Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The LAST Halloween Haul Of 2017 // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
I am bringing you the very last Halloween Thrift Haul of 2017--At least, the last in the month of October.
*I will surely continue to make Halloween purchases if I ever find anything afterwards! lol*

But anywho, this shall be the very last in October--until Nov arrives and everything has to turn Turkey-like in appearance. *Cries*
Most of the items I got came from the thrift store, but I did purchase some items straight from eBay--I will start off with the thrift purchases first.

Shall we just skip straight to the showcase?
Yes, please!
First thing I found was this cute Halloween jester--I love these Sugar Loaf dolls. I have a cute bear and another clown girl, so she will be apart of my growing collection!

I really love her little split hat.
Her puffy pants~
I love the design of this specific doll. She is so lovely.

See? I got another Sugar Loaf clown doll, so she fits in perfectly.
Awwww, They like each other!
I put 'em right on my little table in the living room, with the rest of my Halloween trinkets.
Next thing I found were these two cute witchy scarecrow dolls.

One is still with tags, the other lost it. I love the little outfits they have on! So, I couldn't pass them up.
Next, I found this cute little bear. He is in a black cat costume with a little green primitive kitty stitched on his outfit. I dunno why but I've been quite fruitful with cats this year. lol

Next thing I ran into was this beautiful box. I am not too sure what it's purpose is but I smell something witchy--so I bought it.

Speaking of smells, it has a very musky incense scent to it. Maybe sandalwood or something like that. It also has residue of what seems to be candlewax dripped on it.

The box itself is so beautiful, with gems and stones all over it. It's quite heavy, as well. Very heavy, actually. As you seen, it's attached with hooks in the back for mounting purposes. I'm thinking this was meant to be some form of alter or shrine. If not, it will be now. lol The box itself is made out of a very hard wood.
The crow is so amazing, it's quite big compared to my hand.

I screamed when I seen her hidden between shelves. I have wanted this bust for a long time! I loveeeee Medusa!
She is very big, I love her so much!

I found this little hand prop! It was very cheap, so why not?! lol
I am in love with the details in the actual hand. All those wrinkles and dents. <3
In the jewelry section, I found these cute Halloweeny pins!
I LOVEEEEE LOVEEEE LOVEEEE PINS! I'm quite obsessed with 'em, actually. I own a ton and pin them to scarves and sweaters and such! GAHHH!
 Now, here are the items I got from eBay: 

I found these turkey feathers on eBay for mere cents and I bought them. I like feathers, but these have a wild story that made me finalize the purchase. I'm a sucker for a good story, what can I say? lol

Apparently the person selling these has some Turkey...they roam freely in her backyard. Apparently, they went nuts and left feathers all over her grass. She collected them and wanted to sell them. I bought them and here we are. lol I dunno, I liked the idea that the turkey's went crazy and left feathers for the owner to pick up. AND it made me giggle that the owner decided to sell them instead of disposing of them. lmfao

I love feathers, I really do.
Next bird related purchase is this birds nest. The seller put a fake bird with my purchase, which is a cute little touch. This was another found item in their yard they wanted to sell. I actually have been wanting to own a real birds nest but they are hardddd to find around my area of living. I have seen some nests online go for a pretty damn penny--so, I thought why the hell not? it was fairly cheap and reasonable, so it was a damn steal!
This little package is a surprise I got for my brother for his Halloween Bday Bash. A woman hand-makes a ton of Pinata's and she was making surprise Halloween themed ones that she packs full of candy and toys and stuff. I told her about my brother's bday and how he loves Halloween...so, she packed accordingly. She said that it will have a ton of good things, no cheapies. From candies to toys...to even candles. It's a surprise, so I haven't even opened it yet. So, even I don't even know what's inside. I will update with my Halloween festivities soon, so be prepared to find out with me then. lol
Next little cheap purchase was this cute noise-making flying witch. It was a randomly selected witch for really cheap and my brother is in LOVE with creepy, old, ugly looking witches. So, why not?

I'm very happy with the one I was sent. She is soooo cute and my brother is obsessed with her.
She cackles and giggles, when you touch her sides.

She is soooo cute.
And lastly, I made a purchase to something I usually get around special occasions, holidays, birthdays, things like that. It's these very cool witchy grab bags. The seller is a dear friend of mine and she sells these very nicely constructed grab bags that she randomly selects and sends to people. I try to always buy something from her when I can and Samhain was an occasion I wanted to get some--just to see what kind of stuffs I would receive.
So, let's check it out:

I am very very very happy with my picks!
First I got a ton of candles, 4 whites and 2 reds. One smells like apples, the other smells like pumpkin spice. I also got this cute little tiny broom for my alter.
I am going to be using this in my Halloween spread this year.
I also got a ton of stones and a very beautiful *and deeply needed* crystal clear ball.

These stones are so gorgeous! I got so many of them! I have been wanting a Clear Crystal Quarts Point!

Atacamite, Rose Quarts, Tiger Eye and Phantom Quartz!

The Crystal Ball and some Honey/Vanilla Wax.
I also got some jewelry!

A Leopard Skin Necklace, Leather Pentacle Bracelet and an Alabaster Point Necklace!  
 And that is all for the ending of this Halloween Haul.
I'm not saying I won't continue to make Halloweenish purchases...oh no, no...That goes without saying because my life is based around everything Halloween. lol
But what I mean is that this shall be the last haul that is Halloween related in 2017...for the month of October!
Thank you for joining me on my endeavors and thrifting journey throughout this month of October!
 We shall see what tomorrow will bring, who knows...after all, all the good stuff starts to get marked down AFTER Halloween is over, right? lol

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