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👻 99 Cents Halloween Haul/Walkthrough. Par Deux. 👻 (+Walmart & more!) | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
If you haven't seen my last 99 cents haul, you are missing out. lol 
But apparently, they did a massive stock-up and all the spooky stuff has finally arrived.
I thought the last time was a lot--I wasn't expecting what I expected this day.
I guess it's safe to say that Halloween time is at the 99!

Allow me to introduce--
Halloween 2018 in the 99 cent store!

Those checkered skulls were all my want! 
They had tiny little plastic medicine/tonic bottles. 

A lot of skulls and skeletons graced the aisles this year. As is custom for most Halloween seasons, but it was very "gothic" than ever before. 

A lot of severed limbs. I guess it did cost an arm and leg. Eh? eh? eh? lol

A lot of black flowers and stuff. 

The severed limbs in better detail. I actually liked the big o' squishy heart. Someone grab the Tin Man! lol

My eye instantly went to the big centipede. Apparently, it also was the attention of my mother, because she ended up grabbing one for herself. lol

A lot of crow toys. Pretty nice quality, I might add. 

I really liked the centipede. lol

The wall of bones. And clowns. <3

Black cats and boney owls. 

Spooky scary skeletons.

Red eyed cats and rats. 

"...wouldn't it be chilly with no skin on..."

Plastic rats and copper skull heads.

Better shot of the gang. 

We all agreed, the skeleton vulture was the best outta the lot.

Ghastly ghostly ladies and pumpkin heads.

They had a theme this year, I suppose "vintage" fit that description. 

Table cloths, kitchen towels and banners galore.

Skull vases. 

Door clings and things.

allow me to refer to my forbidden text, will ya?

These are adorable. They remind me of some of the stuff you'd find in vintage Halloween photographs. 

I loved these little guys. The "See no evil" trio! 

They always tend to have some sort of bust on the shelves. These were their selections this year. Death, Medusa, Mummy, Vampire and Skele-Gnomes. 

More trinkets and decorations.

Plastic gates, flags and such.

Some tall guys. 

Zombie warning marks and boney hands. 

One thing I love seeing is stores actually getting into the spirits by decorating the aisles every year. I love that our 99 cent store takes it upon themselves to do such a thing. 10 pts to Gryffindor!!! 

I wanted to capture the whole sha-bang. So, I have a few images to show ya, to truly grasp the lengths they went to in decorating! 

Another one...

The last one. lol Thanks 99 cents store! Love the effort and dedication! Truly, I do!! 

Here is some Halloween makeups and things. 

Continuing with the Vintage theme--some little statuettes. 

Really capturing the vintage theme--some tin candle votives. 

Spooky scary signs.

Light lanterns and stuff. 

Pretty witchy hats and more hats.

Makeup, accessories and bloody ties. 

They also have lovely tights for relatively cheap! 

Headbands and ears! 

I really love the orange/black garlands. 

They had a huge pile of these little cloth pumpkins. Probably used to keep sewing needles in. 

Masks and arm warmers. 

Owls and an owl with no beak! 

They had big black rabbit ears! 

Loving the old school masks!! 

Pumpkin carving stuff and sticker boxes. 

I love love love Halloween themed candies! 

A lotta dangling witch legs. 


I loved these little guys and gals. 

Dia De Los Muertos is always a must this time of year! 

They also had these adorable carnival decorated cookie pops.


They had these cute little bags where the kids (or adults, no shame!) can color them! 

I liked the little skeleton banner guy! 

Play me a tune, dudes! 

The whole gang showed up! lol

Skull heads.
Halloween gem rings and things.

My mom being goofy! haha

The next aisle was also decorated with Halloween goodness! 

They sold some amazing quality gloves here, as well. In white, tan and black! 

I found another pair of glasses. But in silver glitter. 

Gothic inspired jelly beans. 

And, they also had these cute little garden signs. I loved the "Trick or treat" one with the pumpkin! 
The haul I brought home! 
Now, I know what you're thinking--Nice showcase, Hannabal. 

 But what did you BUY?
Good question...I....
I don't just let me show you! lol

I ended up getting these cute little vintage-inspired statuettes. 

Jack O' Lantern | Black Cat | Skeleton
They are made sooo well! 

The next item I got was this huge centipede. Seen him the last time I went, couldn't stop thinking of him. 

Next--I got this ceramic skeleton hand. I wanted him specifically for my tablet. So, I can hold my technical devices in style. hahaa

Next--these two metal candle votives. 

Pumpkin | Black Cat
They also had a skeleton one, I wanted him but didn't get him. I should have gotten him, too. I will have to return soon! 

Next--This black cat globe. 
Very tiny and cute. I mostly fell for the smile, though. hahaa
Next--This heavy skeleton head. I got the "male" version last year and knew I hadda get the "female" version when I seen her. 

Next--This plastic skull portrait. 
I really loved the simplicity of this decor item. I also loved that the skull face was protruded. I actually have an idea in mind. It reminds me of those old school home decorations my mom would buy me as a kid. 
At Walmart, we got pet costumes! Every year is always the same--if I get Halloween stuff for myself, my pets gotta get something as well. Costumes are a must in this household. Human or pet alike. You MUST wear a costume on this special day! haha
Not only are the costumes beyond cute--the images on the product labels that are used to promote their products make me giggle! I love pet costumes and cheesy pet images! hahaa
If my pets don't wear 'em, I swear I will. lol
My baby girl, Lily, donning her Pumpkin hat. 

My brothers dog, Charlie, wearing his french fries. He hates costumes. He is the new baby of the household and he shall soon learn of the rules we live under. Ever year, no matter the circumstance or situation, when it's Halloween--we all must wear costumes. It's protocol. hahaa

This isn't "Halloween" but I bought these the same day at the 99 cent store. I have been passing by these babies every. single. trip and they have always stayed in the back of my mind. I went again, for the sake of this haul, and seen only 3 left. I bought all three. Two for me, one for mom. I couldn't pass them up again. They are heavy little vintage-inspired cabinets and I am going to use them to hold some of my oddities and strange finds. 

That's pretty much all I got this time around. I am very pleased with myself. hahaa

And since I got these the same day, as well. I am including the free promotional items I got from work. hahaa I didn't have to pay for them but they were, indeed, hauled home. I wouldn't normally include such mundane things as pens or office supplies but these are Halloween themed--so they are a MUST to include. lol

That is all for now.
I am sure, beyond sure, that I will have many many more of these similar posts throughout the whole month of October. haha
October is the month of spooky stuff, so I will probably be giving you guys and gals back to back posts! So stay tuned, for those who like these sorts of things.

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