad. :'(
This little booze display~ 
I love how creative the store got with this display~ <3 
Hello, Mr. Skeleton! <3 
Behind the display, this little top hat wearing guy greeted me.

Returning to Walmart to grab a few more items, 
we came across even MORE stuff I don't think I added in the few other show and tell posts. 
Some cute vintage-esque cats and pumpkins. 
Back at Walmart, we seen these little figurines. 
Some skull candles and bottles. 
More bottles.
I really wanted this bottle, too.
Some more spooky goodies.
Look at these little guys! 
 I really wish I could have afforded these baby doll heads. I really love how they look. 
Some glittery goodness.
A face only a mother could love.
These zombie heads flashed their eyes and moaned very loud.
I love all the vintage signs they have this year--including this one.
I also liked this zombie kitty one, too.
The only mask they had and it was a bit damaged. Sadly. 
I need this sign for my nosy neighbors. 
My mom goofing off. <3 
A little little gothic wreath. 
A lonesome little pumpkin.
They also had a ton of kitchenware for Halloween, too. 

Some tableclothes and napkins.

Spiderweb dinner plates.

I couldn't pass this beauty up without snapping a shot--I love this ceramic pumpkin dish. 

Some more ceramic pumpkins.

Some of my friends--the scarecrows.

Some treats and DIY kits.

Halloween baking goodness. 

This is an aisle dedicated to Halloween candles/votive things.

More Halloween baking stuff. 

Sassy Shark..doo doo doo doooo dooooo.


Messy costume area, it wouldn't be Halloween without a messy aisle.

More costumes.

More and more costumes.

Capes. Capes. Capes.

A lonely little witch hat. 

Makeup and Latex.

Hair Sprays and Makeups.

Grease paints and stuff. 

Wounds, wounds...come get yer wounds. 

Glow in the dark makeup and Fluorescent makeup crayons.


Some Halloween Wall signs.

Random Halloween stuff.

Screaming kitty cats.

I loved these soooo much. I'm sure these were supposed to be spirit animals for the day of the dead--but they remind me so much for the dogs from Lisa Frank.

More lights for Halloweens.

I loved this little banjo swinging bone daddy.

Isn't she beautiful? I really love her. I might actually DIY something similar.
These little vintage-eqsue figures.
Some tea-light candle holders.
Another cute vintage witch sign.
Another thing I wanted  but couldn't get. lol
Mr. Boney Bats says Hello. 
I really really reaaaaally want this sign, too. Dang it.
A light-up grave breaker...or whatever that is. lmfao
I really love the clowns, all clowns. every clown. 
Another want--because he doesn't have a lower jaw. lmfao <3 
I love the face sculpt on him/her. <3 
Another witchy want~ 
Skeleton Dino Egg Guy~
He also moves and screeches. 
Coffin Treat Boxes. 
But another DIY I can definitely do for myself, I swears it. 
I really love the hands, too. SO MUCH WANT, SO LITTLE MONEYS.
Velvet Skull. 
Velvet Skull made a new friend--Glitter Pumpkin.
Someone tried to hide these white baby doll heads behind the box.
Mr. Ratsy wants a bite~ 

Some Halloween Slime. 

More Baby Heads in a different box.

Boney cats.

Tin Pumpkin Heads. 

Grave stones and markers.

Little chainy guy.

He was just there, kicking it back.

I love skeletons. DId I happen to mention my love for skeletons? because I love skeletons.

7ft long ghost.

more signs and plaques which I will DIY one day, I swears.

More stuff because I need to include everything, damn it.

Black kitty decor thingy.

checkered sign thingy. I see checkers, I need checkers.

I really. really. reaaaally wanted this sign. So so so so bad.

Look at his face. 

Some of the Halloween scented melts. 

Witchy legs. 

"Welcome ghouls" 

Random little plushies. 

Black cat coffee mug.

"Literally Dead" and "If you've got it, Haunt it" <3 

Some rubber band bracelets for 98 cents. I got some last year, they are pretty cute.

A cup resting ghost. 

The whole gang is here. lol

Some more clothing items, because it's once a year--damn it.

I like this shirt, so much.

They also had baby stuff. Like these Pup Patrol outfits.

Mummy Mickey. 

Hang in there kitty, bandit pumpkin man will save you! 

Scary cool~ 

Some mock "ugly sweaters" for Halloween. <3 

I love them both, so so much.

And some Halloween themed leggins, because why not?~ 

Nice patterens, not gonna lie.

The bottom shelf/

I also put a few clips of some of the animated items together in this mini video.

Like I mentioned, I grabbed a few items this round. 
Mostly little bits of things here and there. 
Curiosity killed the cat, ya know?
We got a few items to add to our growing collection! <3
A skeleton poncho and a door greeter that just so happens to be a clown~
I could use the door greeter for my everyday living, so I don't have to answer my front door at all. lmfao jkjk
The poncho is actually great quality for a walmart item. I really can see myself wearing this all year round. <3 
I love the printed front so so much. When you walk around, it looks like you are dancing around in your bones.
Also, the arms have bones down the sides, as well. I couldn't quite capture that but I promise I'll post myself wearing it soon for a makeup look~ <3
I am going to be putting this on our car garage doors for the kids.

They even come with skeleton hands, soooo cool.

My new baby girl got herself a doggy dress for Halloween. This will be her 1st Halloween with us.
We also grabbed a few cozy melts, too.

The details of the dress~ 


Cozy Bonefire & Incense & Evergreen.
I'll be saving the Incense/Evergreen for Xmas but the Cozy Bonfire is for NOW! <3 

We got a few Halloween themed treats to try this year--Pumpkin Delights & Caramel Apple Oatmeal Creme Pies.

Grabbed some "face powder" which will be used as eyeshadow instead.
The black is VERYYYYYY pigmented. Like HOLY HECK.

I wanted to try out the white, too. But it's not as pigmented as the black. A bit sheer in comparison but still pretty decent.

Not bad but not what I expected. I will do a full post using all of my new Halloween makeups soon.
Perhaps reviews based on all of them individually, as well. I also got a ton of makeup from last year I need to dig into.
So, yesh....we will be pretty busy for a while. lmfao 

Got some "Halloween Fashion Pins" to go with the few I got last year.
I am planning to make a DIY jean jacket using all my pins, something fitting for me.
It will look awesome. I'm hoping. *fingers crossed*

I also got this silicone tray of skull heads. Can be used for making Ice but I'll use mine for Polymer clay~ 

Pretty ice looking skulls, I have to admit.

And it wouldn't be Halloween without having these stuffed into jars around the house. They taste soooo good and really capture the feeling of Halloween, at least for me and mine~ 

In the words of Porky Pig---t-t-t-t-that is all folks. 
Thanks for reading and Happy Halloween~ 

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