Tuesday, September 19, 2017

99 & Dollar Tree Haul: Halloween Goodies Galore // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlefish
Tis the season for excessive spending--at least for me.
I literally save up all my funds for this special time of spooky year.

It's important to me and mine because it's the only time of year I can purchase household items for ALL YEAR ROUND.
I am that kinda gal, people.
I sport my skeletons and bats all year.
Christmas? Santa Claus in a vampire cape.
Easter? A skull in a bunny suit.
You see, I always like to include some form of "spook" to all other holidays. lol

Anywho, this year I have found that the dollar stores are KILLING ME with all their awesome amazing and downright BADASS items.
Last year wasn't as fruitful but this year--every time I go back, I end up finding something NEW I cry about.
So, that's the reason behind all these frequent updated 99/dollar tree posts.
I buy too much in one day only to go back again the following day with another basket full.

I'm dying from all of it.
Truly dying.
So much dying.

Anywho, Let us get into this post:

I will start with these, considering they were too big for a bag themselves. I got these at the 99 cent store.
I really loved the witchy image of the old lady. It's a mirror cling, so I will be putting this on our bathroom mirror for guests.
Just look how big it is compared to my skinned hand. lol
The rest of the items came from Dollar Tree.

Here are all the little pieces I picked up.
Grabbed the last two sets of LED flicker candles. If I find more, mama will grab more. That's a given.
I also found these cute little noise makers. A witch and a ghostie. I really really loved how loud they were and the sounds they made were everything.
 Here is a tiny clip of them in action! LOVE THEM!

Next grab was this cute little shelf sitter. A witchy witch. She is so cute and she goes great with the rest of my shelf sitters I got.
See? Ain't they just too cute? :'3
This was a spur of the moment purchase. I really loved the eyes and face. I'll probably use him as a coin purse or a clutch or something.
I also bought this at the 99 cent store. I just put them inside the Dollar Tree with the rest of the items. I love how 99 cent store is keeping to the Vintage Halloween theme. With wall decorations constructed like those old vtg decorations and such. I just love it. Also, GLITTER!
And another item from the 99 Cent store. I purchased this image on a door cling a long time ago and the image nearly gave me a heartattack in the middle of the night, with no lights on and sleep in my eyes thinking someone was breaking into my house. lol idk, memories--so, I bought it. hahaa
Now, I don't remember where I picked this up at. It might have been the 99 cent store or the dollar general. Idk but it's cute and it's Halloween. Also, It's for my brother because we are going to be celebrating his Birthday on Halloween this year. *His bday is on Nov 17 but he is a Halloween junkie, like me.
Ain't the card cute, though? Awww.
And as I mention with my brothers birthday celebration--I also got some bday stuff as well. Like this huge o' birthday hats.
They reminded me of Wizard Hats. Idk they looked cool, so I got 4.
And some more bday stuff--wall decorations, balloons, tablecloth and such.
And bday favors and some crepe ribbon. Idk how I'm gonna add these bday stuff with my Halloween stuff but I'mma finda way. heehee
 Anywho, that is the lot this time.
Catch me next time--where I will post a bunch more because these stores can't quit stealing my money with new awesome stuff being put out every damn week. GAHHHHH

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