Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A December To Dismember (Various Makeup/Character Looks!) // Hannabal Marie & Ghost Lee

Hello ladies and gents
This December me and my brother--Ghost Lee, came together and knocked out various makeup looks for the holiday season.
This shall become an artsy tradition from this year forward to always come together to create looks for holidays like this.
At least, the holidays that inspire us! ;D 

It was a whole lotta fun and it made me question why we haven't done this so much sooner.

But no matter--we are doing it now and that is all that counts.
Better now than never, right? lol

Anyways, we took to some old traditions that many people have forgotten or probably don't really see a lot in this time of the year.
So, here are the looks we came up with for the year of 2017! 

(Inspired by Winter & The Ghost Of Christmas Past!)

 Mr. Scrooge & The Ghost of Christmas Past by Ghost Lee
 (His take on the legendary man himself!)

 Lady Krampus by Hannabal Marie
(My take on the Christmas Beast--The Anti-Santa! hehe)

Santa Baby, Slip Me A Sable by Ghost Lee
(A creation from the cross between a Christmas song and the lovely Eartha Kitt!)

(A creation based on various Christmas Treats! My brother, Detra Domain, designed the wig to look like a  traditional Yule Log Cake. The accessories and makeup were done by me!)

 Baby Doll by Ghost Lee
(A random inspired look of a Toy Dolly for Christmas!)

(An inspired makeup look based on a holiday wreath my mother crafted!)

Grýla by Ghost Lee
(An inspired piece from an ancient story about a Christmas giantess from the mountains of Iceland.
She would scare away the bad children!)

(My take on a lovely Christmas Witch from Italy.
She is basically Italy's Santa Claus!
On Jan 5th, she goes around giving presents; food, toys, sweets to the good children and coal, garlic and onions to the bad. Other tales have also said she punishes the bad children by hitting them
! idk if that last bit is true but I love her all the same!)

That is all, thus far.
We will continue this tradition for the years to come--busting out awesome holidays looks to post together as one huge post like this.
We are already thinking up new ideas and concepts for next year as well as going through the calendar finding holidays that could be used as a collab like this instead of waiting for Christmas. lol
But yes, I will make sure we continue this tradition and I can't wait to see what new characters/looks we come up with!
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed your stay!

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