Tuesday, January 2, 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
we are now in 2018--I can't believe how fast this new year came. 

2017 was such a rocky year for me and mine--full of hardships and so much drama.
I don't want to get into detail but let me just say that I am bittersweet about 2017.
Despite the negatives, I ended the year on such a high note that would make Mariah Carey jealous. lol

We watched the countdown with Steve Harvey--why they chose him after that Miss America stunt? I'll never know! lol

I don't know why but before Christmas, I was dealing with depression and so many negative things.
I didn't even feel inspired to do much for Halloween and it is my personal favorite holiday.
I kind of blame the various dentist trips and my getting sick late in October for the ruining of my Halloween spirit but even so--
I just didn't feel too good until after Thanksgiving. 

My brothers hands here, we Saged the house before the new year--to cleanse any impurities and bad vibes.

That was when all the fun stuff started to happen and I ended the year with a TON of makeup looks and photoshoots.
Aside from the awesome makeup inspiration that befell me that Christmas, I also made some great friendships and erased all the bad depression and stuff that happened during the beginning of that year. I guess it's safe to say that 2018 started on such a great note that I am actually very excited about this new year. I can just feel something positive about it--something great. 
Like this year will be MY year!

3...2...1....HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Anywho, I did a quick makeup look on New Years Eve.
Wore it until the countdown and took a ton of photos until I ended up passing out from staying up too late. lmfao

My dog was sound asleep, despite the fireworks/gunshots and crazed screaming! lol
He did, however, peek out at me for a quick New Year mooch! lol
 So, here is my photos from that night/morning:

Decided to mess around with my makeup, and ended up making this mess--to which I went from there! hahaa

We all ate 12 grapes, to ring in the new year and popped a little bubbly....well, Sparkling Cider cuz that's how I roll! ;D

Here's to another lovely year full of crazy antics and tons more makeup stuff! 

I decided to dress up a little. Nothing planned, so I just grabbed what I seen and tossed it on me. lmfao
The hair idea was supposed to be the "ball drop" hence the yellow ball on my head. lmfao

Feeling myself in this look! lol 

Just messing around during the time waiting for the Ball Drop.

Shiny stuff makes me happy. lmfao

-blows- lol

Guess what time it is? ALMOST TIME TO COUNTDOWN! 

I wanted to make a makeup look where the numbers (9-0) were all etched into my foundation/contour. I basically cut out the numbers and put my white paint all over them, so that when I lifted them off--I'd have the number "cut" into my skin. lmfao It looked really cool. 


Ball dropping on these haters. lmfao

I also busted out the top hat--because why not? lmfao

As is tradition, people are supposed to kiss someone to ring in the new year--I didn't have anyone handy, so I grabbed the next best thing. My dummy doll. hahaaa

we make quite a team, huh? lol

I had a little party alone in my room--with confetti and sparkling cider. All sorts of fun stuff. 


Yep. Getting drunk on the apple cide, yo~ 

The perks of wearing falsies--stuff gets stuck to 'em all the damn time! YES! 


That is all.
I hope you all had a great year and are starting this new one with a ton of smiles.
I know I will be taking advantage of this inspiration for future art projects and things of that nature.
Here's to hoping I don't stop with this inspiration anytime soon!

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