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🖤Andromeda's Curse--Perfume Oils For The Darkly Inclined. [Death, High Priestess & Never Seen By Waking Eyes]🖤

Hello ladies and gents, 

A while back I purchased a mystery box that had a small sample of "Death" from Andromeda's Curse in the assortment of goods. I instantly fell in love with the scent, upon first initial sniff. 
So much so, that I went out and purchased a full bottle of it to wear and own. 

For those who aren't aware: Andromeda's Curse makes perfume oils for the darkly inclined. 
With scents titled Death and Bat Orchid--it was like finding a home away from home within a perfume shop.
Today I will be showcasing Death and two added samples--
High Priestess and Never Seen By Waking Eyes! 

Death is a "4 different musk scent with hints of freshly laid dirt, a wreath of funerary flowers and a small cup of tea to calm the nerves. A letting go, looking forward and accepting change scent.
The notes in exact combination are: 
[Carnation, Lily of the Valley, Basil, Clary Sage, Musks, Dirt, Tea, Incense, White Musk, Oud Black]
I've tried many different dirt related scents but this has to be one that is both intoxicating and very inviting. A sensual blend of all the notes dancing together in a warm midnight breeze. Soothing and rich. Beautiful yet slightly odd. Like you want to daydream with bottle but the sting of death (dirt) brings you back to reality. 
I am actually extremely ecstatic that the full bottle smells identical to the sample bottle I got. 
I can't even begin to tell you how much I loathe companies that use a good sample scent to reel you in only to disappoint you later with a full size that smells...well...different than it was supposed to be. Weaker or just changed completely. I've had the unlucky opportunity to experience just such a company. But Andromeda's Curse delivered quite well with this full size product. 
The packaging on the full size bottle is something to note. Unlike many Perfume Oil companies I've witnessed, Andromeda's Curse packaged my oil with the utmost care. Making sure nothing would break during the transit. Wrapped elegantly with black tissue paper and inserted into a black plastic wrap, tied and held together with this beautiful constellation tape. It was all so aesthetically pleasing. 
Speaking of Aesthetics, I was also shipped everything inside a beautiful black bubble mailer. 
Not going to lie, it made the inner goth kid inside me quite happy to see. 

I got a ton of flyers, cards and such in my order. 
Including this new line of which I will be reviewing High Priestess today, as well.
My overall opinion on DEATH:
It was everything the sample brought to the table of my decision. 
The dirt note is very prominent on me. Not a dry dirt but a wet, after it rains, sort of dirt. 
The florals are unmistakably there, in the mix. The sillage is strong with this one. I wore it once out and about, people kept turning their heads in my direction. Asking what I was wearing. Not being too sure if they wanted to approach me because underneath that beautiful floral scent, it still had that undertone of rich dirt. I had someone claim I smelled "scary, but intoxicating" which was a compliment for me. For me, I couldn't necessarily detect anything other than what I pinpointed here. The carnation was there, but very light. Almost undetectable if you weren't searching for it. The Sage was something I tried to find but couldn't. Could just be something to mix all the other components with but undetectable entirely. The only negative I have about this scent is that it fades so quickly. Unlike the samples below, which stayed in my hair for hours before leaving, the death scent--despite it being very intense in the beginning--faded in an hour of my wearing it. (or less, I couldn't keep the time to say for sure!) I have to keep adding nabs here and there, to get that lasting scent to stay on for my whole work schedule. It's a beautiful scent, just wish it lasted as long as the other samples below did. Or enough to gather all the key notes in a single sniff. I would have loved to smell it dull down to a rich tea blend or that clergy sage. All in all, I still love my death scent. I'd keep the fight of making sure it stays on me throughout the day because that is how much I love the smell.

You can purchase Death HERE!
I received two extra samples with my order. 
So, I felt it necessary to include them in this showcase. 
My samples came inside this small plastic baggie. 

Along with the samples, I also got a card highlighting their Major Arcana collection and a 10% off discount card.

My two samples of scents~ 
"Incense and sage smudge smoke swirl around a strange scrying orb. 
An arcane sigil has been drawn in chalk on the ancient wooden floor."
Notes: Ylang Ylang, Sage, Chalk, Smoke, Dragons Blood, Incense, Moss, Oud, Egyptian Amber, Woods.
Image Source: Andromeda's Curse Etsy

My Overall Opinion On High Priestess:
I found this scent to be very feminine when you first apply it. 
A light, airy and sweet scent. It reminds me of pink roses, sweet and floral. 

The dull down shifts from sweet to an almost incense-like smell. 
I definitely can sense that Amber in with the incense mix. Smoke, too. There is an undertone of chalk, but you have to really search for it. And sage is the note that becomes prominent when it fades down completely. Nothing too extreme, nothing like the sage I use which is very 'in your face' like Marijuana. It's more of a light and airy sage scent that completely fades with the incense. Noble and full of some unearthly power. When it dulls down, it could almost be worn unisex. 

But definitely my first thought on it was "wow, very sweet.
So, it was kind of like "magic" that it shifted so quickly. 
I don't quite understand how my brain thought it was "sweet" when most of the notes in this blend are very rich and intense. I guess the Ylang Ylang is prominent in this oil. 

I really love the dull down, if I am being honest. When I first put it on, when I thought it was going to be a over-the-top sweet smelling scent, I thought I wouldn't like it. But definitely that dull down makes me want to continue wearing it more often.
You can purchase High Priestess HERE

"Deeper down the rabbit hole, in a dark Wonderland forest, strange creatures lurk.
Notes: Wormwood, Incense, Cedarwood, Dirt, Oud, Musk, Vanilla, Amber"
Image Source: Andromeda's Curse Etsy

My Overall Opinion On Never Seen By Waking Eyes
The first opening of this scent is wet and woodsy. It also has an undertone of a warm cedar infused incense. Might be the Oud in the mixture. Nothing to overbearing, rather just a touch which gives the blend something to fall on. A rich incense scent backed with a dusting of dirt. Unlike Death, which had sillage that made heads turn in my favor, this one is very light. Not overbearing by any means. The closer you are to the skin, the more the scent will stand out. You will be like someone's personal novel, if they could press their nose against the nape of your scented neck. 

Very well blended from the first application. No huge change in scent other than dulling down to a rich warm musk. Vanilla is there, but it's a note that just waits to surface but never really becomes prominent. Just gracefully gliding through the other notes, hiding in between the rich musk and warm incense. The musk itself isn't too loud, just a fuzzy blanket for the remaining scents to play on. The woodsy notes lightly in the background, but definitely that warm musk scent. 

As with the other scents included in this showcase, they all tended to "fade" on a similar light incense smell. (Another reviewer claimed it smelled of Nag Champa! I definitively agree!) Even my Death scent. All different (Death has more of an equal dirt and incense fade ratio) but relatively the same. Not a breaking point but definitely worth noting.  

I think that if I bought a full product of this scent, the more I let it sit and develop, the better it will smell on me. Like wine, aging does wonders for perfume oils of this caliber. It envelopes me and gives pulls me in with it. A calming sort of embrace that really takes you into wonderland. 
I am definitely wanting to purchase a full bottle of this and probably will soon. 

You can purchase Never Seen By Waking Eyes HERE!
Andromeda's Curse is my new favorite perfume shop. 
Catering towards scents that thrill as well as steal...your soul. <3

Thanks for reading all of this. 
I am so excited to wear these in my day-to-day life.
Some had minor flaws like not lasting as long as I would have liked 
but nothing that made my experience an unpleasant one. 

I look forward to future purchases with this brand. 
I am sure I will be making a ton more. 
With so many different scents and so many I'm curious about--I can hardly wait~ 

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