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🎠Curious Revival--Eclectic Vintage Assemblage Doll Art (+ A Human Porcelain Doll Look)🎠 | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlemen, 
As an avid collector of the strange and unusual oddity--finding items that both speak to me on a "odd" level, as well as being beautifully designed enough to wear and own is something I have always felt lacked in my world. Usually, I'd take to thrift stores to find strange items or stumble upon a gold mine surfing on eBay--but never, in a million years, have I ever found an artist who works with two things I am quite passionate about--antique doll parts AND vintage items. 

Now, I have seen doll assemblage art done before
but never in such a jaw-dropping way that gives you a bit of pride to own.

First impression upon receiving my package! The green paper tissue gave it such a nice touch! 

Curious Revival combines both vintage and doll into unique, one-of-a-kind wearable jewelry or home decor for the morbid at heart, like myself. 

Quirky in contrast, with names such as "Oh, You Beautiful Doll" with a porcelain doll face smiling up at you from a vintage bracelet or "Be a deer and go fork yourself” with a cute ceramic ballerina bear dancing gracefully on top of an old vintage bottle, holding a silver fork. 

The names that Absinthe Angi (The creator of Curious Revival) comes up with are such punny knee-slappers that just makes owning these items all the more sweeter! 
The logo is truly fitting of someone like me~ 

True to the name, these items are indeed just that--curiouser and curiouser. 
It warms the heart of this vintage loving, antique admiring, oddity collector to extremes.

If you have a soft spot for things such as this or if you need a great conversation starter--

I'd highly advise checking out this shop and placing a purchase.
I have a few items to show you, along with a look I designed to thank the creator for creating such gorgeous items for me.
I will get straight into my showcase and stop my blabbing.

In short, I really admire Curious Revival and it's just safe to say--
you have to see it, to believe it...
I want to point out that Curious Revival also sold a piece to Bill Mosley from "House of 1000 Corpses" and "Devil's Rejects." That is so cool, such an awesome factoid to know! 

One thing I must stress before I go any further--every item is different. Every one unique with their own cute little story. No two will ever be alike. The ones I am going to be showing you today are just a peek into Curious Revival's mind and what you can expect to see in similarity on the website. 

I am not too sure on customization or if a similar item can be requested for recreation, but that is what the "contact" feature is used for on their website. 

What I love about these one-of-a-kind items is that only you will ever own what you have. 
It's very personal, which is attracting in it's own right. 
1. "Elsa"
"You know my motto, always leave them wanting more!"
Inspired by one of my personal favorite characters from AHS "Freakshow."
I love that you can light up a room with this gorgeous doll head glassware. The stripes are my weakness!! 

Every item comes nicely labeled by name, which is such a lovely touch. 

I love the colors so much. I collect a lot of circus memorabilia and trinkets, so this is going to go perfectly with all of that. 

Here are some shots of it from different angles, just so you can get a better look at her.
Her beautiful face and her accessories. 
The backside and the opposite side. 

Just showing how the eyes still open and close. 
I absolutely love the "aged" look on the stripes. 

And of course, I took a photo and a mini video of the glassware lit up.
I was also given a free LED tealight, so I could use it right out of the box! 

2. "Mirror, Mirror"
"Mirror, Mirror on the wall...May we tell no more lies about who we are."
I have been wanting a hand mirror since forever. Seeing this beauty was an emotional moment for me. I don't JUST have a lovely new mirror, but one that is one-of-a-kind and so entirely like me.
I also love that the name is inspired by the mirror scene from Snow White.
I brought out my "Sweet Marie" to help hold up my new Mirror, Mirror. 

The tag was nicely tied with a black ribbon string. 

The baby doll head doesn't have any eyes--which, to me, is very symbolic. I love it so much. 

I love the overall design of the mirror. So beautiful and elegant. 

I love the age around the rim of the mirror. The rust and tarnish of the silver-toned frame. The mirror itself as a few dents in it, which melts my heart. I love old vintage mirrors so so much. 

This is the detailing along the handle. 

I can't quite make out what the wording says but it still has the company stamp on it. 

The detailing on the backside of the mirror. 

I love the necklace around the neck of the baby doll. 

The necklace pendant is gorgeous, as well. Sparkly and glistening. 

And here is the detailing around the rim of the frame. Absolutely gorgeous! 
The last two items came inside this cute little white and red stripped baggie. 

Two gorgeous jewelry pieces--a bracelet and a necklace. 
 3. "Oh, You Beautiful Doll" 
I am so very proud to own and wear this gorgeous work of art. 
The name and look of this bracelet is something I would wear on a continued basis. 
I am so happy to state that this just might become my signature staple. 
The bracelet seems to be made from a heavy brass material. It has no closure, which makes this bracelet more of a cuff. 
The tag for this beautiful baby. 

I wanted to snap a photo of the underside of the bracelet. To show detail. 

I love the expression of the face. 

I love this so much and I can't wait to do all sorts of outfit looks wearing this gem. 
Here is a comparison to my dainty little hands. Very lovely! 
 4. "Alexis" 
"I will celebrate this life of mine with or without you. 
The moon does not need the sun to tell her she is already whole."
Not only is the color choice absolutely gorgeous, but the quote selected really resonates within me. 
Being a Leo, it really gives me a sense of pride to own such a beautiful item. 
The face is so innocent, but the color is strong--both working together to form such a beautiful work of art.  
The tag for this cute little necklace. I really love the tags for each of her creations. I love the fact Curious Revival brings every piece of life with their own unique stories and quotes. 
The long beaded string allows me to be able to wear this with other elements of jewelry. 
Such a cutie~ 
I love the flower pendant on her head. Colorful and bright, like my own personality. 
The wooden beads are beautiful, as well. 
This is the back of the necklace, to show the overall look of it. 
It closes with a standard clasp. The clasp is strong and actually closes securely. 
I love this necklace, so much. Vintage in design and elegant at heart. I can see myself doing all sorts of looks using this, too. 
I am just so blown away by these beautiful trinkets. 
As I already mentioned, I did a look inspired by Curious Revival and her creations. 
I have always wanted to do my take on an actual broken porcelain doll for such a long time now, so this was the perfect opportunity to do just that.

I was pretty happy with how it turned out, that I feel compelled to do a few more.
I might actually do a doll for each item, since these trinkets are named a specific name--I could try to bring them all to life or recreate a look inspired by each specifically.

But until then, here is my porcelain dolly~

I wanted to model the new items as if I was another one of her creations. I really love how my doll turned out. I used some vintage elements inside the look. A knitted table-runner that once belonged to my great great grandmother, some vintage green gloves and a vintage white dress. All thrifted. 

I used to be nicknamed "Doll Face" when I went to school,
due to the fact I used to draw on my eyebrows like a porcelain doll. 
Together, we are porcelain! 
Reflecting on doll things. lol
Broken but not damaged. 
She lights up my life. <3 
Size comparison to my head. lol
Looking into the mirror....WHO IS THE FAIREST ONE OF ALL? 
And that is it. 
Thank you for reading and taking your time to indulge me.

Everything is just so precious to me and will proudly be displayed with pride. 

As I already mentioned, everything is one-of-a-kind...
so what you find on the website NOW, won't last forever. First come, first serve--I am sure.
Not only are they beautiful, they are also reasonably priced.

If you love oddities or things that go bump in the night--I highly suggest you take a peek over at Curious Revival.
You can find Curious Revival by following the links below:

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  1. You literally get me and my vision of Curious Revival! What an amazing layout and tribute to my pieces. Thank you so, so much you fabulous doll!