Sunday, February 23, 2020

🦇FB Marketplace Halloween Bundle🦇--Vtg Gemmy, Mr. Christmas & Chrisha Creations!

Hello ladies and gents, 
I know I said I was done hauling Halloween wares 
but my heart is forever engulfed in the Ween of Hallow. 
Especially old vintage items that I can't quite pass up.
My dog when we brought in the bundle. lol
Today I have a lovely post full of wondrous little Halloween trinkets and thingies!
In this lot I have a little bit from everywhere--Gemmy (which are my favorites among favorites
when it comes to Halloween trinkets!!), Mr. Christmas (A brand I never heard before until now!) and an inflatable from Chrisha Creations! (Another brand I never knew existed until now!)

He kept staring at the witchs, looking back to me, then back to the witches. lol
The person I found while surfing through the Marketplace was an avid collector of Halloween Gadgets. He was looking to sell some of his older toys, so he could purchase newer ones. His house was a sight for my sore eyes, too. Full of animatronics and monster models! It was such a lovely trip in order to pick up my haul here. I am glad I stumbled onto his listing, even better to have grabbed everything for a steal! (I only paid $25 for everything AND he tossed in a few extra lights!!)
" nice no food!"
 So, enough with the long intro. Let us show the goods! 
Apparently she is known to be ***Rare*** but I've seen one or two floating around on eBay. 
But despite that bit of knowledge, they are going for more than $50 per doll. So, my getting her (alongside everything else) seems like a damn good deal.
First thing first--This animantronic witch had to have batteries in her to work, so we had to wait a few days before trying her out.

I love that she has a crystal ball and in truth, it was because of her that I wanted the Bundle. Her and something else I seen in this lot. lol

I love all her little details--her stitchwork on the hat, she moon and stars on the tablecloth...and her beady little green eyes.

The day we finally got her to work, she worked PERFECTLY!
Her quote was a very simple yet perfect little quote:
"Tell me, Tell me...Crystal BALL...Whose the SCARIEST of them all!! EEEHEHEHEEE HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEN"
  Mr. Christmas "Trick or Treat" 
Witch Candy Dishes.
 Another trinket from the 90s and apparently also *rare* we got these two lovely little remote controlled witches. Sadly, they can only be idle tables because the remotes didn't come with my purchase. But all in all, I am still glad to own these beauties! (And in such great shape, too!)
I could't believe I was getting TWO of these girls. It was just TWO good TWO be true! lol
I wiped everything down with Lysol wipes. But despite it all, these two ladies still had a few black smudge marks. Oh well!

The bottom still had the original factory stickers on it. Complete with stamped numbers!

Chrisha Creations Waving Witch "Animated Halloween Inflatable"
(Source: eBay)
I tried searching all over the internet but I couldn't find this inflatable anywhere. No information on this other than one single eBay listing that had the above image being sold--but it was ONLY the box for this inflatable. I don't know what year she was made or anything other than her name from the box. 
Before I plugged her in, I checked for holes.
We only had to duct tape a bit of her shoe, but other than that--she was perfectly fine!

Look at that face!! lol

The model number and factory seal!

Did I happen to mention that I LOVE witches! Because I do! Very much so!

We plugged her in and she blew up sooooooo fast! Like in a blink of a damn eye! lol

She looks so cute, standing so tall and proud!

She did have a minor issue--after a few minutes of her heating up, her hand stops waving as much. She just ends up holding her arm out for a while until we either unplug her or fix her up a bit, to reposition her.
 Frankenstein Candy Bowl Light
Another search that didn't come up with any results. His tag doesn't give a brand name, either. 
I'm on the fence between this being another Gemmy product, as many have claimed to me or Sunnydaze. (Which have similar products that resemble him a bit!) Again, no other information has been brought up. No sales anywhere. Nothing! He looks a bit older than the rest of the items in this lot. He is even chipping in some areas, paint slightly rubbed off. His bulb needed replacement, too.  
He looks so cute in his tan pantaloons!

The tiny bowl he holds is actually WAY too tiny for candy treats. He will probably hold my rings and/or jewelry.

He has a mild glow to him, when plugged in. Nothing too "in your face" but nice and calming.
 Vtg Candy Pails & Bat Lights~
I couldn't believe my eyes when he handed me a bag full of these extras! 
"No charge!" he smiled! The listing items were quite enough 
but I am so so happy to have been able to receive these, as well.
I honestly would have paid to have these, too. lol  
He tossed in these two plastic pails! I think the pink one is 90s but I could be wrong. The orange one is definitely vintage. I personally love the orange one the most!
And lastly, he gave me these two Bat themed lights. Both very beautiful and very old. (A bit on the dusty side, too! hahaa) These babies will definitely be put up all year long! lol
And to end you all on a warm and fuzzy note--my little vanity setup with the new lights~
That is all for this post. 
A ton of new trinkets to add into my Halloween collections.
I plan to keep it growing, me and my family love Halloween so much!!
This is something that WILL keep growing, to the day I die! lol

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