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My 2017 Christmas Gifts // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
 A few of my friends wanted to see what I got for Christmas and well, I must oblige.
Also, it gives me a reason to brag and show off my stuffs--so, a win-win situation here! lol

But seriously, this year I didn't get too much.
Mostly stocking stuffers and a few things I've been wanting for as long as I can remember!

I also got some money from family and friends, so I have been thrift shopping for some more thifted finds for my blog here--so, be on the lookout for new odd posts!
I absolutely adore all my thrifted odd finds, so I am very happy I can be able to supply you all with my treasure trove of oddities~ 

Anywho, Christmas was so much fun.

I spent most of December on various gift hunts for my family.
So, the majority of the presents you've seen, from my Christmas posts prior, were for them.
Hence why I don't have much to post today and didn't really feel a need to post until now--considering the presents were for their eyes and no one else--unless they wished me to post, which none felt a need for me to do. lol Kinda private little things and much needed equipment, stuff that they tore into as soon as handed it to them. lmfao

But alas, it's not about the presents.
It's about the memories--and this is why I like to post as much as I possibly can on this blog.
So I can look back and smile when I'm older.
Or be envious of how I am now and yearn for these years back again, whichever comes first. lmfaoooo

Enough with this idle chit-chat--BRING US THE GIFTS, MINION!
(At this point into the post, my small little minion self slumps over to the gifts and hands them to myself to showcase! ahhaa)

lol I always stop a while to stare at this huge Ferrero Rocher at the supermarket--so, my dad took it upon himself to go ahead and purchase one for me. 

It's almost bigger than my faceeee! I'm in lub! 

Just to compare it to the size of my hand! It's pretty damn huge! lol

Despite it being absolutely beautiful when you break into it--I was a tad bit sadden by the fact it was actually hollow. The price point was pretty damn expensive considering you only get a shell of Hazelnut/Chocolate and a few Ferrero Rocher balls inside. I would highly advise just purchasing someone a huge sleeve of 'em for the same price, of one of those large boxes full of 'em. lol But I still love it all the same. lol

My brother got me these beautiful pointy shoes! I am in LOVE! 

They came with an old receipt--apparently, these are from the year '97! 
This was something me and my brother got together, it will be used as a whole with the whole family but I still wanted to include it. As I am sure everyone has seen my frequent posts including a few grab bags from a witchy friend of mine--I always love to purchase these little baggies from her. They are always filled with amazing stuff...from stones to herbs. All kinds of fun stuff you can include in your witchy cabinet of magiks. <3 
Since it was Yule--She included this cute little laminated page. I will be framing mine and putting it next to my witchy stuffs. 
These were the stones/gems I received this time. 
Huge pieces, might I add. I am so in love with these stones! 

This one has got to be my personal favorite--The OCO Geode. Common but so very beautiful.
You can't have some grab bags without a few candles--so here are all the candle stuffs I got. I am quite rightly obsessed with lighting candles, so these will be put to great use. 
Here are the last bits of stuff we received--a broom, some herbs and a crystal ball.
The mini broom and blue Crystal Ball. I am in love with these two pieces. I have a small collection of Crystal Balls right now and I needed a pretty blue one to go with the bunch.
Here are all the herbs we received--Lotus Leaf, Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, Motherwort & Cat's Claw Bark.
Now, onto other stuff: I got these two things. Some nail care items and my brother tossed inside my stocking this Slime Kit he found at the 99 cent store.
I love Lisa Frank and my family knows I will collect anything associated with her. lol

All the Lisa Frank goodies! 
I got some clothes, too. Aside from the kitty Christmas shirt I posted about on my social medias--I also got these kitty socks and some basic black ones for the new year. I needed some new socks!!!
I love these kitty socks so much! 

My mom got me this perfume bottle. It came inside a set, so she got the girly pretty scent and she gave me the sensual/spicy one. I like the darker scents and she loves the more airy ones. But aside it being a inspired Nicki Minaj scent, I LOVE THE BOTTLE. If you take off the little lacy blouse it comes with--it reminds me so much of a Mannequin torso and I instantly fell in love with it.

This is that slime kit I told you about above--me and my brother made some but it failed big time. Sad to announce that the 99 cent store slime does not work. Sorry. :"( I was hoping it would work, so I could post about it and maybe inspired some friends of mine to go check out the dollar store for their slimy needs but no, it doesn't. Shame. 

Here are all the little things I got inside my stocking--some girly things and candy. Oh, how there was a ton of candy. lol

Face mask, eyelashes, so much awesome stuff. If you didn't know, I am OBSESSED with facial masks. I love love love them.

My brother got me this eye lens case for my new pair of white contacts. I purchased a new set a while ago, so I needed a nice little contraption like this to put them in. It was perfect! 

It came with everything you see here. 

I also got some contact lens rewetting drops. Much needed, greatly appreciated. 

LED Eyelashes--they blink and twinkle. So great! I will surely be using these for a photoshoot, soon! 

That mask I told ya about. Mom said she found these at the 99 cent store. You get 2 masks in one pack. SUCH A GREAT DEAL!

My mom also rolled up a new calendar for me inside my stocking. It has pups in it. January has Pugs. I almost cried. :') 

I got some more Liquid Black Eyeliner. My pride and joy. I always need this shit, so it was greatlyyyy appreciated beyond belief. lol

Hair stuff because nothing pisses me off more than having your hair fall into your face when you try to apply makeups. 


And my mom got me this flashing Christmas light necklace. I love it so much! 

Here are a few more items my brother got me. 
He got me a Hannibal mask because I'm Hannabal Marie. Heh. Heh. Heh. Also, I needed one. Soooo....YAY! 
He also got me the whole set of Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark! Reprints but these have the actual pictures inside of 'em. I LOVE THEM! 
I flipped when I seen this because I've been wanting this since the dawn of my existence. lol He got me the whole manga of Uzumaki. That creepy and demented Spiral obsessed horror story! I HAVE LOVED IT SINCE FOREVER AND NOW I HAVE IT! 
Just look at the art! It's so horribly GORE-gous! 
I am in LOVE with anything spiral...almost as much as I love my stripes!! But Spirals have been my obsession since...idk, since I became obsessed. lol But ya, this whole manga is really messed up and demented...but I love it. So so so much. Their obsession with "the spiral" is quite understandable because I feel the same way. hahahaa
And my brother got me some tunes. He always makes sure to include a record or two! hehee


Insert is so cute and beautiful. Look at little Audrey II! 
So cuteeeeeee~ 


I've wanted this record for a long time and I always failed to find it. I don't know how he found it or how much he paid to get it but THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GETTING IT FOR ME, BRO! <3 

I love it so much!!!!!! GAHHHH! 

And that is all.
I still have my money that was given to me--so, I will be Thrift Store Hunting around and trying to find awesome stuff to spend that Christmas money on but until then I hope you enjoyed yourself.

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