Monday, December 31, 2018

👉Thrift Store Find: 'Two Hats' Haunted Doll | Hannabal Marie

My little haunted doll, 'Two Hats' wants to wish you all a very happy new year! 
He's quite ecstatic about it, actually. 
He kept falling out of his cabinet onto my floor, trying to get my attention. 
He's my little cutie-pie~

 I got him a while ago, from a lady who claimed he holds a spirit inside of him.
But she also told me, she found him at a thrift store and did some work on him. 
She said that the spirit is of a quirky young man who like to chaos innocent mischief. 
Not to harm, but to get a laugh out of you because he doesn't like people being upset or sad. 

 She also claimed that, upon her purchasing him at the thrift store, he was found with both of those hats on him, too. So, they weren't put together by her or anything. 
They were found, which is such a neat little thing to know. 

I have been with him for a while and I have noticed a slight change in the atmosphere around me.
Nothing too extreme, like moving chairs or flying dishes but enough to know that this little doll does have something inside of it. Enough that tells me the lady wasn't lying about him.
There will be times when he is missing from his usual spot or he has moved position.
I also have heard laughing in my house, when no one was even home.
Also, a "hello" when I called out to someone. Which was heard in the room the doll was in.

He is very much a clown and likes to play around with people.
Like hiding things around the house or, in my case, the laughter. 

 I honestly don't feel anything negative about him, but even if he was "bad"--
I wouldn't fear him. Why should I?
Truth being told, I feel bad about ghosts. People want to retract in fear, like they are monsters but that isn't the case at all. They were people, just like us, at one point in this life. 
Most of the time, they just want attention and to know that they're not being forgotten.
It scares me to know that one day we will all cease to exist, so I'd only hope someone will come along and talk to the human I am, was, will always be.

He is my new friend. New little buddy.
I'm so happy to have him and I am sure he is happy to have me, too.
Happy New Year everyone!

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