Sunday, December 23, 2018

🎃 Autumn Leaves--The end of our 2018 Halloween Pumpkin 🎃 | Hannabal Marie

My beautiful Pumpkin. 

Hello ladies and gents
This was our Halloween pumpkin of 2018.

He is dying, slowly but surely. 
Squishy and soft in certain parts. 
Some of the bulbous nubs are falling off and crumbling. 
His stem is coming off and he is starting to smell.
Before he leaves, I wanted to memorialize him.

He really brought our little Halloween house happiness. 

Autumn is over now. 
Winter's kiss is just a breath away.

Goodbye my dear friend, it was a pleasure to have had you for as long as you lived. 
You served your purpose and now you must rot.

I remember when I first picked you out. Me and my mom thought you looked so beautiful.
So different. So unlike the other pumpkins in the bin. I know many will laugh at me or think I'm crazy but you really brought me happiness. So much and I am forever thankful.

Thank you for the beautiful memories. 
Thank you for being the decoration that graced our Halloween home.

May you now decay in my garden and give subsistence to the spring flowers! <3

The same day, this beautiful little leaf fell on my head on the way back home. I kept it, as I shall keep your memory. 


Goodbye Halloween 2018! 

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