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🍭SWEET TREATS--Project Pinup Jewelry & Accessories Mystery Gift Box Subscription🍭 | Hannabal Marie

All the goodies I got in this months Mystery Box! 

Hello ladies and gents
A while ago, I received my Mystery Gift Box from
I really love when people put little things on my packages--
this little sticker, though such a tiny little thing, really brightened up my whole day! 

I was sent this box courtesy of Project Pinup, just to play around with and showcase for you.
I plan to do a unique look when I get the time, but for now--I am merely showing you the goodies I got. 

Unfortunately this subscription box is no longer available.
Project Pinup had to stop doing them, but I will still show you what I got--to give you an idea of what you can find on their website.

I will still review as if the box is still around, letting you know the prices and what each product is claimed under each category. Things of this nature.
So, here we go:

The little added ice cream cone with the theme's name along the side is such a cute touch! 

An excerpt from their website states:
"Why not treat yourself or somebody you love to a handpicked mystery gift box? This black little mystery box contains specially selected jewelry and accessories for every rockabilly, pinup and retro-minded girl!

Box will include a variety of the following:

  • Necklace
  • Pair of Earrings or Ring
  • Bracelet or Brooch
  • Button or Patch
  • Hair Clip
  • + A Special Surprise!
Each box is worth over $60 in merchandise for only $25 plus FREE shipping. Every box is different, but you can see an example of what a box may contain based on the months theme.
Gift wrapped and ready to give to a special someone or to keep all to yourself! Always new items and you’ll never receive the same item twice!
Photos shown are just an example of the kind of things you may receive. Colors and styles vary. We will try our best to pick the perfect items for every order!"
This is a screenshot of their website where the Mystery Boxes were being sold. 

So, you can possibly tell that this box was designed for someone like me.
Someone who adores the alternative side of life but also fancies to dress like a pinup dolly from hell. lmfao Coming from me, who likes to change my fashion almost on a daily, this is right up my alley.
Being able to have some unique jewelry sent straight to my front door monthly, themed accordingly and ever-changing (no two items will ever be the same!) it really saves me from having to live a boring and stale lifestyle. 

 I was, upon first encounter, expecting to have maybe a few little dinky items inside a small box. Like most Subscription Mystery Boxes tend to do. But the items kept being pulled out from the box left and right, which was absolutely amazing for the dollar amount. 
The goodies were abundant!! 

Enough with the chit-chat, allow me to show you my goodies:
This months theme was "Sweet Treats" which I am assuming is because of Christmas.
It makes complete sense and the overall packaging of my Black Mystery Box was adorable beyond belief.
Just like ever girl needs that special little black dress--we, too, could use a little black box! ;)
First impression from opening my box is seen here.
You get the Sweet Treats December 2018 Box Contents (Including how much everything cost individually!), A card that states to share your box opening with them on Instagram using their unique hashtag and a business card.
All nicely placed on top of vivid baby blue tissue paper!  

After pulling away the blue tissue, this what what it looks like from my viewpoint.
So many trinkets and accessories!! 
Randomly picking what I felt first, without looking, I grabbed these two items--
Sugar Addict Vinyl Sticker (Extra Surprise!) & Macaroons Embroidered Iron-On Patch! (Retails: $8-$10)

This is really tugging on my old school scene day strings--where it was all about cutesy glitter items and sugar pop mentions with a twist of the dark. This Sugar Addict Sticker would have easily been slapped on my book binders or notebooks.
Luckily for me, I know exactly where to put this baby--I am in the midst of creating a scrapbook using all of my old stickers and notes/doodles I have in my junk drawer. This will be added to all of that! 

I absolutely adore iron-on patches. I have a few from High School I never used that I want to add to a personal vest. This will surely be put with the rest of them! 

Not going to lie, when I first seen this patch--I thought these were colorful coffee beans. Since the package was on it's side, that was what I thought they were upon first impression. I think that speaks volumes to the person I am--the coffee addled person who needs her java! lol
The next items I grabbed out of the box were these two beauties!
Limited Edition Hair Bow (Retails: $8) and an Acrylic Heart Keychain! (Retails: $8)

I am so in love with everything in this box. It really feeds my kawaii girly girl side of me.
Everything is so sickly cute that really speaks to me on such a high level. hahaa
Like this cute cookie hair bow. It's so adorable! 

I can't wait to wear this in my hair! I plan to do a look using everything inside this box together.
I didn't have any time to actually commence to the actual creation of said look, due to the holidays and my over-working schedule. But I promise, I am going to put all of this to great use! 

I wanted to show you the details of the little heart-shaped cookie!
That texture is so great that I almost want to rip it off and eat it! hahaa

The other item I got was this plastic white laced heart.
It's pretty thick, which is nice to see in a key-chain.
I actually want to DIY this into something Gothic and GORE-gous.
Perhaps doll heads? Mannequin Limbs? A ton of eyeballs? Who knowssss! lol

I don't know about the rest of the world but I still use key-chains on my keys, bags & backpacks.
I have a huge pile of them which I like to either use all at once or within the same color theme/concept of a certain look. 

The next bunch of items I grabbed were the following:
Acrylic Heart brooch (Retails: $14), Cupcake button (Retails: $1)  & Donut Adjustable Ring (Retails: $12).

The ring says "Sweet Tooth" under the Donuts.
Very cutesy and Kawaii. Something I would have worn until it literally fell apart. lol

The ring can be worn as is or adjusted to fit just about any finger size! 

A better image of the words, for those unable to see it in the previous photo. lol
This is the cutest little button I have ever seen!
Just like the patches, I also like to collect pins, brooches and buttons.
Again, the reason is because I wear a lot of scarves and like the look of adorning them with brooches/pins...
but also, because I plan to create that vest soon and need buttons/pins/etc to grace the collar along with my patches! lol So, this is going to go straight into that construction! 
I really love the design of the artwork!
Another fun fact--in High School, my art teacher used to call me "Cupcake" because it was the exact opposite of who I was as a person, fashion-wise. I used to always wear all black, fishnets, ripped stockings and heavy makeups. He gave me that nickname because he was like that. lmfao After that day, I kinda started including some form of cutesy element into my dark attire. lol

The next item--this cute little acrylic heart brooch. 
I don't know why but I get Powerpuff Girl vibes from this brooch.
Which is absolutely amazing, considering I was raised on just such a girly show. lol 

Here is a snap of the backs. Just to show the type of adhering material used.
Very standard pin backs that are nice secured in place! 
And the last bunch of stuff I grabbed from inside my black mystery box--
A Lollipop Cameo Necklace (Retails: $20), A Pair of Crystal Stud Earrings (Retails: $16), and a beaded bracelet. (Retails: $9).

I really really really love these cute crystal earrings!!
The rhinestones and crystals are so bright and glistening.
I can do soooo many looks using these--
a modern take on Marilyn Monroe, a desperate housewife, a pinup dolly. So manyyyyy manyyyyy looks! 

I have a lot of dangling crystal earrings, big chunky ones that glisten in the same way.
I plan to get my ears pierced a few more times and then I'll be able to wear these studs alongside my bigger dangling ones. Then I'd be opulent and fierce!

I have to admit, when I seen the quote with the lollipops on it--I cried with joy!
This is such a clever and beautifully designed necklace. 

I love that the chain is long! It makes for perfect layering with other necklaces and chokers!
I am definitely going to be doing a look or two wearing this cutey! I get instant Jeffree Star vibes, back in the Lollipop Luxury days! lol Honestly, I can see Jeffree Star wearing everything from this entire box all at once!! 

And the last item in the box--this crystal beaded bracelet.
I love to layer my bracelets according to colors, so this is going into my stash of pinks/blacks. 

I love how big the bow is on this bracelet.
It's going to stand out quite nicely with the other big statement pieces I own! 
And that, my friends, is everything inside the Sweet Treats themed box!

When you calculate everything that was given, the sum comes out to be around $96!
That is more than what the box was being sold for, which is amazing!

I am sad to state, yet again, that this box is no longer available but all of the same items (or similar ones!) can be found on their website.
Be it the case, I am still extremely happy to own a box before they took them down!

Like I already stated, but I want to say one more time--
I will do a look using everything together as soon as I have the free-time.
Until then, thanks for reading~

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