Thursday, October 12, 2017

Hollar Haul: Halloween Stuff, Perverted Alien Doll & Party Supplies // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
Today I bring you a haul from a random app I found while app searching on my phone.
I stumbled onto this app called Hollar and apparently, it's stuff that is never over 5 dollars. 
(Or something like that!)
You can get some amazing stuff for very cheap, so I decided I wanted to give this app a try for the sake of this odd review. hahaa

I went ahead and put in my order for my first box--just to test it out and surprisingly it all shipped to me as claimed. 
So, since it was so cheap and so awesome 
(and because I found some amazing stuff I wanted to get the first time around) 
I went ahead and ordered a second box. 
Both boxes shipped very fast, so I am able to review them both for you today.

So, this haul is basically two boxes worth of Hollar stuff.
I will break it down according to what box came first.
So, shall we then?
All my stuff shipped to me in this HUGE hollar box.

Complete with air bubble wrap with their name all over it.

Inside was just a few items because, as I said, I was just testing this site out. Just trying to see if they would ship me the goods--which they did. Thanks, Hollar. lol
The first thing I selected was this Halloween Mariachi hat. I already bought a blue trimmed one but I wanted red. So, yeah.
What I like about this one is that it actually has a strap for your head--unlike the one I bought from the 99 cent store.
I got this for my dad, just because.
He really loves this movie, so why not? lol
I also got my dad this figure.
Look at all the figures you can get. I wish they had Mr. Miyagi. They only had Larusso.

And lastly, I got these two cup holders for my coffee cups.
That was the first box I got, just to see if this app was legit.
It seems like it was, so I bought a second box.
This time, I stocked up on a lot of goodies. 

The second box looked identical to the first one but this one had Care Bear tape all over it.

Also, before you open it--it has this little saying on it. I never noticed it before until now. hahaa

Like I said, I got a lot of goodies as soon as I found out it was legit.

The first thing I snagged was this little Obnoxious Alien named Oliver. He has 11 very naughty sayings like "It's probing time" and "I'm coming to your anus". I LOVE HIM!
Next I got these 4 teacup decorations. We are going to be doing an Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea-Party theme for Halloween this year. So, I thought I should take advantage of this opportunity for cheap AIW stuffs.
To go along with the Alice theme, I got this Heart card holder. I dunno what I'mma put in it but I thought it looked cute.
Most of everything I purchased was around 1 dollar...this, on the other hand, was 5! I needed to get this for my mom, because she loves Gnomes.
When it arrived, I gave it to my mom right away. She literally tore it open! lol
The next thing I found was this cute little magnetic frog paper clip holder.
I dunno, I like the look of this. It reminds me of Frog's Breath from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Another Alice themed thing for our Halloween Tea-Party. Can't have a party without paper plates--THEMED paper plates! hehee
And lastly, I snagged some of these stick-on arrow stickers. I want to do one of those Alice in Wonderland "Here, There, Everywhere" signs I see all over Wonderland. I dunno, ya gotta wait and see what I make of these items.

 And that is all.
I want to just say I am so happy I found this little app.
I know most of this stuff could be found at the dollar store but I like that there is an app that caters to most of the stuff I usually buy from a dollar store.
So in case I don't want to get up and go to the dollar store, I can use this app.
I highly recommend and approve.

Check them out HERE!

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