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⭐Ravyn Grove Elemental--Beautifully Hand-Poured Hoodoo Voodoo Candles⭐ | Hannabal Marie

This big o' box was waiting for me on my front porch. 

To some people, a candle is merely a candle. A object of light when no light is around. 
A wishing rod on someone's birthday 
or even a dainty little trinket you put on your vanity to "spruce up a room"
Now, the aesthetic of candles have always been an attraction to me but I can't stress how important they are to someone in the craft. 

They are the connecting pillars to our deities or vessels of magic. 
When a candle is present, so is our god/goddess (or none at all, or perhaps yourself! 
Everyone is different and everyone believes differently.) 
But to me, I can feel a powerful force or rather, a powerful "connection" whenever I light a candle. 
It makes me feel as if I am on a higher plateau than I already am. 

By lighting a candle, we are harnessing the power of fire to bring about a change. Fire, for those unaware, is an element of transformation. Fire can help or fire can take away. It can melt wax, turn organic matter into ash. Softens hard metals. It can boil water, heat substances and even warm you on a bone chilling night. It can be warmth or it can be chaos. Solely depends on you and what you bend the fire into. 
Everything was secured and double wrapped with bubble wrap. As you can plainly see, everything was packaged quite nicely! The box even had bubble mailers and those air shipping pillows. :) 

I'm not going to sit here and pull out the history books but candles have been around (or rather, the idea of fire being powerful has been around) for a very long time. In the prehistoric days, it was looked at and even feared as something "divine" and/or "god-like." There is a long and dark history about candles that truly shines light on the occult. 

But I am no teacher, nor do I wish to become one. lol
candles are, in short, a powerful tool used for powerful reasons. 
But trying to find a reasonable candle that can be used to please you and your alter space has always been an issue with me. 
And I tend to be very picky about candles I choose--only ever connecting with ones that speak out to me. 
Much like the ones I am about to show you from Ravyn Grove Elemental. 

"Ravyn Grove Elemental is the culmination of years of study and of traditions passed down through our familial and extended family lineages. Our candles are hand poured in a sacred space, prayed over, and blessed. We serve the Spiritual Community through our Bone and Tarot Reading services, Reiki sessions, and handmade Hoodoo, Voodoo, Conjure, Wiccan, and Pagan candles."
-Taken from their website

I even recieved this friendly card from the shop! Such great customer service.
I should also include: They were kind, professional and very caring about what I wanted. As soon as they got my order, they went straight to pouring. Everything is made to order and that is such a lovely thing. 

These fixed candles are all hand-poured with care. 
Each one targeting a specific need, desire, want, wish, etc. 
They have a ton on their etsy that are used for so many different reasons, all of which are equally beautiful in design and grace.

 Ravyn Grove Elemental sent everything to me in a box, completely secure and packaged nicely.
Nothing shipped to me broken or damaged, which impressed me beyond belief.
Especially after seeing some of these beauties up close and personal.
The details were all there, only one or two had a few little dents and scratches but coming from someone like me who owns quite a few candles to her name, this was pleasantly shocking to have seen. 

 Every candle came wrapped beautifully inside this apple green tissue.
With a beautiful sticker covering the front, with the candle name nicely visible. 
I absolutely adore packaging when it comes to companies taking that initial detail in their work.
Seeing this just makes my heart melt, because it proves a company's belief and pride in themselves. 

Aside from the green tissue, each candle was secured with bubble wrap.
Which helped heaps, because everything was in pristine condition. 

Just showing off the beautiful packaging stickers! 

-Sidenote: I will make a follow-up post in regards to my first initial burn of some of these candles soon. See if my manifestation and power works with these. 

One thing people need to understand before embarking into candle magic--it truly depends on your level of belief and it also depends on your own patience. Everyone wants a "quick fix" to things and will get into this magic thinking it's a cure-all/be-all but will get upset when they don't see instant "results". If you only go into this magic thinking you'll get a quick result and if you want it NOW NOW will NOT work. It isn't the candle that is at fault, it is your attitude towards THINKING the candle was going to do everything for you. 

The card itself needs to be shown. I am in LOVE with the dragonfly card.
Thank you so much, Ravyn Grove Elemental. 

Your belief needs to be strong, your patience needs to be unwavering. 
It is a tool that is supposed to help your magic. It's all a part of the craft.

But if magic isn't what keeps your interest, they can also easily be used for show, as well.
I will, quite honestly, be burning a few but most will be used in displaying and curio. 

But enough of the idle chat, allow me to show you my beautiful hoodoo voodoo candles:
⭐Money Drawing Pyramid⭐ 
"Tap into the wisdom of the Ancients and use this candle to help gain money, wealth, and happiness."
We all could use a little success in money/wealth, so this candle is perfect. 
I could really use the energy this candle gives off. 
Not just for myself, but for those around me. We all could use a little help in that department. 

Made from: Paraffin Soy Wax Blend
Size: 3 inches (H) x 3 inches (L) x 3 inches (W)
Color: Green with Gold Glitter Dust. 
Scent: Unscented
The Candle Can Be Found HERE
This was right out of the tissue paper. Look at that glitter dust on top! I love the attention to detail! 
This will be one I will burn soon, I will document the process to see if a change can be felt or seen.
But as for a candle, It's the perfect size. It fits into my palm nicely and can easily be left on an altar or sacred place of meditation. 

I can't wait to get this baby burning. Aside from the magical properties which will be great if successfully done on my end, I want to see how long it lasts and how well it burns. I'm very curious. 
⭐Skeleton Family Candle⭐
The skeleton family, to me, represents a happy loving family.
Since they all seem to be sitting close to each other, holding and being united.
I have a great connection with my family but this candle will be used to keep us more together.
That will be my manifestation. So mote it be~ 

Made from: paraffin soy wax blend
Size5" (Ht) x 8" (W)
Color: Red/Black
Scent: Unscented
The Candle Can Be Found HERE
I was actually given the Money Drawing Pyramid and This Skeleton Family as extras alongside this main order. I am so honored to have been given such beautiful extras such as these. I was eyeballing this one in particular because I loved the look of the family huddled together. It was so adorable and quite frankly, family means the world to me and this represents just that. 

Look at the details in the rib cages and faces! 

I am so amazed with how well they came out. How quick they were to create this whole order and ship it out to me all in one perfect piece. I am just completely and entirely blown away! 

Sadly, the little elbow on this child skeleton was chipped. Nothing too bad, of course but enough to point out.
I'm quite alright with it, though. Truly. I love that it has a little character! <3 

Such a lovely family of skeletons! :)

⭐Black Coffin Casket with Graveyard Dirt⭐
I have always loved everything and anything associated with death and the mention of death.
This candle will go straight into my curio cabinet. I loved that the candle comes poured with real Graveyard Dirt that Ravyn Grove Elemental had collected themselves. 
An oddity in it's own right and I love it dearly. 
*Please note: When they pour this candle, should you prefer the candle not to contain Graveyard Dirt, please contact them prior to purchase so they can pour the candle without it.

Made fromParaffin Soy Wax Blend/Graveyard Dirt (Optional)
Size: 6.25 inches (W) x 2.5 inches (Ht)
Color: Black
Scent: Unscented but it does have a "dirt" smell. Earthy in comparison.
The candle can be found HERE!
This has to be my personal favorite. The fact it was created with actual Graveyard Dirt inside is what truly bought me. 
I collect a lot of Memento Mori items and Funerary objects, so this is going straight into my collection.
You can see the bits of dirt on the top of the candle. It's quite beautiful. 

Look at the details on the sides of the candle. It's the perfect size, too. Not too big but not too small. 

I also love the fact it is a double wick burn candle. It is so elegant and very deathly gorgeous. 

Devil Head
"Used to remove any afflictions that may be bedeviling you."
Quite honestly, having a little more protection wouldn't hurt. 
I have been going through some difficulties and to not get into too much detail, 
I can sense negative vibes directed my way. This will help break those negative barriers and remove them from my existence. But the devil head can also help to rid even personal afflictions--anything that might be causing you suffering and pain. For me, it would be stress and worry. Mild depression and that dreadful block that is blocking all the good things from happening to me.

Made fromSoy Paraffin Wax Blend
Size: 5.5 inches
Color: Red/Black
Scent: Unscented
The candle can be found HERE!
I seen this beauty on their facebook page and knew I had to get this one.
I love the mold on this candle, the face is very vintage devil. The type of devil I usually like to collect.
The pointy facial features, long nose, long chin. Very charming. 

I can't get over how beautiful the mold is. The horns all came untouched, as well. All a huge plus. 

But as I mentioned, this can be used for many different reasons--self inflicted afflictions, sufferings of any kind, negativity, blockage, all sorts of things that would need banishing. 

I also really love the size on this Devil Head candle. It's big enough to put into a bookcase or prop up on a shelf.
I have the perfect spot for him, alongside some Biblical objects and tarot decks. 

⭐Egyptian Pharaoh⭐
I would think this candle would attract strength or power.
Could be great to burn alongside the Money Drawing Pyramid to enhance the spellwork.
But this candle, for me, will be going to my moher for Christmas. 
She collects Egyptian items and loves everything associated with that ancient time. 

Made fromSoy Paraffin Wax Blend
Size:  5.25 inches (Ht) x 5 inches (W)
Color: Green (Open to change)
Scent: It smells very masculine. Much like Egyptian Musk or Warm Amber. 
I'm not entirely sure the scent but it's very exotic and fits the name completely.  
**It can be poured unscented, if you'd like. Just let them know before they do. 
The candle can be found HERE!
Beautiful candle for such a great price, too.
Truth being told, every single candle is reasonably priced. 

The scent, as I stated, is very masculine. Exactly what I'd exact a Pharaoh to smell like. 
My mother used to own a bust that looked just like this a long time ago.
She no longer has it but she always talks about it.
So, seeing this candle really brought me back to those moments.
I know she will love this candle because it's the next best thing. 
The candles all have a very nice weight to them. The pour is even and perfect, as well.
No chips, no dents or irregular spots--it is all one solid piece of candle. 

Egyptian Queen
I am assuming this one would bring the feminine side of the spectrum
that the Pharaoh's version would.
Prosperity, Nurturing Royalty, Fertility, Mother's Grace.
Everything that would benefit my mother, so I decided to get the Queen to go alongside the King.
To sit on two different sides of her cabinet, to ensure she gets the full experience of both. 
And if not, she can have another wonderful candle to her Egyptian collection. 

Made fromSoy Paraffin Wax Blend
Size7.5 inches (Ht) x 2.5 inches (W)
Color: Green (Open to change) 
Scent: She is scented with a very feminine scent. It's different from the King but somehow in the same category. I am not entirely sure the scent but it's feminine. 
**It can be poured unscented, if you'd like. Just let them know before they do. 
The candle can be found HERE!
Much like the Pharaoh candle, I plan to gift these to my mother for Christmas.
What she decides to do with them will be up to her, but I am sure she will display them in her room.
I really love the face mold on this candle. Very feminine and absolutely remarkable.
The details in this candle is what made me want to obtain it.
I especially love the long nose and cat-like eyes. 
Unlike most of the candles I have gotten, she has some detailing along the back of her.
I love love love her silhouette. 

I know my mother is going to love her set of Egyptian candles.
I can't wait to get her reaction when she sees them.
I will most definitely do a follow up on her when Christmas rolls around.
I will get her "review" of them around that time, too. Just because it seems fair to ask. 
⭐Venus Of Willendorf⭐
I love the Venus of Willendorf. This candle truly captures her essence.
She is a goddess from 30,000 years ago, first discovered tiny stone statuette of what a woman was perceived as--found with red ochre which commonly symbolizes the miraculous power of menstruation and birth.
So, I can see this being a symbol of fertility and womanhood. Burnt to help a pregnancy or to better get acquainted with your female spirit, perhaps. I just love the Venus of Willendorf and will keep her on a witchy display to show just that. 

Made fromSoy Paraffin Wax Blend
Size6.5 inches (Ht)
Color: Purple
Scent: This is a very floral scent. Feminine and fragrant. 
I am in LOVE with the scent of this one.
The candle can be found HERE
I have been in love with this beautiful lady ever since I first got into the occult. Just the look of her body, the way it doesn't fit with the shallow minds of this modern generation. She is real, she is raw and she is beautiful. 
To me, she symbolizes true femininity. She is untouched by cruel judgement and misrepresentations.
I love that about her so much. 

The mold on her is absolutely perfect! It truly grasps my image of the Venus of Willendorf.
The quality of the wax is just as perfect, too. 

The backside. She also has a front and back. Most do but not as detailed as the Queen candle and her. 

I had to get a side profile as well. I love the look of her. 

Of course I had to take her outside to get some snaps.
During the photoshoot, it was heavily raining and I was caught in it. lol
I was much too stubborn to quit, so I didn't. I just used the rain as fuel and got these last two shots. 

This photo has to be my favorite. It's elegant and it's earthy. She looks beautiful alongside my foliage. 

And that is all for you today in this post.
A whole lot of candles that are divine, blessed, prayed over and poured with intentions that really make this house a home.
I am so proud to include them into my craft, to bring them into my home and have them as decorations on my alter.
Not only am I pleased, I am sure it pleases the divines just as well.

If you'd like to check out their shop, you can find it HERE!
Ravyn Grove Elemental has a Facebook, it can be found HERE!

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