Saturday, September 22, 2018

💎 The Chain And Stone Showcase & Unboxing 💎 // Hannabal Marie

All the items was sent to me for the sake of this showcase.

Hello ladies and gents
Sorry I have been absent in my posting, 
I have been running around like crazy doing all sorts of things. 
When I did find free time, something would pop up to take it's place. lol

But enough waiting, I am here to post a lovely unboxing 
and showcase of some beautiful handmade items I was given by a lovely friend behind 
The Chain And Stone! 

The Chain And Stone is a place for handmade, one of a kind, jewelry. 
She specializes in Wiccan jewelry but she can also do custom orders if you email her. 

She has been doing this for over 6 years now. Her creations are beautiful and very inspiring. 
Inspiring so much, that I had to create a full-on makeup look and outfit showcasing all her items.

She sent me a lovely little card inside the box.

I contacted her on my own request, to see if she'd like to collab/partner with me. 
And she was so kind enough to send this whole box my way. 

So, enough chit-chat...allow me to just show you the items in their full glory! 

The first thing I saw was this beautiful hand painted candle. I am obsessed with candles, so this is going straight into my witchy cabinet.
Look at all that detail! All the finishing touches! So beautiful! 
Next item, was this beautiful Polka Dotted hair-clip! I love the lace and feathers! 
Look at those details. So dainty, so lovely. 
A little sneaky peek at what I came up with makeup-wise to showcase her items! 
I also got these beautiful spider webbed earrings. 
I used to know a woman who made these little boxes. I have a soft spot for this kinda thing! 
I have a ton of brooches, I will definitely be keeping them inside this new beautiful purple box.

She also included a beautiful necklace and bracelet.
I am so in love with this spider necklace. The crystal embellishments really make this necklace. 
I got a little emotional when I seen this. A while back an ex of mine gave me a similar spider necklace. It was my everything until we parted ways. I had to get rid of it because, well..I don't like to hold onto things with bad intentions. Anyways, long story short--seeing that my old spider necklace was replaced with this beautiful one really hit me hard. I love it so much.
The necklace and earrings go together beautifully! 

This bracelet is so stunning. The beads are a very heavy quality material. Something I felt right when I picked it up. Such a beautiful bracelet.

This shade of red is so beautiful. It goes with everything in my wardrobe! 

Another shot of the necklace an d bracelet set. So gorgeous! 

I really love this hand painted candle. I will be using this quite frequently in my witchcraft. 

Here I am, holding up the beautiful candle. In all the items I received. 

I thought all of these items would look ravishing on me dressed up as Frankenstein's Bride. 
The bracelet's contrast against the all white really looks beautiful. 
Isn't the bracelet marvelous? 
And now, the outfit/makeup reveal....
As soon as I opened my package and seen the contents, I got Frankenstein's Bride vibes so hard. Especially the earrings/necklace combo.
The outfit I wore was created with various layers of white Lacey nighties. lol I thought I'd try my take at a glamorous Frankie Bride wearing these gorgeous pieces. 
I'm quite shocked at how beautiful it all looked together. Like they were specially tailored just for this specific look. 

Here is the full makeup look, without the green electrode eyes. lol
I am so in love with everything. Thanks so much, Dianna. 
If you'd like to see me unbox this wonderful package, I also created a video on just that.
Have a look, will ya?

Thank you for reading and thank you for falling in love with these glorious jewelry pieces, just as I have. I am so happy and quite pleased to own these now. I will wear them with pride and great dignity.

Thank you, Dianna.
I really hope you loved this post and loved my look I created through your work.
Thank you, yet again!
If You Are Interested In Purchasing Something From Her Shop, You Can Find Her Here:

-The Chain And Stone Website: 
-The Chain And Stone Email:
-The Chain And Stone Phone Number:
(586) 441-6067

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  1. Omg thank you this is so amazing my products look perfect on you ❤️��❤️ Blessed be Dianna owner and designer The Chain and Stone