Thursday, October 12, 2017

Book Review: Fliers (20 Small Posters with Big Thoughts) by Nathaniel Russell // Hannabal Marie

 Hello ladies and gents
Another book review.
This time it's for a very odd and rather astounding "book" called
Fliers: 20 Small Posters with Big Thoughts by Nathaniel Russell

This one isn't necessarily a "book" but rather a series of mini posters you can rip out and hang on your bedroom wall. 
It is exactly as the name states; Fliers.
 The fliers are designed in such a way that gets your head thinking and, at times, allows you to scratch your head in absurdity. hahaa

This book is based on the sort of fliers you'd see littering telephone poles, billboards, public spaces and/or college dorms. 
Russell's art-style is simple, rather minimal but with a sort of aesthetic that is weird, strange and random. It's like the inside thoughts of an avid stoner. lol

The concepts are very whimsical, quirky and just plain amazing. 

As someone who can genuinely appreciate the quirkiness these posters hold--I surely fell in love with every turn of the page.
From the concepts of the "Lost Dog" not really wanting to be "Found", to the mentions of parties taking place in certain areas that make you sit back and giggle.
I really loved the mention of "Myspace".
It gives you a feeling of the early 2000s or even 90s with some of these posters.
Edgy in certain aspects but all too real in others. 

A few of the posters I didn't quite understand, possibly because it's probably inside jokes between the artist and people he personally knows but that is something I truly respect about this collection.
It's like a piece of his life inside every page. 

As for the design and construction of the book, The posters themselves are on heavy cardstock.
Ideally great for framing, hanging on your walls, displaying as-is, ect. 

Even though this is a paperback book, it actually still comes in a dust jacket that unfolds into a photo of a telephone pole, that you can hang all your new fliers on. (I personally loved this concept and idea, it really sat nicely with me and my kind of humor! haha)

 So, all in all I am in love with this book.
Whether you decide to check this out of not--it's entirely up to you.
I will leave links to where you can purchase this book, if you are interested.
I just really love the look and design of it, overall.
It really is my cup of tea. 

As an artist myself, I truly appreciate the messages within.
It's one of those amazing thing-a-ma-giggies. 

If you are interested in this book, check it out HERE!

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