Monday, September 18, 2017

Love Mail: Halloween Crafting Stuffs & A Mini Crafting Haul // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlefish
A lovely friend of mine sent me a bunch of amazing Halloweeny stamps and crafting items.
She knows how much I adore this holiday season, so she just wanted to send a few goodies to get me in the holiday spirits.

I am so in love with the bunch of things I got!
I will surely put these stamps and stickers to great use!

I was so inspired that I went out and did a little craft shopping.
I really feel the holiday season coming into full circle and now I am so pumped up to get some stuff going. I plan to do a ton of things for Halloween--for the sake of keeping old traditions alive and new ones started. 

So, for those who have been around for a while and wish to know--Yes, I will be doing a lot this Halloween. From spooky crafts, to makeups and to even scary little tunes sung by yours cruelly. 

I am so inspired and so happy.
Enough with this talk, allow us into the small showcasing of both the goodies I got and the mini haul of items I bought.
Here. We. Gooooo....

I wanted to show you all this envelope. My friend decorated it to high heavens. GAHHH! :'3

These are all the fun little things inside the package. I feel so spoiled.
The stamps are amazing. I will surely be using these for labeling and artsy stuffs.
I really love the stickers. The pumpkins are beautiful and the mustaches are freakin' everything.
I plan to do some stuff. Maybe makeup related, maybe crafting related. Whoooo knowssss. lol
 And as I mentioned, I also went to the dollar tree and a few other places for crafting stuffs.
Here is the small lot I got.

Pretty much just stuff I plan to do with Paper Mache again this year. I seen an awesome water coloring trick using these cheapy markers. Idk but I feel very inspired nowww. wooot!
And that is all, for now.
Hoping I will update with the progression of my artsy projects when I start them.
I don't know when I shall commence with the paper mache but right now, I still need a few more things. 

But yeah, I am so ready for Halloween!

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