Thursday, October 26, 2017

2017 Halloween Thrift Haul: Candy Corn Clown Costume, Melting Witches & Eyeballs // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
That "Big Day" is almost here--that being Halloween, of course.
I am so shocked at how quick this holiday season (and just fall in general) has been going--I am in panic mode.
I still have to do so much, construct so much and get all my Halloweenish Goodies done.
I haven't even got to carve my pumpkin yet...GAHHHH.

I am freaking out and there is still so much more to be done before we conclude Halloween 2017!

Not that I'm going to stop thrifting for Halloweenish goodies or scary/spooky things any o' time of year--it's just not gonna have that extra spooky spark.
Ya know? I can collect witches or goblins in April or May but it's just not gonna be as magical as doing so in October! hehee

Anywho, I went thrifting on my days off and collected a few more goodies I found in the name of Halloween.
I am gonna try to squeeze as much Halloweenish stuff as I possibly can in my life before I call it quits and have to post that sad "After Halloween" Haul. lol

Anywho, here is what I found today:

This I found in the mask bin, most of the costume masks were just basic things--like scream masks and such. (I am so tired of that damn scream mask!! lol) But this one stood out to me. I love anything with eyeballs on it. hahaa
As I said, I love anything with eyeballs on it. Like the eyeball scarf. lol Me and my household decided to decorate my mannequin up for Halloween. She is a gyspy--the all seeing EYE! :3
Next things I found were these cuteeee and sooo disturbing melting witches. The sole purpose in this purchase was the smiles. She is smiling while she is melting and that, in itself, melted my heart. lol
I love them so muchhh!
I have been quite fruitful this year with witches of all kinds. I think that and black cats are the theme of my Halloween decor this year. lol
Did I happen to mention that I love them? Because I DOOOO!
I have never seen anything like these before, I'm so hap hap happy.
"Made in China" and put on my mantle.
Next item, this white mannequin hand. I loveeee mannequins and I wish to obtain a whole room full of them one day. Just all white room full to the brim of mannequins. From torsos, to parts to full bodies. But alas, we must start somewhere--that that is where this little arm comes into play.
It's made out of a thick plastic material.
I just love the blankness of this hand. It's so beautiful.
I plan to transform them arm into a witchy palmistry chart.
Nexxxxtttt, I found this little guy. He also works still. In great condition and didn't cost me much.
In the toy section *the place I tend to frequent from time to time* I found this little dolly. She is a Monster High Doll, for those unaware--Miss Catty Noir. I have been wanting her for a while and I am so glad I got herrrr!
She's a little messy and missing some accessories and stuff. But I loves her all the same.
I am so in love with this doll.
And lastly, in the costume section--I found this candy corn clown costume. 5 bucks and it was mine.
I plan to do a makeup look soon with this article of clothing. I am so inspired.
I loveeee the candy print. Gahhh!
And that's, folks, is the end.
I don't know if I will find anything else before Halloween (but I know I will after, that's for sure! ;D) but in case I don't...
this year has been very great in my endeavors. 
 From starting out thinking I wasn't going to be getting much in terms of Halloweenish items, to my almost ending the Halloween year with a ton more to add to my ever growing collection--I am so thankful. 

Heh. Thankful--that is another holiday that I shall refrain from until we get there. lol

Anywho, love ya lots and Happy Spooky Halloween~

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