Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Thrift Store Finds: A Ton Of Halloween Stuffs, VHS Tapes & Vinyl Records // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlefish
Another thrift haul for you all.
I can't believe how fruitful I have been in this month of Sept.
It has been FULL of Halloween surprises
and it's not even October yet. lol

I originally wanted to make a post doing a photo walk-through of the thrift store but the shelves that usually stored all the Halloween items were running on empty. 

The photos I did snap where pretty much all I found that was "Halloween" related.
The following items I snagged, I actually had to dig around in areas that weren't necessarily noticeable but I found them and I got them nonetheless. lol 

It was also pretty busy in the store (I wonder why! lol) 
So, I couldn't really snap away like I wanted too. 

Oh well, here are the two images of the place. lol
I seen this little guy among the many other stuffies. I snapped the image, went to check out the Halloween shelf and when I came back to see if he was still there--he was gone. I should have snagged him when I had the chance--oh, well. I hope he is making someone really happy. :'(

This is the Halloween shelf that usually displays all the latest and greatest trinkets that come in. As you can clearly see, it's all gone. I did grab the last remaining things, though. lol
First thing I seen was this chubby little ghost container. Only 98 cents and he was MINE!
He is such a cutie and he is pretty big for the dollar amount. I loves him.
Next, I seen this little witchy pumpkin light and claimed her right up.
I need to get some bulbs that fit her but she is still in great working condition. I have a foam pumpkin kinda like this little lady, so I decided to put them together on my Halloween shelf this year.
She was only 98 cents, too. A great bargain--if I ever seen one. hehee
As I was trying to find halloween items, I came across this hat. It's a velvety black top hat and it's from Brittney's Circus Tour. My brother is obsessed with her and that specific album, so for a few bucks--I got it for him as a present for his Halloween birthday.
It's still in very nice shape. No dents or rips, nothing.
I would be lying if I didn't say I also wanted it for myself, too. lol We are gonna have to share this hat because damn, does it look great! It's a nice hat! hehee
Speaking of hats--I also got myself this cute little panda cap. It's in Halloween colors, as well. COOT!
Going back to Halloween--I found this cute little clownish Halloween-themed doll among all the other cute dolls. She's a clown and she's mine mine mine.
I love her soo sooo much. She fits my little insane lifestyle so perfectly. Not only is she a cute clownish jester...but she is sporting my favorite Holiday, as well.
She's in perfect condition and with tags! Score!!
The next thing I found was also inside the toy bin--it was this cute little pug purse. I still need to attach a strap to it but the pug is in GREAT shape.
He is sooooo cute. His little feet!!!!! GAHHHH!
I can't help myself with a mug like that. He looks like my Georgie! And...he also reminds me of the pug from MIB! I loveeeeeeee that pug from MIB! GAHHHHH!
I also got a stash of Vinyl Records and VHS tapes for hella cheappppp! The vinyls were change and the VHS tapes were 4 for a dollar.
Honestly, I don't know if I will even like a good half of these but my dad and mom seemed to really light up upon reading some of these names--so, whatever ones I don't like, I'll just give to them.
Front & back--Bobby Sherman.
Front & Back--Bonnie Tyler. (love love love her!)
Front & Back--Barry Manilow. (Really good find, my dad went crazy for this one!)
Front & Back--Brotherhood Of Man.
Front & Back--Leo Sayer "Endless Flight".
Front & Back--Paul Stookey.
 I'm actually excited for a good handful of these.
Some of them, I don't know but who knows--I might end up finding something I love.
That's the joys of finding new musics. 

I was so happy to find these VHS tapes. Two Xfiles flicks, Young Frankenstein and Star Trek Insurrection.

Young Frankenstein has got to be a personal favorite of mine. I already have this on DVD but when I seen it on VHS I snagged it up faster than you can say PUTTIN ON THE RITZ! I have history with this movie! From being a little weird child dancing to the Ritz scene with Peter Boyle's monster--to my growing up to be equally as weird and falling desperately in love with Gene Wilder. His death took a great toll on me. I loved that man and will forever love that man. Both him and Peter Boyle's death has left me empty inside. SO, this flick is a sure MUST-HAVE in my book. Also, it's great for Halloween, too. :) I recommend it!
I was pretty stoked when I found these two X-files movies. Upon checking the insides of the box--I found an old X-file card. Not only in this one, but in the other movie as well. I was soooo happy.
The artwork is so beautiful. It says "SLEEPLESS V.15 10/07/94"
As I said, the other movie also had a card insert. I really like this card the best--the artwork is everything.
Lovely art.
It says "DUANE BARRY V.16 10/14/94"
And last, the Star Trek Insurrection. Honestly, I grabbed this one for my dad--cuz he's a trekky. Also, because they didn't have anything else to pick, so I had to pick it to make it 4 for a dollar. lol but it's still a neat movie in itself. The box is also glossy and shiny. Sidenote: The VHS has sharpie written all over it. "BLOCKBUSTER 90327" hehee

That's pretty much everything this time. 
Little bits of lots and tons of Halloween stuffs.
I love all my finds and they are going to a great home that'll cherish and love them dearly. 

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