Saturday, September 9, 2017

COLLECTIVE HAUL: Vtg Halloween, Copperware, Preserved Butterflies + A Dummy // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlefish
I have been buying and collecting some more stuff here and there.
It's pretty much a hobby of mine to check out the local thrift shop 
and see what they might have inside it's walls. 
Sometimes I buy one thing, sometimes I buy in bulk...
It all depends on the day and the finds. 

I have a post here full of a few months worth of collecting and finding for you all to see. 
I don't really know why I like thrifting, some people find it repulsive..I find it therapeutic. 
I just love the history and story each piece has...
and that underlining truth that someone, somewhere, had this item in their possession at one point in their life...
and now I have it in my own household.
It pleases me, to say the least, to know that a part of them lives within me. 
idk, call it weird but that is just how I see things.

My "type" of find is pretty much anything different and strange.
The more odd, the better. 
I have a tendency to get things most people would question me about 
because I feel more drawn to that type of specific than anything off the racks of some mass marketed retail store.

This haul here has something inside of it that I have been wanting my wholeeee life.
I won't spoil the surprise, though I think it spoiled itself with the title and intro photo 
but I still will keep a secret. lol

Anywho, let us get into this now:

Here is the first of the bunch--at least, all I could fit inside a photo at once. lol

First thing is first--this upsy-daisy teapot. I have wanted one for a longggg time and searched high and low for one--never found one until now. Wait...allow me to rephrase, I never found TWO until now. Yes, two. Wait and see.
I really love the overall size of this teapot. It's cute and small. It also has "Phyllies 80" carved into the bottom of the pot.
Dainty little teapot, short and stout.
And yes, just as I said...TWO! I can't believe I found two old upsy-daisy pots.
The detailing and art on this one really reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.
Enough with pots, here is this cute copper set. Heavy duty and very well made.
There is a bit of rusting on this set but I think it gives character.
I just love this. I can't wait to rearrange my room--I am going for an old Gypsy Caravan-esque look. I think this shall help with that motif.
The next thing I found was this old vintage bug-like votive candle holder.
The smile on this bug really sold me on the purchase. Also the little clown hat and collar.
When you pop open the butt of the bug, it reveals old instructions. Still very good, in terms of preservation.
I couldn't possibly NOT light this thing. It looks soooo cool. It's gonna be great alongside the rest of my Halloween stuff.
The next thing I found was this set of vintage tea/coffee coasters.
Very delicate and lady-like.
But also very odd and disturbing....
...considering the decorations inside are actual preserved butterfly wings. I love it!!!! Mind you, the mid-sections of the bugs have been replaced with paper cut-outs but the wings are VERY MUCH real. Trust me!!!! One coaster can even be seen with dust particles from the wings itself dusted inside the glass plates.
I'm so happy I found this little set. I love it soooo much. It very much describes me to a perfect "T". Cute, delicate, dainty and very much disturbing!
And lastly, I found something I have wanted and wanted my whole life. I never thought I could find him AND AT A DAMN STEAL, MIGHT I ADD! I finally got my very own Ventriloquist Dummy! Meet Charlie McCarthy!
I can't believe how nicely preserved he is! The tag says he is a genuine Goldberger Doll. I still need to find him a hat and a monocle but other than that, he is perfection.
The back of his head is a little chipped and scratched. And the neck has "1977" carved inside the plastic.
He is such a cutie and I plan to do a ton of things with this little guyyyy!
I also did a small little photoshoot with Charlie McCarthy~ 

No reason at all for the photoshoot, just felt like making it 'official'.
He now, truly, belongs to MEEEEEE! ;'3
He shall be my sidekick in this world. The salt to my pepper. The Ying to my Yang.
You get the picture. lol
I'm so happy with my current finds.
It warms my heart to be able to add to my ever growing and ever curious collection. 

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